How to Solve Volvo VIDA Dice 2015a Cannot Login

April 29, 2020

Customer problem: I have installed Volvo VIDA 2015a software follow the installation prompts in the CD successfully. I can open the software, but when I input username: 1 to login, after 10 seconds, the login interface appears again. I try many times, also failed to login. My computer is Lenove L540 win7pro.How to solve?


OBDIITOOL.CO.UK engineer replied:

Please change the current date first, then run the VIDA DICE 2015A software patch.

The patch is in the CD files, name: Patch 2015a


If cannot solve as well, try to change another year until it can work.

Note: Every time after change date, remember to run the software patch!


VIDA 2015A patch free download link:

Good luck!