Launch CRP909 OBD2 Diagnostic Scanner Customer Reviews& FAQs

June 11, 2020

Launch CRP909 comes with multi-languages, supports all systems diagnosis, all OBD-II functions and 15 reset functions for more than 60 car brands. How does the customer rate this diagnostic tool? What questions do customers often ask?


Launch CRP909 Customer Reviews:


Review 1: Recommend device

To be honest, i like this crp909, it works well for my 2015 BMW, it automatically scans the VIN and learns the model of your car, you don’t even need to choose any car model, it scans all systems fault codes and determines what is required to fix cars. Let me know I can save money and time when some of component broke before, and I usually send it to garage and they always tell me I need to replace a new one, but now I know, actually some codes can be erased directly and don’t need to replace anything, I have to admit the tool is really powerful, highly recommend!

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Review 2: Accurate detection:

There are several different models of cars in our family. Among them, my father’s car has a history of 20 years. Although the car can still run normally, there is often something wrong with it. So I finally chose to buy this launch crp909 for testing. I tested it as soon as it arrived, and fortunately, the code reader completely read out the problem with the car. I found a lot of other glitches through this code reader. Then I quickly contacted the repair shop and took the car to be repaired in two days. This tester is very accurate!


Review 3: High Quality Unit

The launch crp909 unit is high quality and easy to use. Comes in a nice hard plastic case to protect it when not in use. In my opinion you get what you pay for, and this has been worth the cost.


Review 4: Works excellent and nice features

Crp909 has worked great, don’t use too much to give more reviews of the other features. Updated out of the box and resolve my problem by diagnosing the air ride problem with my SUV.


Review 5: Great to view live data, not a full bidirectional scan tool

Works great to view live data in several modules! However if you are looking for a scan tool that will open and close solenoid valves, activate cooling fans, open and close injectors, etc. This crp909 is NOT the scan tool for you. This scan tool will reset maintenance lights and relearn basic tasks. It is NOT a full bidirectional scan tool.
That being said it works great for its capabilities.

Review 6: Getting the job done!

The crp909 I have received works great programming key fob 2009 Nissan Altima – covers large range of vehicles -special function feature is great! Well Worth It!


Launch CRP909 FAQs:

Q: Does it work with an obd1 car which has an adapter?

A: Yes, it does. LAUNCH CRP909 Full System OBD2 Scanner will work on 1996 and newer cars (US-Based).


Q: Can it do throttle body relearn?

A: Yes, LAUNCH CRP909 Diagnostic Scanner can do the throttle body relearn.


Q: Would this be able to read and clear fault codes for air suspension on a l322 Range Rover 2003?

A: Yes, it will be able to read and clear the fault codes for air suspension. It supports all 10 modes of standard obd2 protocols, read and clear all systems codes.


Q: I have a jetta a4 2002, will the launch crp909 do the abs reset on my car?
A: Yes.


Q: Can crp909 be compatible to heavy duty trucks?

A: No.


Q: Can this read transmision cvt on nissan qashqai, motor 2.0 mr20de 2009?

A: Yes.


Q: 2008 gmc envoy sle 4.2l. i am looking to use it to do oil life reset, abs bleeding and sas calibration.

A: Yes, the LAUNCH CRP909 full system scanner will work on your car. You can use it to do the oil reset, abs bleeding and sas calibration.


Q: Compared with x431 pros mini, how about the crp909? also, what is the warranty on the crp909 and does it come with free software updates for life?

A: X431 pro mini has wide compatibility on actuation test, ECU coding, program and reset.

For the price, crp909 is a cost-effective one.
As for updating, 2 years free for X431 pro mini and 1 year free for LAUNCH CRP909


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