KwikDecoder HU66 & Lishi Hu66, which one you prefer?

September 20, 2019

Collected some locksmiths’ feedback on new type KwikDecoder HU66 & Lishi HU66 lock pick and decoder. Aiming to help you decide which one you prefer.


First is Kwik Decoder HU66 Lock Pick 2-in1 feedback


Feedback 1:

I have used a lot the turbodecoders before and for me is easy to use this Kwik Decoder HU66 tool.


Feedback 2: 

simpler to use. I have received today. Have tested in a golf V and works good.


Feedback 3:

I tried in a 2015 vw Jetta didn’t work, 2012 vw passat it works and successfully read and make a key akl.


Feedback 4:

For Ford tibbe souber tibbe keys, never failed me door or ignition best investment.


Feedback 5:

Audi A4(B6) 2004- ok
Passat B7 2012 – ok


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Second is Lishi HU66 2-in-1 Lock Pick and Decoder feedback

Feedback 1:

With regards hu66 , I have Lishi , not only does it open hu66 in under a minute but it also decodes as well in another minute and is very cheap (€27.99).


Feedback 2:

I prefer always Lishi Hu66 pick and decode. It will need more skill to do but that the way I can learn.


Feedback 3:

HU66 is quick with Lishi and decode is accurate.


Feedback 4:

Lishi is far too low priced these days , but still very fast and accurate and does require some skill and knowledge despite being easy to use




To be continued…