KTM BENCH ECU Programmer Review

Thanks to @amaflo makes a topic about KTM BENCH Boot feedback at mhhauto. So we can know the real reviews of users.



I’d say it’s good. Better than clone ktag, no need to open ecu and solder boot!



Guys, i have on order and will be testing shortly. Mainly for bmw f series so no need to strip ecu apart.



Try run on windows x86.. 32 bit

I have same error on windows x64

On windows x86.. Work 100%



Received one yesterday.

Working so far, haha.

Trying to find some egpt pinouts.

Tested volvo edc17cp22 and vag cp14 and working.

Some others dont seem to work.

looking for volvo med17 and siemens sid807 gpt.

Bdw. im running on win 7 32bit



i do edc17cp20 work very good



Used on edc17c19 no issues




He Died after few test, tested on Mini MEV17.2 OK, BMW EDC17C50 OK, VW EDC17C54 OK, not work on VW EDC17C64.



I did iveco EDC 17C49 2017 ok boot

jumper SID 208 OK – i know the procedures boot

ducato 17C52 ok

ford SID 208 ok boot

works fast




I tested on VW MED 17.5.2 works fine.. BMW EDC17CP41 not work…VW EDC17CP14 not work



Read Write EDC17CP14 vag ok

Read Write EDC17C46 vag ok

no issues at all, I use professional psu to supply 13.5 v

excellent results so far



tested on edc17c60 psa – car start few time, then error and car not start (manual solution on other ecu after study patch ktag)

tested on edc17c49 fal – car start few time, then error and car in recovery

tested on edc17cp48 volvo xc60 – not work ecu not found


In summary, KTM Bench is a cost-effective ECU programmer supporting most of ECUs no need disassembling. But please check whether the ECU type you desire is supported from your dealer before purchasing. And don’t connect to Internet and cannot update it when you use, otherwise the device will be locked.