Solved! Foxwell NT530 Cannot Update Online Successfully

Customer Problem:

I bought this Foxwell NT530 scanner recently. I have made many attempts to download the software, and they don’t work.

The download starts, then gets stuck at trying to download and unzip the “Home” file.

I have been in contact by email with Foxwell and they suggested unplugging it and then plugging in again and try again. Follow their suggestion, I have tried this and every combination I can think of, but it will not download the VW or Home files.

It has downloaded the OBDII/EOBD file only. So without the software it does no more that a low cost scanner and doesn’t do what it is supposed to do.


OBDIITOOL.CO.UK Engineer Solution:

Try to use a card reader instead of the scanner to update. It has been confirmed can work fine.

It’s easy to use. Just follow the steps below:

1.Download foxwell update tool to your PC from foxwell official website:

2.Insert the TF card (which comes with Foxwell NT530 Multi-System scanner) into card reader

3.Then connect to PC

4.Copy the update tool to TF card

5.Finally, remove the TF card and insert into Foxwell NT530

Foxwell Nt530 Scanner Update

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