How to Read and Write N13 ISN by Updating CGDI BMW Authorization
Car Key Programmer / October 7, 2019

The previous article has introduced two ways to read and write N13/N20/N55 ISN by CGDI prog BMW without opening the DME shell. The easier way is to obtain the CGDI BMW authorization. But some customers also don’t know how to use when getting the authorization. Here share the relevant guide to the CGDI device owners.   The method to read/write N20, N55 and B38 is same as N13, here take N13 as an example.   Preparation: DME Model: BMW N13 Device: CGDI BMW programmer+ N13 read ISN authorization One professional OBD cable made by CG Company which is special for reading and writing DME ISN   Procedure: Follow the wiring diagram in the CGDI BMW software Connect 12V, CAN-L and CAN-H, GPT-0, GPT-1 and GND cables in order Supply 12V power to CGDI BMW device, and ensure network connection Go to CGDI BMW software Click on “N13/N20/N55/B38 read ISN” Select “N13” chip and click “OK” There are 5 options in the main menu: Wiring Diagram, Identify, Read ISN, Write ISN and Back Click on “Identify” Read out the chip name, ISN and hardware ID Click on “Read ISN” Reading DFLASH… Read DFLASH and ISN successfully Copy the ISN Click on “Write…

4 Ways to Cut Key by Xhorse Condor XC-MINI Plus?
Auto Locksmith Tool / October 7, 2019

Compared with other Xhorse key cutting machines, Xhorse Condor XC-MINI Plus is the best choice to use. With the adjustable screen and larger dust cover & bottom tray, be more friendly and safer to use. Besides that, it can cut keys faster and supports both online and offline update. This article will highlight the guides including:   How to use the key database How to use key duplication How to use universal type How to use cut by biting How to use find biting   Lets’ go one by one.   How to use the key database? Three ways to make keys from the key database 1.Customers provide key code 2.Some car keys have key code information on lock 3.Other ways to get key code   Step 1: Enter Condor Mini plus main menu Click on ‘Key Database’ and select or input car maker Step 2: Enter the key code (the key code is printed on the lock for some cars) Then click ‘Confirm’ Step 3: Select the key series and click ‘Confirm’ Step 4: The key bittings will be automatically generated and shown on the screen Then click ‘Cut’ to cut   How to use key duplication? Car models…

Free download HHTWIN Loader: tested in Win7 32bit & Chinese SDConnect
Car Diagnostic Tool / October 7, 2019

Firstly, thanks to @Azzatec for making this program, he claimed he was not responsible for any damage. The program he wrote just grabs the parameters it gets from DAS, prints them out to a console and starts HHT Standalone with it. It closes after HHT is terminated.   He used this on his car and it works with XDOS 07.2018 on 32bit Windows 7 and a Chinese SD Connect clone (for example:  . He did not test this with trucks (NFZ). -Backup your files before replacing stuff… -This is only intended for systems where HHT hasn’t been integrated yet. -The HHT folder and hht_call.s are just repacks from this thread: Credits go to the user pesona. He just edited HHTWin.INI a little bit. How to use: 1. Copy the HHT folder to C: 2. Replace hhtcall.s in …\DAS\trees\pkw\programm\hht_link 3. Copy the files from hhtwin_start to …\DAS\bin 4. Edit HHTWin.INI to your needs (it’s preconfigured with SLAVE=PARTT for SDConnect) Known problems: -If the computer is not connected to the multiplexer you might get some DLL error and have to close HHT manually. -When HHT closes StarDiag doesn’t jump back automatically, you have to hit F1 There is no password,…