Free download HHTWIN Loader: tested in Win7 32bit & Chinese SDConnect

October 7, 2019

Firstly, thanks to @Azzatec for making this program, he claimed he was not responsible for any damage. The program he wrote just grabs the parameters it gets from DAS, prints them out to a console and starts HHT Standalone with it. It closes after HHT is terminated.


He used this on his car and it works with XDOS 07.2018 on 32bit Windows 7 and a Chinese SD Connect clone (for example:  .
He did not test this with trucks (NFZ).

-Backup your files before replacing stuff…
-This is only intended for systems where HHT hasn’t been integrated yet.
-The HHT folder and hht_call.s are just repacks from this thread:
Credits go to the user pesona.

He just edited HHTWin.INI a little bit.

How to use:
1. Copy the HHT folder to C:
2. Replace hhtcall.s in …\DAS\trees\pkw\programm\hht_link
3. Copy the files from hhtwin_start to …\DAS\bin
4. Edit HHTWin.INI to your needs (it’s preconfigured with SLAVE=PARTT for SDConnect)

Known problems:
-If the computer is not connected to the multiplexer you might get some DLL error and have to close HHT manually.
-When HHT closes StarDiag doesn’t jump back automatically, you have to hit F1

There is no password, download is for free.!GKgUgapR!J8ZfneHlhE2APL18MlbK-POVGGv1vsLGtLexV5_M0fY