Autel AP200H Bluetooth OBD2 Scanner User Manual: Comparison+ How to Use

December 17, 2020

Autel MaxiAP AP200H is a new wireless Bluetooth OBD2 scanner for all vehicles incl. European, US, Asian from 1996 and newer. It features in full system OBD2 functions, four system diagnosis, special function and health check report. It’s a good scanner for beginners and everyday car owners who want to monitor their cars’ performance.


Part 1: Autel AP200 vs. Autel AP200H vs. Autel AP200M


Item Autel AP200 Autel AP200H Autel AP200M
IMG Autel Ap200h User Manual 1 Autel Ap200h User Manual 2 Autel Ap200h User Manual 3
Weight 1.1 ounces 3 ounces 4 ounces
Dimension 2.3″ X 1.9″ X 1″ 2.5″ X 2″ X 1″ 6.4″ X 4″ X 1.4″
Full-system OBD2 functions ×
Engine Diagnosis
ABS/SRS Diagnosis
Transmission Diagnosis
Oil Reset
Battery Maintenance (BMS)
Report ×(Health Rating) × (Repair Report)
EPB Reset ×
DPF Regeneration ×
SAS Calibration ×
ABS Bleeding ×
Throttle Match ×
TPMS reset × ×
More (Oil reset, IMMO keys, Injector, Suspension, Window door, Seats, Odometer, Head lamp, CHG tire size, TEC learn, Trans adaption) √ (Its impressive range of 25 service functions) × ×
Vehicle Coverage OBDII vehicles made 1996 and later Most vehicles 1996 and later 130+ manufacturers
Software update √ free lifetime updates for the first vehicle.

If you need to add another car, you can do so for $21.99/year.

√If you need to download software for additional vehicle brands, you can do so with a one-time purchase of $15.99 per vehicle. √ The app is free for the first vehicle for the first year. After that, it’s $19.99 per year for each car you want to diagnose.
Advantages 16 service functions; connect with the Android or iOS device; All OBDII functions are available and free Easy to check on the car’s health at a glance Has most of the repair and diagnostic capabilities.
Able to be installed on any Android or iOS device.
Disadvantages With One Free Vehicle Software + More Maker ($21.99 for IOS or Android) Not have the full-system diagnosis or repair functions Need to pay even for the first vehicle after one year of use.
Target User Offer the functions intermediate and advanced home mechanics need. For beginners and everyday car owners who want to monitor their cars’ performance. Offer the functions intermediate and advanced home mechanics need.

All three Autel MaxiAP dongles supports the similar operation, capabilities, Bluetooth communication, compatible protocols and vehicle coverage.

The differences are the size & dimension, software &update service and target user.


Part 2: How to use AUTEL MaxiAP AP200H?

Autel Ap200h User Manual 4

Note: The operation steps for these three tools are the same.

Step 1: Download & Install MaxiAP200 APP

Scan the QR code or search for Maxi AP200 in APP Store or Google Play to download and install the app to your Android or IOS smartphone

Autel Ap200h User Manual 5

Step 2: Register and Login with email address

1.Open the MaxiAP200 APP and tap Register near the top right of the screen;

2.Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the registration;

3.Log in with the available email address and password has registered

Step 3: Bind VCI to device with serial number

1.On the Bind VCI interface, scan the QR code imprinted on the Bluetooth dongle to automatically retrieve the serial number;

2.Make sure the email info is correct

3.Tap Bind to pair dongle with device

Step 4: Purchase and install software [1 make free] 

Tap Mall to show the car software list to purchase and install

Note: Full OBDII functions included are at no charge. One vehicle-line/maintenance service is included free though Mall after successfully pairing the dongle for the first time

Step 5: Find OBDII Port

Plug the connector of the Autel AP200H Bluetooth dongle into the vehicle’s OBDII port

Note: The vehicle’s OBDII port is generally located under the vehicle dashboard (Consult vehicle user manual for specific location) 

Step 6: Turn the vehicle ignition to key on, engine off position

Note: The LED on the dongle will light solid green when connected.

Step 7: Connect VCI

1.For Android devices, tap “Me”-> “VCI Connection” or the VCI button near the top right of the Home screen;

2.For IOS devices, tap “Setting”-> “Bluetooth” on your IOS device to open the Bluetooth function, then tap the Bluetooth name on the screen to pair it with the device.

The Bluetooth name starts with AP, followed by the serial number of the dongle.


1.Ensure your device’s Bluetooth is turned on

2.When the device is successfully paired with the dongle, the LED on the AP200H will light solid blue.

Step 8: Finish installation

Note: the MaxiAP 200/AP200H/ AP200M OBD2 Bluetooth scanner is ready to use.


How to update MaxiAP 200H software and VCI firmware?


The installed diagnostic/service software can be downloaded through Mall.

When a new version is available, an [Update] button will display, then tap the button to update the software.

2.VCI firmware:

Tap “Me”-> “VCI Manager”-> “Detect Firmware” to update the firmware if a new version is available.


How to print report by Autel MaxiAP 200H?

1.For iOS devices, the saved report can be printed via the Print function on MaxiAP 200H.

2.For Android devices, download and install a third-party Print App to print the saved report.


More info of Autel MaxiAP 200H Bluetooth OBD2 Scanner: