FOXWELL GT60 Plus Problems and Solutions

March 19, 2020

Here have collected some Foxwell GT60 plus problems customer got trouble in and offered the corresponding solutions.


1.Customer problem: I have gt60 plus scan tool and when using the graphing function the data stream goes to fast to track it, is there a way to slow it down? Other scan tools allow you to slow it down and also freeze it and then bring in a ruler to measure a data point in the waveform or graph. I do see there is a record and play back function usually you are able to see a graph point not normal and then freeze it or record and play back. Maybe if I could have supported set up tutorial and show me using my scan tool. engineer replied:

There is a pause button in the lower right corner, but doesn’t have slow playback there.

Foxwell Gt60 Plus Problems Solutions 1

2.Customer problem: I failed to request security code when registered foxwell GT60 plus.


Foxwell Gt60 Plus Problems Solutions 2

Foxwell Gt60 Plus Problems Solutions 3 engineer replied:

It failed to connect, please match it via Bluetooth.

Tech support:

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