VNPRO VW Super Mileage Programmer Car List& Function Test
Mileage Programmer / June 12, 2020

Today introduce a new cost-effective odometer correction tool– VNPRO super programmer. What can VNPRO super programmer do? It’s specially designed for Brazilian and Indian VW to adjust mileage, read out Immobilizer PinCode, CX code and key ID.   What car models are supported by VNPRO VW super programmer? -NEW JETTA 2015-2019 – NEW BORA 2015-2019 – New C-TREK 2016-2020 – New VISTA 2015-2019 – Brazilian POLO 2015-2020 – Brazilian GOLF 2015-2020 – Brazilian SASTA 2015-2020 – Indian VSTER 2015-2020 – Indian POLO 2015-2020 – Indian SALER 2015-2020 – India JETTA 2015-2020 How to use VNPRO super mileage programmer? Prepare one car (or dashboard) and VNPRO VW super programmer Note: The VDO 35 xx with LCD driver module need to install additional filter. Connect the VNPRO super programmer with vehicle dashboard There are 3 functions in the main menu: Read KM Write KM Read CS+VIN Note: It’s easy to use. Just follow your need to press the [UP], [DOWN], [LEFT], [RIGHT] and [OK] button on the VNPRO device until complete whole operation.   1.Read KM Select “Read KM” and press [OK] button to read data It will take about 3 minute.   2.Write KM: When read out the original KM, select “Write KM” and press [OK] button…