Read and write Mercedes sl500 ME2.8 ecu, which tool works?
ECU Chip Tuning Tool / November 1, 2019

04-10-2019 update: Trying to clone Mercedes sl500 ME2.8 ecu and everything goes fine until the end when writing eeprom it gives error..   04-10-2019, 19:21 PM update: One friend suggested: Swap eeproms. Or do it with eeprom programmer like UPA. So just clone flash with ktag. Clone ktag have this issue with that ecu. Ori works perfectly.   Another friend agreed:  Absolutely right… I have done the very same car with upa and didn’t do the flash but hw and sw numbers of ecu were the same.   05-10-2019 update: After cloning was complete I examined files before and after clone with HxD editor and mpc file was identical also was maps, then examined eeprom file and vin was written in almost the complete file was the same except for a few scattered digits maybe 10 or so in the whole file, so wondering if this is just a false error, haven’t been able to try ecu in car yet after clone, will report how car reacts to clone ecu….   One friend shared his experience on 08-10-2019: Ktag 6.070 under Trasdata working like a charm on this ECU. R/W e2p/mpc/ext with no problems. 6.070, 7.020 under Ksuite never work….

Can chip 7935 be copied by Lonsdor KH100 remote maker?
Car Key Programmer / November 1, 2019

The answer is: Yes. The chips types can be copied by Lonsdor KH100 remote maker incl.11/12/13/33/42/46/48/4C/60/61/62/63/64/65/66/67/68/69/6A/6B/70E/71/72G/8A (Toyota H) Note 1: 11/12/13: Can be copied to T5/original JMD red super chip/ original JMD king chip  33: Can be copied to T5/ blank 7935 42: Can be copied to blank 7935 46: Can be copied to LKP46/ CN3/ original JMD red super chip/ original JMD king chip 48: Can be copied to Deputy factory 48 4C/60/61/62/63/64/65/66/67/68/69/6A/6B/70E/71/72G: Can be copied to LKP4D/ JMD Red Super Chip (S-JMD) for Handy Baby / original JMD king chip for handy baby 8A (Toyota H) chip: Can be copied to TS21 Note 2: Copy function is encrypted by the chip itself, some original car keys only support reading or editing, not copy. If the original car key does not support copies, the copy button will not appear in the details page.   How to use Lonsdor KH100 to copy 7935? Video: Procedure: Prepare all the tools firstly, incl. KH100 hand-held remote programmer, original 7935 key, 7935 chip Put the original car key into KH100 Press “OK” to identify Detect the chip type and ID success Press “OK” to copy the original data Follow the prompt to put the new 7935 chip into KH100 induction slot…