Probes Adapters For IPROG + V82 / XPROG User Guide Manual
Cables And Adapters / March 17, 2020 has released a new probe that can be used for iprog+ ecu programmer and Xprog-M box no need welding line.   What’s probes adapted for Iprog+ for in-circuit:   Probes adapters for Iprog+ comes with 5 cables incl. SOP8, DIP8, 2.54mm, 3.0mm and 6.0mm.   The function of probes adapted for Iprog+ is to make connection more easily for iprog+ car ecu programmer and xprog. Take iprog+ as an example. If use iprog + work with odometers, it needs to weld line on the dashboard as below. But if you works with probes, just connect it directly, very easy and convenient!   Probes adapted for Iprog+ for in-circuit Connection diagram: Probes SOP8   Probes DIP8 Probes 2.54mm Probes 3.0mm     Probes 6.0mm FYI Best price to get combined package:   Item No. SE147-SF269: V82 Iprog+ Car Key Programmer + Probes adapted for IPROG+ (€129.07): Item No. SE147-1+SF269: V82 Iprog+ Pro Key Programmer with 7 adapters +Probes adapted for IPROG+ (€137.97): Item No. SE147-B+SF269: V82 Iprog+ Pro with 7 adapters + probes adapted (€137.97): Item No. SM53-SF269: XPROG-M 6.12 ELDB ECU chip tuning tool with probes adapted (€212.53):