CGDI PROG MB User Manual: How to Erase EIS to Make New keys

How to check all Benz key positions are used or not?

How to wipe EIS to program new key?

Here is the step-by-step guide to solve the problems above by CGDI MB Benz key programmer.


Part 1: How to check the key position is used or not?

Connect CGDI prog MB with vehicle

Select “EIS” -> “Read EIS Data” to show current EIS information

See the key status “used” or “disabled” from the EIS Key Basic Information



Part 2: How to wipe the EIS?

If all the key positions are used above, please wipe the EIS as below

Step 1: Collect EIS Data 

Step 2: Save EIS Data

Step 3: Wipe the EIS

Step 4: Write EIS Data


In detail…


Step 1: Collect EIS Data

Click on “Compute Password”->“Copy key with key”-> “Collect Data”

Select “Other keys” and click “OK”


Follow the prompt to insert the original key into EIS and press “OK”



Then take out the original key from EIS and insert into CGDI Prog MB device



Note: Please make sure the voltage remains about 12V and keep the original key insert into CGDI MB key programmer.


When data collection progresses to 100%, a message will appear on screen “Insert the original key into EIS and press OK”


Wait for 10 seconds…

Then operate follow the prompts appear until the EIS data collected successfully

Save the data file



Step 2: Save EIS Data

Select “Upload data” and select the file just saved to upload


Upload data successfully


Click on “Query result” and wait for 1 minute to query

Password computing success


Then select “EIS” and “Save EIS Data”

Note: the password has been pasted in the form automatically

Save the file successfully


Step 3: Wipe the EIS

Click “Get” to erase key password



Select “Wipe the EIS” and insert the simulation key into EIS within 30 seconds


When wipe EIS successfully, take out the simulation key



Step 4: Write EIS Data

Select “Load EIS Data” to open the EIS data with key password file just saved

Then click on “Write EIS Data”

Confirm the suggestion and insert the simulation key into EIS within 30 seconds again


Write EIS data success


Take out the simulation key and insert the original key into EIS to learn


When learning is completed, take out the original key

Click “Read EIS Data” to check other keys are erased except the original key



Part 3: How to program key?

Step 1: Generate Key File

When finish wipe EIS procedure, then go to “Compute Password” to copy the key password


Select “EIS” to paste the password, and save EIS Data


Select “Generate Key File”->“Load EIS File”

Open the EIS data files saved and click on “Generate Key File”



Step 2: Read/write the key

Insert the new key (BE key) into CGDI prog MB key programmer

Select “Read/write Key” and “Read key/Chip” to read BE key

Read success

Note: this BE key is new (no used), no need to reset

Click on “Open/ Write” to write key

Confirm the key is 51 format, then click “OK” on the prompt page


Select one 51 format file to write


CGDI MB write key success


Insert the new key into EIS, works great


Select “EIS” to read EIS data again

Confirm the new key is programmed successfully


If you want to know the guide to add new keys when all keys lost by CGDI MB Benz key programmer, click here:


That’s all!