SVCI 2019 Auto Diagnostic Tool Error 3 Solution

April 22, 2021

Sometimes, when you install SVCI 2019 software and run it, it may appear “Error: 3” problem. Don’t worry! Just try to solve it following the suggestion of engineer.

Svci 2019 Error 3 Solution 1


Caused the error reason:  

1.The SVCI auto diagnostic tool is not connected to the computer properly.

2.The car model is not supported.

3.There is something wrong with the software.


The solution:

1.Make sure the connection between SVCI 2019, computer and the vehicle is correct;

Svci 2019 Error 3 Solution 2

2.Try to test on other cars;

3.If it also cannot work, please uninstall the current software and install the newest one by the following free download link:

Note: You must make sure the anti-virus was uninstalled.

Come and share your test result with us! Or if you have any other SVCI diagnostic tool problem, please feel free to contact us!