2021 Foxwell NT530 BMW Review: Works Well for Different BMW Cars

Here are the newest customer reviews about Foxwell NT530 BMW Multi-System Scanner. It has been confirmed that NT530 can perform diagnosis, basic function (read & clear codes) and special function (reset SRS airbag MIL, engine light, etc) for many BMW car models.


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-Calarco: Reads those codes like a Pro.

The quality of this nt530 scanner is good. Inside the case is a quality OBDII computer. Reset 2004 BMW330Ci engine light showing the usually upstream fault code. Reads ST fuel stream an LT fuel stream in real time. So you can find those vacuum leaks. Works on 2016 Subaru, Ford 350 van a Toyota highlander. Worth every penny! A super duper fast delivery!

Foxwell Nt530 Bmw Review 1


-Marcus Berking: Perfectly read all modules and activate specific function

Purchased an NT530 bi-directional scan tool for 2012 E70 BMW X5 – worked flawlessly and can read all modules and activate BMW specific tests for gearbox and air suspension.


-JUAN J: Nice tool for your vehicle diagnosis arsenal

Nice tool that says what it does. Has plenty of features. I bought this nt530 bmw for my 2014 BMW X5 (F15) and it worked like a charm to reset my SRS Airbag MIL on my cluster. It found the fault (plug was somehow loose behind the glove box), removed glove box and hooked the connection, read the code again, cleared the code, light is gone and still paid less than at the stealership.


Live features work well too, tested it by connecting my seatbelt and it showed live when it was connected and when not.


I also purchased the Toyota/Lexus/Scion firmware and it works well on my 2008 Lexus IS-F with no issues.

Foxwell Nt530 Bmw Review 2

Foxwell Nt530 Bmw Review 3


-Marcus: Works with 2012 BMW X5 N63 Transmission Temp

This foxwell nt530 scanner works with BMW X5 5.0iX for transmission temperature and several more BMW specific advanced features such as Cylinder missfire Count. Can log data on to sd card for future referencing.


-John: It was worth the price and trouble to help me avoid dealership on couple of issues so far.

Goes thru many of the electronics on my BMW 528i xdrive. Directions for use not that easy for home mechanic, but I worked through it. Foxwell nt530 screen is clear and easy to read. Did register my new battery correctly after several tries (for some reason it did not automatically read VIN). It helped me identify the headlight module that was faulty that produced several error messages.

Foxwell Nt530 Bmw Review 4


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