How to Fix V195 CAN CLIP Renault Alliance Sensor Cannot Be Detected Error
Auto Diagnostic Tools / May 20, 2020

There is something wrong with CAN CLIP Renault V195. The device indicator lights only show red, and the alliance sensor cannot be detected, besides that, the OBD cable has a little damage. How to solve? Suggestion: The OBD cable doesn’t affect the use of V195 CAN CLIP. Please try to install device driver. If it works normal, all the four lights will be on. Free download Renault Can Clip V195 (03.2020) Torrent: No password! No risk! Size: 4.29GB Activation+ Patch2020: Size: 687KB O.S:  Windows7, WIN8, WIN10 V195 Can clip for Renault installation video: Tech support: