Autel Powerscan PS100 Power Probe Review: Much Easier than A Multimeter

Today I’m going to demonstrate Autel Powerscan PS100 electrical system diagnostic tool.


I found operating this probe very useful in tracking down pesky electrical problems but usually didn’t have it handy when I was traveling and visiting repair shops while at work. Before purchasing this auto diagnostic tool, I would fumble with a multimeter with short lead cords or have to try to create a power source from the battery for testing circuits and fuse panels. So, I bought this autel PS100 Vehicle Circuit Probe Kit to carry with me while the other stays at home.

The PS100 probe comes with a user manual and a little storage case that has a plastic handle. In the storage case, these items are included:
*1 Circuit Probe
*1 Probe Tip
*1 Extension Cable
*1 Set Battery Clips
*1 12-Volt Adapter
I added two black small Velcro cable wraps too quickly to the coil and loop up these long cables when putting them back into the case.


The PS100 circuit probe doesn’t have the probe on top inserted.

Autel Ps100 Review 1

You have the connection for the cigarette lighter, the 12 volts around the port and you have the battery terminal, alligator clip connection, which is what we’re going to use today. The probe assembly is quite simple. Just slide the probe in and then take off the protective cab. It’s connected.

Autel Ps100 Review 2

Autel Ps100 Review 3

The next thing you’re gonna do is select your cord and power source.

The probe comes with one long accord to start with. If this isn’t long enough if you’re tracing, let’s say the trailer lights on the back of the truck, then it also comes with an extension cord as well that has the two connectors.

Autel Ps100 Review 4

The connectors are polarized, so there’s the positive, negative and you can see the shape difference. The pure circle is for ground and the half-circle with a flat bottom is for positive.

Autel Ps100 Review 5

There’s no way to insert them incorrectly. I have to insert it with the correct polarity.

Autel Ps100 Review 6

So we’re gonna go ahead and power up. When we connect it to our power source, you are going to hear a startup beep, should go ahead and put the positive on first, negative on first, that will be positive, and the tool is powered up in.

Autel Ps100 Review 7

Now it’s ready to be used.

Enter the menu system.

This is for DC power.

Autel Ps100 Review 8

This is power.

Autel Ps100 Review 9

This is the open line of resistance.

Autel Ps100 Review 10

This is the on and off for the sound.

Autel Ps100 Review 11

I can turn the sound off by holding the button, it will show the little red X pulled the button again and the speakers turned down. So I’m gonna leave the speaker on to start and then we’re gonna turn it off. But let’s first test to see if it has the voltage correct.


I’m gonna move to a voltage.

When I touch the positive side, it lit up red and a red led light upright.

Autel Ps100 Review 12

When I touch the negative side, the green light was lit and the whole screen glows green.

Autel Ps100 Review 13

And I can hear there is a different tone between positive and negative will demonstrate those tones.


The next test is for my windshield wiper pump. I’ve noticed that the pump is not pushing out any fluid. What I did at first was handsome one push the wiper motor inn. When I was testing, just like a voltmeter, it’s sewing green but that should show red when they pushed that in. They did and inflict red really quick.

Autel Ps100 Review 14


Finally, i use this autel PS100 to push voltage into the motor to test the motor. So I can look and say this site is negative, another side is positive.

I’m gonna take the negative clip and this is attached to the probe at the bottom. Put the negative clip onto the motor, and make sure it has a good firm connection.

Now with the PS100 I can push up and send 12V to it. Turn off that sound because I want to be able to hear if the motor’s gonna work.

Go ahead and mute.

Go back to D.C.

Insert the probe onto the lead and push. I’m pushing volts through it, but I do not hear the motor going through. So I know now I have a bad motor in the washer pump and I found that out using this Autel Powerscan PS100 electrical system diagnostic tool.

Autel Ps100 Review 15

Credit to @ Will-Review4U.


Autel Powerscan PS100 Power Probe is sold like hotcakes at a good price and high quality.