Foxwell NT530 Problems & Solution

As we know, Foxwell NT530 is a unique OBD2 Code scanner that delivers OE-level diagnosis for different car brands. It has become more and more popular in the market. We also received the customers’ consultation about the problems when using NT530. Here have collected some problems and related solutions. Hope it helps you!


1.Customer Problem: NT530 failed to calibrate sensor

I cannot calibrate sensor on my 2011 Cadillac CTS Luxury Sedan by nt530 scanner. When I used it, it only told me if the Brake Pedal Position Sensor is applied or released. I don’t see anywhere on this scanner that it can be calibrated. engineer solution:

The reason is Automatic identification is lack of body modules in current version, we will improve in the next version.


Please try to do the function by manual selection as the following path:

Manual Selection-> (B) 2011->Passenger car-> Cadillac-> CTS-> (Y) 3.0L V6 LF1-> 6-speed automatic-> Yes-> Other-> Control Modules-> Body control module-> Special functions-> BPP sensor calibration


2.Customer Problem: Foxwell NT530 doesn’t show the downloaded software icon

I have bought a Foxwell NT530. Order S/N.FW19111xxxxxx. When I received it, there was no problem with the package.
I successfully register and activate the scanner via FoxAssist.
I choose to update with the Mercedes software. After several try the downloaded has been successful (the decompression take more than one hour ) .
But every time I check the scanner, nothing that has downloaded in appear on the screen. Only “settings”, “data manager” and “update” buttons are present on the main menu.
When I check the SDcard with FoxAssist everything seems OK, the software are present, the SDcard is loaded with 1.43Gb but the scanner can’t detect them.
I try with another SDcard, but the result is exactly the same.

Foxwell Nt530 Problem Solution 1

Foxwell Nt530 Problem Solution 2

Foxwell Nt530 Problem Solution 3

Foxwell Nt530 Problem Solution 4 engineer solution:

I noticed that you have updated the French language software, but your scanner language is still English,

Please get into setting menu and change the language to French language.

Foxwell Nt530 Problem Solution 5


Customer Feedback:

Well done. It was that. The scanner sees all the software now.


3.Customer Problem: There is no car option after serial has been activated by nt530

I have activated my foxwell nt530, but no option to choose a model.

Foxwell Nt530 Problem Solution 6

Foxwell Nt530 Problem Solution 7 engineer solution: 100% works

Click on “Refresh” button, it will be okay.

Foxwell Nt530 Problem Solution 8

Foxwell Nt530 Problem Solution 9

  1. Customer Problem: Foxwell NT530 “Not allow me to click the update button”

I don’t know why I cannot update and install the program by nt530. No error message downloaded the application registered and activated the unit have it plugged into the computer now shows activated but will not allow me to click the update button under the download section

Also noticed in the upper right hand corner is not showing the serial number as in the example one you sent me.

Foxwell Nt530 Problem Solution 10

Foxwell Nt530 Problem Solution 11 engineer solution:

0% at the top right corner means that it hasn’t entered the update mode, there is one “Update” on the menu interface, only after entering it can it start to update.

To be continued…