(Solved) Honda EasyKeyMaker No Sound when Connection

September 17, 2019

I just received Easykeymaker Honda, but it doesn’t make any sound when i connect it. No “dee…dee…” nothing. The light turns on but no sound.
My key is a transponder key 2007 accord. I tried the switch. The led is red then turns to green but no sound at all.


Obdiitool.co.uk Solution:

Please start the car first, then connect the car with your easy key maker programmer.If the device still does not sound [dee-dee-dee],press this reset button to switch as below.


Customer Feedback:

Update. Never mind. i open the unit and pressed the reset button. It worked. Programmed my keys. Everything works great. Thank you very much. Amazing product!


Easy Key Maker Honda key programmer source: http://www.obdiitool.co.uk/wholesale/easykey-maker-honda-key-programmer.html


Hope it helps you!