99 BMW Z3M Coupe Reset Check Engine Lights, What Scanner?

Reviews on 99 BMW Z3M coupe scan tools. Aiming to read check engine lights and be able to clear codes.


Review on FoxWell NT530 + 20 pin BMW adapter: Yes

I have a Foxwell nt530 BMW scanner and was pleasantly surprised by how well it works. As you say, you will need the 20 pin adapter to access many (maybe all) of the other systems. I know some people like the INPA software and I set it up before I bought my Foxwell. INPA is very comprehensive, but is hard to use for someone who doesn’t work on their car every weekend. The Foxwell is easy to use for anyone. I used the Foxwell to scan my M Roadster and 435i. It was able to tell me that the battery in the com module on the 435i needed to be replaced – I didn’t even know it had a battery /c.

Foxwell Nt530 01


Review on BMW INPA:

Running with one computer that tests user’s patience and skills.

in terms of what it offers, there isn’t a single non-bmw diagnostic tool out there that can beat what INPA does (at least for Z3’s). BMW code shown in INPA combined with BMW code table can be very resourceful. – You can trust me on this one since I used to have access to professional grade scanners only shop owners could afford like solus and zeus (as for their worth/values is another question though, sigh).

One thing that INPA lacks is its ability to read emission.

Bmw Inpa 02


Review on BMW ISTA /D:

ISTA/D beats INPA in terms of capabilities…

ISTA is dealer software.


Review on Creator C310+ plus 20 pin adapter:

I have a Creator C310+ and a 20 pin under the hood adapter. So far all I have needed.

I dislike the complicated downloading and installing job, C310+ scanner is my way to go.

Creator C310 03


Review on Bluetooth connector and Torque Lite:

a $15 Bluetooth connector and Torque Lite (or your favorite free diagnostic software) reads and clears codes just fine, and shows all you emissions data. So far, that and a $20 airbag tool are all I’ve ever needed on both cars (knock on wood).


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