Car Key Programmer / July 6, 2021

Many of you keep asking me everything about these two things: OBDSTAR X300 DP PLUS and Lonsdor K518ISE. Now the review comes. Price tag Let’s start with the most important thing. Basically, everyone is initially interested in the price tag. The price of Lonsdor is 1,100$ and the price of OBDSTAR in package C is 1,550$. Lonsdor is cheaper, and there are all manufacturers for each programmer, not only the Chinese. Well, everyone is switching to a subscriber, and programmers are being transferred for a monthly fee. So the OBDSTAR subscriber fee is 400$, and 400$ is a subscription fee per year for an upgrade. At a Lonsdor subscription, the fee is 480$. So if you immediately buy OBDSTAR, it’ll be a little more expensive but cheaper according to updates. In principle, the price tags seems to me not so important, the difference is not very big, and let’s see what goes into complete set. Accessories Let’s have a smaller one to Lonsdor what it contains in the handbag, it is convenient of course. It turns out a case. We get the plug-in, a programmer for reading microcircuits with a loop, and it should be connected to such boards. We…

How to Change American Car Software to European on Autel TPMS TS601?
Original Autel Tools / July 6, 2021

One customer asked: I have an autel maxitpms ts601. I want to do tpms on my uk lexus ls460 2008. The car software is American now.  Is it possible to change the car model to European? Can I download directly? If can, where to download? engineer answered: To make a European car, you need to switch to the market firstly. Otherwise, there is no 433MHz option to choose. Please follow the steps as below to do. Step 1: Go to Setting-> Market menu, and change the current market- America to Europe Step 2: Go to TPMS-> Lexus to select the corresponding car model, and do the related function you want   Any further problems, please feel free to contact our customer service. Whatsapp/ Hot line:+8618150117535 Email/ Skype: