Ktag Communication error while reading ECU with GPT cable

October 6, 2019

Tried to use Ktag 2.23 to read ECU ( edc17c10 TC1797 Ford GPT ). Getting following error while reading.”Communication error with the ECU: control all connections; if the problem persists, send log file to the assistance”. Used 15v 1.5A power to ktag . Also tried stock adapter which came with Ktag which has 12V 1A. same error on both.


Possible reasons:

Too much 15v

Or it is possible to have a bad connection on the board.



Try to use 12v, or his own power supply(which came with ktag).

The ECU will not use more than 0.5A, so, or you need another power supply, or you have problems with connections, or you need a rework to your KTAG.

Tell www.obdiitool.co.uk for what car do you need to read?


To read Ford Aspire, try under this protocol:



Good luck.