Program Volvo Smart keys & Semi-smart keys by Yanhua Mini ACDP: Done

August 26, 2019

Confirmed: Yanhua Mini ACDP is able to add key and program all keys lost for Volvo semi-smart keys (OBD and ICP) and smart key (ICP).


Supports 5-button remote key add key and all keys lost

Support 6-button smart key add key and all keys lost

Volvo S60 (2010-2018)

Volvo S80 (2009-2016)

Volvo XC60 (2009-2018)

Volvo V60 (2011-2017)

Volvo V70 (2009-2016)

Volvo XC70 (2010-2016)


All you need is one ACDP MUX plus one Module 12.



To program 6-button smart key with original key and all keys lost, Yanhua update 5 pieces adapters, here comes Yanhua ACDP Configuration List (Module 12 Volvo Module)


Adapters/Parts Images Quantity Adapters/Parts Functions
VOLVO CEM V1 Interface Board yanhua-acdp-volvo-module12-02 1pc Applicable to connect VOLVO CEM module to read password.
VOLVO CEM2 V1 Interface Board yanhua-acdp-volvo-module12-03 1pc Applicable to connect VOLVO CEM2 module to read password.
VOLVO KVM V1 Interface Board yanhua-acdp-volvo-module12-04 1pc Applicable to connect VOLVO KVM module to read password.
Double CAN Adapter yanhua-acdp-volvo-module12-05 1pc Applicable to connect vehicle OBDII port and ACDP host.
VOLVO Copper pillar Package
(M2.5*12+6mm)×2 (M2.5*20+6mm)×1
yanhua-acdp-volvo-module12-06 3pcs Applicable to fix VOLVO-KVM interface board
Test Points Cleaning Probes yanhua-acdp-volvo-module12-07 1pc Applicable to clean conformal coating

***If you already have Volvo Module 12, to program Volvo smart keys via ICP, you need to buy one extra:

VOLVO CEM2 V1 Interface Board

VOLVO KVM V1 Interface Board

Double CAN Adapter

VOLVO Copper pillar Package (M2.5*12+6mm)×2 (M2.5*20+6mm)×1

Test Points Cleaning Probes.

The price is about 70usd here


Why you need Mini ACDP for Volvo keys programming?

  1. No need to disassemble.

No need to remove components.

No need to cut the line.

No risk of damage to the computer board.


  1. Set IMMO data reading and writing, IMMO data calculating, key programming in one.


  1. The interface board replaces the welding wire, the pin connect with intelligent detection, and the data reading and writing is safe and reliable.
  2. With the key unlock function, no longer afraid of loss caused by key be locked.