2020 Orange5 Plus V1.35 User Manual: Capacities, License, Installation etc

May 21, 2020

What’s new of V1.35 Orange 5 Plus clone? How to install? Check the guide below.

What’s the feature of V1.35 Orange5 Plus?

OEM Orange 5 Plus comes with a USB Dongle that makes operation easier, faster and safer.

Orange5 Plus User Manual 1


Software version: V1.35, the software doesn’t support update.

Language: English, Russian, Chinese
Operating Systems: WINXP WIN7 WIN8

What’s the function of V1.35 Orange 5 Plus Car ECU Programmer?









Airbag (new)

Renesas (new)

IMMO&PIN (new)

Car Mileage (new)

Motorbike mileage (new)

Mileage for MTRK (new)

Orange5 Plus User Manual 2

What software license does Orange 5 plus clone support?
-MTRK (Included in Orange-5 base)
-TMS (Included in Orange-5 base)

OEM Orange 5 Plus full package:

Orange5 Plus User Manual 3


Orange-5 plus programmer 1

USB Dongle 1
USB cable 1
Incircuit wire 10
SOIC8/DIP8 Expert adapter 1
SOIC8/DIP8 adapter 1
SOIC8_14_93Cxx adapter 1
Lead with clips SOIC8 & DIP8 1
Adapter 05L28/05B   1
Adapter 908AS60/AZ60 QFP64   1
Adapter 68HC(7)05P3/E6 1
Adapter 05B/X_705B/X QFP64 V2 1
Adapter 11PA8/11E9 QFP64   1
Adapter 68HC05H12   1
Adapter 68HC11EA9 1
Adapter 908AS60   1
Adapter 9S12Dxx 1
Adapter 912Dxx 1
Adapter 9S12X 1
Adapter 912B32 QFP80 1
Adapter 68HC11F1   1
Adapter 68HC11L6   1
Adapter 68HC11KA4 1
Lead 11E9(20) with power 1
Lead for EWS3 mask 0D46J 1
Adapter TMS374C003A 1
Adapter MSP430F 1
Adapter 68HC11KA4 PLCC68 1
Adapter 908JL   1
Adapter PCF7941 1
Adapter 9S12XE   1


How to install V1.35 Orange 5 Plus software installation on Win 7?

Step 1: Install device driver

Step 2: Install Orange 5 Plus V1.35 software

Open CD software to copy Orange5_1.35 and paste to local Disk C

Orange5 Plus User Manual 4

Connect Orange 5 plus ECU programmer to computer via USB cable

Orange5 Plus User Manual 5

Select Device Manager->Other Devices->Orange5 USB-> Update Driver software

Orange5 Plus User Manual 6

Search automatically for updated driver software

Orange5 Plus User Manual 7

Save driver software to C:// Orange5_1.35/Driver

Insert the USB Dongle

Orange5 Plus User Manual 8

When finish updating driver software, run the English_Orange software in disk C

Orange5 Plus User Manual 9

Select Options->Hardware->Test to run a hardware test

Orange5 Plus User Manual 10

Go to Help option->System info to check hardware, S/N and license information

Orange5 Plus User Manual 11

Then can select the corresponding chip type to read and write.

Orange5 Plus User Manual 12

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