Autel MD806 Pro Review: Works Well on Different Cars and Save Money

Many customers say Autel MD806 Pro is great OBD2 scanner to own. It’s easy to read and clear fault codes and perform other functions such as retract the electronic parking brakes. It also can save hundreds of dollars.


Review 1: I highly recommended this tool for the next level DIY enthusiast.

Autel MD806 Pro is a great tool to have. But first, make sure you follow the instruction that comes with the package. Download the Maxi suit, and use the card reader converter for the micro SD card, plug into the computer and FORMAT THE CARD! Otherwise, you won’t have enough capacity for the whole update and lastly, make sure you CHOOSE SELECT ALL when downloading the programs to the SD card. DO NOT choose only the brands that you need it, otherwise it will not work. After finished, put the SD card back into the tool and works like magic. It will give you all the information about your car diagnostics and what it means should there be a faulty code.


Review 2: Outstanding Auto Scan Function

I received the Autel MaxiDiag MD806 Pro OBD2 Scanner/Car Diagnostic Scan Tool for Christmas. After a short review of the tool I connected it to my Honda Fit which I was having issues with. The MD806’s one touch auto scan function performed a comprehensive scan of all systems on the vehicle’s ECU within a matter of minutes. To my surprise the tool identified a system fault which I was able to reset using the tool and since have fixed saving me hundreds of dollars. I found the tool to be vey user friendly, easy to navigate and well laid out screens. If you’re looking for a great scanner at a great price, I highly recommend the Autel MD806.


Autel Md806 Pro Review
Autel Md806 Pro Review


Review 3: Great scanner loaded with features and value pricing!

I purchased this MD806 Pro scanner to diagnose the cause of an airbag light in my Lexus. This scanner quickly and accurately provided the problem code and references for further diagnosis and repairs. I made the recommended repair and cleared the code. The MD806 Pro saved me more than a thousand dollars! This is an amazing scanner at a great price.


Review 4: Reads Volvo OBD codes and many other makes & models

Most OBD readers can’t read Volvo, BMW, Saab OBD II codes. Before I ordered, Autel tech support quickly confirmed that the MD806 Pro would work with my Volvo C70. It works as promised and I was able to read and clear 2 SRS error codes that my mechanic didn’t see with his reader. Also worked great with my Toyota Prius & Tundra. I had no problem clearing some old battery and SRS codes.

Pros: rugged case, big screen is easy to see in sunlight, reads many modules other readers don’t see, works with a wide range of makes & models, automatically detects VIN, good tech support. I would definitely buy again.

Cons: no major concerns. virtual keyboard to name saved data files is small but works great!


Review 5: Very simple vs. OEM based software packages

I’ve used this Autel MD806 Pro for our Toyota’s vs. the OEM Techstream software. It’s great for quick system checks and can touch every module in my 2004 Tundra and 2011 Sienna. Makes me want the very large tablet based Autel!


Review 6: Works great to retract Civic electronic parking brakes.

Likes – This MD806 Pro scanner is easy to use. I got it primarily to retract the electronic parking brakes of my 2018 Civic Type R. It easily did that on the first try. I also like the fact that it has lifetime updates for several brands of vehicles so I can use it on my family’s cars. Another feature I like is the large clear screen. It is easy to read without my reading glasses.


Dislikes – A very minor dislike is the loud beep when pressing the buttons. It is useful as a confirmation that the button pressed but I wish the volume was adjustable. There is an option to shut it off the beep. However, I think it was designed for a professional environment when air tools and other noises would justify the loud beep.


Overall, I am happy with the Autel MD806 Pro. Just make sure it covers the model of your vehicle. Sure it covers the model of your vehicle.ust make sure it covers the model of your vehicle.


Review 7: Just what I needed

This Autel MD806 Pro reader works great, already used it on my BMW and Audi. I’m a DIY guy, so I have some knowledge on scanning. The instructions are in the booklet and technical help is available. I promptly uploaded mine to the nest versions, before using on my vehicles. Just play around with it, you’ll be happy.