Microtronik Autohex II BMW User Manual: Registration+ Update+ Read& Write ISN
Car Diagnostic Tool / December 4, 2019

Microtronik Autohex II lite with HW4 full package is good for reading and writing ISN, programming key, ECU and coding. This article will highlight the guide incl. How to register, update and read & write DME ISN. Part 1: How to register and update Autohex II BMW? After you install the AutoHex II software, you will need to update and register your unit. Step 1: Contact your local dealer to add the required car software Step 2: Visit www.autohex.net to create a new account Step 3: A none-reply message will arrive to your inbox or junk, titled Microtronic Autohex registration Confirmation, confirm from the link inside, and then you are done with registration. Step 4: Connect the AutoHex II to USB port Step 5: Run AutoHexPC program ( on your desktop) Step 6: Click on UPDATE button Step 7: Register AutoHex II with your Email address and password have entered in step 2 Please kindly notice: It is important NOT to disconnect your hardware during updating process; the software may close and open several times during updating process. Step 8: AutoHex II is registered, updated, and fully functioned. Step 9: Now can select the car brand you need to operate…