Yanhua Mini ACDP Test Report: Read Volvo KVM and CEM Password Successfully
Car Key Programmer / October 8, 2019

Purpose: Check Mini ACDP can read data from KVM and CEM modules for Volvo cars or not   Test 1: YANHUA Mini ACDP read Volvo KVM data without soldering Preparation: Yanhua Mini ACDP master key programmer OBP+ICP adapter 20 pin cable Volvo license (Yanhua Mini ACDP module 12) Volvo KVM module   Procedure: Take out the Volvo KVM module from the car D1-D4 regional figure and picture of each test point location Install the KVM interface board according to the test point D1-D4 Connect the KVM module and ACDP host Open Mini ACDP APP Click on “Volvo” Select the corresponding options according to your need Here take XC60 (2009-2018) as an example Then click on “Full-keyless”-> “Read KVM Password” Testing network… Detecting the pin… Chip pin detection passed Note: If didn’t pass, please clean the corresponding test point Click “OK” to next step Check the VIN read out Click “Continue” Click “OK” to save the KVM password data Confirm the KVM data storage path and click “OK” Result: YANHUA Mini ACDP read Volvo KVM password success   Test 2: YANHUA Mini ACDP read Volvo CEM data without soldering   Preparation: ACDP host OBP+ICP adapter 8 pin cable Volvo license (Yanhua…

Xhorse Condor XC-MINI Plus Calibrate Clamp and Cutting
Auto Locksmith Tool / October 8, 2019

When do you need to calibrate the Xhorse Condor XC-Mini II? How to calibrate? These are the questions that must be considered before cutting keys.   When to calibrate Condor XC-Mini Plus? 1.After receiving a new machine or after using it for a period of time, recalibrate the machine to ensure the accuracy of the machine; 2.If you reset the distance between the probe and the milling cutter, all fixtures need to be recalibrated; 3.The values ​​of the machine may be different. After replacing the motherboard or upgrading the firmware, please re-execute the calibration process.   Note: Make sure to clean the fixture and keep the fixture clean no debris   How to calibrate?   -Adjust high level Step 1: Open Condor XC-MINI Plus tablet Enter main interface and click on ‘Self Test’. Step 2: Click on ‘Height Level Adjustment Step 3: Adjust the height of cutter and probe by following the tips on the screen, then click on ‘Continue’ to the step of adjustment Step 4: After machine stopped, follow the screen tips to adjust the probe, let it at same height with cutter, then ‘Continue’ Step 5: Select the correct diameter of cutter and confirm it   –Calibrate…