HUMZOR NexzDAS ND506 User Manual
Auto Diagnostic Tools / July 2, 2020

This post comes with the user manual of HUMZOR NexzDAS ND506 auto full system diagnostic tool. What is Humzor NexzDAS ND506? ND506 is an intelligent full system diagnostic tool for diesel and heavy duty. What can Humzor NexzDAS ND506 do? It can be used on Android and IOS systems, supports both gasoline and diesel vehicles. Special for commercial vehicles diesel: Trucks, construction machinery, agricultural machinery, engine systems. Besides that, Humzor ND506 also works with NexzDAS Pro 10 inch tablet. (ND506 mainly supports truck and HUMZOR NexzDAS Pro 10 inch tablet support cars.) Detailed functions: 1.All modules scan: Read & clear trouble codes, live data, freeze frame… for deep diagnosis of all systems.                                   2.Actuation test: Test of single cylinder comparison, impact time, smooth running control… 3.Reset service: ABS bleeding, oil reset, injector coding, DPD, Turbo charger reset, fuel pump adjustment Note: Available reset services will show on list after choosing the vehicle model. 4.Auxiliary Functions: One-key DTC query One-key data manage One-key VIN query One-key feedback One-key Update What car models are supported by Humzor NexzDAS ND506? NexzDAS ND506 works with wide kinds of commercial…