How to solve SVCI FVDI 2018 “Device Not Opened”?

January 2, 2020

When you use FVDI 2015, FVDI 2018, FVDI 2 OBD terminator or TM100 Transponder key programmer, if a message appears “Device not opened” error, how to do?

Fvdi Svci 2018 Device Not Opened 1



Don’t worry! It is easy to solve.

There are main causes for “Device not open” error:

1.USB driver problem

2.Connection problem


Please operate follow the steps below:

Step 1: Check the connection with device and computer

Step 2: Check the USB driver version whether is V2.10.0

Then install FVDI USB driver again!

FVDI Driver free download link:

Or Mega link:!7Th0BShR!wmBcqnbEjPiSVBqCIa6tND6YrW60waLrymAsrTsxGWw

For your information, here is the video to solve SVCI 2018 “Device Not Opened” error clearly: