OBD2 Renault ECU Programmer Renolink V1.21 up to V1.71 free download

August 4, 2019

OBD2 Renault ECU Programmer Renolink V1.21 up to V1.71 free download


This is a file that contains 26 versions of Renolink V1.21 up to V1.71!

No password.

Activation: NEED, and NO FREE

Credits to DK member



Free download Renolink 1.52: working


Activation: NO NEED

XP is working, WIN7 8 10 need lucky.

works with this Blue cable.



Renolink 1.52 Test reports:

  1. I programmed few days ago a new key for my scenic 2 pH 2 using a renolink interface 1.49, from China. You should first get the right pin then enter in after sale mode. Program all the keys and then validate.
    You have to go to Misc/Key/ choose Uch scenic 2, then connect. If all is OK you can see and copy the pin.
    Then return to the main soft and find the Uch ecu (uch_84_j84…) then go to after sale. Copy the pin in “code apv” and push “armer mode apres vente”. You can now program your keys.
    For me it worked.


  1. Question: I programmed a key on DACIA Logan 2005, with Reno Link (v 1.52), the car starts but no remote. The key is with PCF 7947. Should I precode it before, with Zed Bull for RF , or the key isn’t good? The key is from China, and I forget to check it if is precoded. the key has 433 Mhz frequency.

Answer:  No you need key PCF7946




what do I need to buy to make Renault trafic 2015 HITAG aes key learning? with pin code reading too. where do I buy the official version with free update?

Answer: You can’t find official version with FREE update nowhere !!!!!!
Such version doesn’t exist !!!!!
You can by official version for full price and you MUST pay every single update even it is just BUGS solved version!!!!


To be continued.