How to Reset Renault SPC560 Airbag Module with Xprog?
Car ECU Programmer / May 3, 2021

How-to: read and write Renault Clio 4 SPC560 Airbag module to reset SRS using xprog box programmer.     XPROG Reset Renault Clio 4 Airbag Module: Remove airbag module from Renault Clio IV Then disassemble the airbag module and build connection between XPROG programmer and Renault airbag module Run XPROG software, and then click “Device” Select “Airbag [SPC560xx/MPC560x]”–>”Renault(SPC560…)”–>”Data Flash”   And then XPROG programmer will start reading, please wait After then save the airbag data file on your PC Open the airbag data file on editor, modify data digits and then save. Load new airbag module data file you modified just now on XPROG software Write the modified airbag module data file into Renault Clio 4 airbag module Wait for proceed. After finishing, install airbag module back on Renault Clio 4. Done!