Foxwell NT650 Elite Multi-application Service Tool FAQs

February 14, 2020

Here have collected some common questions and answers about Foxwell NT650 Elite OBD2 scanner, incl. Injector coding, ABS brake bleeding, read codes…


Q1: Does NT650 Elite support Injector coding  for VW Caddy 1.9td 2009?

A1: Yes, it does.


Q2: Can FOXWELL NT650Elite do Injetor coding function on Fiat 500?

A2: Yes, it can.


Q3: I want to use Foxwell NT650 ELITE to do ABS brake bleeding for the following 6 kinds of cars,which car can or cannot?

2013 Ram 5.7l

2014 dodge charger se

2009 dodge journey 3.5l

2013 jeep grand Cherokee

2003 f250 7.3l

2012 f150 3.5l


A3: All the car models are supported by NT650 Elite.


Q4: Will Foxwell NT650 Elite auto bleed the ABS on 2008 Mazda 3 sport with 2.0l fl engine?

A4:Yes, it will.


Q5: Will NT650 Elite read all codes on a 2011 vauxhall insignia 2011 2lt cdti? My foxwell nt301 wont read an error code for my service vehicle soon warning.

A5: NT650 Elite will read OBDII ABS SRS system fault code on your listed vehicle. If you need it to read all system code, Foxwell NT624 Elite is better.



Q6: Does NT650 Elite work for 2014 Jeep cheroke 3.0l eco diesel?

A6: Yes, it does.


To be continued…