Foxwell NT510 Elite Multi-system Scanner FAQ
OBD2 Code Scanner / July 1, 2020

Foxwell NT510 Elite has the same function as NT530. Here have collected some frequently asked questions about what car can do or cannot do by NT510 elite scanner. Q: Does NT510 Elite support battery registration for 2011 Audi Q5? A: Yes Q: Can I use NT510 Elite scanner on my 2004 Range Rover to do these functions: actuate/activate/ clear error codes and reset for the air suspension system? A: Yes, please check the chart below. Q: I want to change battery management adaptation, to input the full BEM code/serial number, brand, and capacity in Ah? Does foxwell nt510 elite have this function? Here is the detailed car models I need: -Audi A3 2010, 2.0 TDI Sport with automatic start/stop technology. Current battery is a Varta AGM 096 battery (OEM original) -Audi A3 2017 1.0 TFSI SE Technic with automatic start/stop. I can’t recall if the battery is AGM or EFB but it is a smaller battery than the 2.0 TDI -VW Polo 2015 1.4 Petrol with automatic start/stop. If I recall correctly this has an AGM battery. -VW Golf 2015 2.0 TDI BlueMotion with automatic start/stop. It is fitted with an AGM 096. A: Yes, NT510 Elite supports the battery…