Will SVCI ING Nissan Diagnostic Tool Replace Consult 3 Plus?

June 15, 2020

SVCI ING is a new diagnostic tool specially designed for Nissan/Infiniti/GTR. Compared with Consult 3 Plus? What’s advantage of it? Will it be better to use?


SVCI ING Nissan Diagnostic & Programming Tool Overview:


SVCI ING main unit comes with OBDII-16 interface, running LED light and Bluetooth light

Svci Ing Nissan Replace Consult 3 Plus 1

SVCI ING Nissan Outlook:

Svci Ing Nissan Replace Consult 3 Plus 2


-Build-in security card and GRT card functions, immobilizer bypass password

-Support USB power supply and Bluetooth v4.0 connection

-Support the most of INFINITI NISSAN GTR models (from 1996 to 2020) diagnosis, immobilizer and programming functions

-More stable and zero mortality for modules programming

-Provide mobile android software and Windows software (BAOCHI cloud diagnostic)

-The unique BAOCHI Cloud software saves more space and time, and makes the diagnosis much smarter and simple.

Item BAOCHI cloud software Traditional cloud software
Mobile android software Contains Contains
Mobile software size About 54 MB About 1GB
Windows platform software Contains Null
Windows software size About 74MB Null
Mobile storage Below 100MB About 5GB
Updated method Automatic online updates Manual updates
Connection method Bluetooth Bluetooth
Covers models 80% brand in the market 80% brand in the market
Contains special functions Yes Yes
Data live shows method Form and Graphics shows Form shows
Operation process smarter and simple Tedious


-Only support 4 languages so far.

-Doesn’t support 2020 Sylphy IMMO function and cannot calculate 10-digit IMMO code for Nissan cars.

SVCI ING vs. Nissan Consult III Plus:

Item SVCI ING Nissan Nissan Consult 3 Plus
IMG Svci Ing Nissan Replace Consult 3 Plus 3 Svci Ing Nissan Replace Consult 3 Plus 4
Price £141.00  £474.00
Language 4 languages available: English, Japanese, Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese 11 languages available: English, French, German, Spanish,  Italian, Japanese, Russian, Finnish, Greek,  Chinese, Portuguese
Programming times About 3 minutes About 15 minutes
Programming mortality 0% 0%>
Immobilizer functions Immobilizer bypass password Immobilizer with password
Security card functions Build-in Security card functions Need to purchase
GTR card functions Build-in GRT card functions Need to purchase
Support the model years From 1996 to 2020 From 1996 to 2020
Mobile android software Contains Null
Bluetooth Contains Contains
Software update Automatic online upgrade Uncertain update (update free by download link)

How to use SVCI ING Nissan Diagnostic tool?

1.Connection method:

Plug SVCI ING interface to the vehicle OBDII port, connect SVCI ING to computer or Android phone via Bluetooth

Svci Ing Nissan Replace Consult 3 Plus 5


2.SVCI ING BAOCHI Cloud Diagnostic Software Download:

SVCI ING V1.3 at Mega link:


or access to the official website:

http://flyobd.com/shop/download-center/ and select BAOCHI_Cloud_Diagnostic_PC  to download



The newest software V1.3 supports that connect SVCI ING Nissan device to computer via USB cable and Bluetooth. Just choose one connection method you like.


3.SVCI ING BAOCHI Cloud Diagnostic Software Installation Guide:

It’s very easy to install the software, just select language, and then click “Next”… until the installation is complete.


If this is the first time to use BAOCHI Cloud diagnostic software, you need to register an account with your email, and bind SVCI IND hardware device in BAOCHI software after successfully registering the software.

Note: one email can only bind one device in software. If there are multiple devices that need to unbind an old device from the software and then re-bind the new device.


There is a little difference to operate on Windows system and Android system.

Please refer to the SVCI ING Nissan Instructions carefully.


4.How to run SVCI ING BAOCHI Cloud Diagnostic software?

Login with the email and password, enter the main menu

Then you can see four options:

Recently Access: It’s convenient to enter the process you have operated


Special functions: Immobilizer/ (Re) programming/ Configuration


System settings: In this option you can set language, update system/firmware, unbind device, clear cache, etc.


For more detailed SVCI ING software operation procedure incl. installation, registration, bind and unbind, please watch the video clearly.

SVCI ING Nissan Diagnostic Tool FAQ:


Q: Does SVCI ING support immobilizer?

A: Yes, SVCI ING has this function, but it doesn’t support 2020 Sylphy and calculate 10-digit IMMO code for Nissan cars. Except that, diagnosis and programming function are available.

If you can calculate 10-digit IMMO code by other device, then SVCI ING can support the IMMO function for the corresponding car.


Q: Are there any requirements for SVCI ING installation?

A: Yes. You only can install it in the following operating systems:

-Windows: windows7/8/10

-Android: Android V5.1 above

-Network: 3G above


Q: Can I use SVCI ING to do Infiniti Q30 / QX30 2016?

A: Yes.


Q: Is it possible to program key to 2011 Nissan Altima by SVCI ING?

A: Yes, it will. SVCI ING Nissan will be upgraded in this week and can support this car model.


Q: Which software is compatible with SVCI ING? Is it the Consult 3 software?

A: No, the software is BAOCHI Cloud Diagnostic Software which is specially designed for SVCI ING Nissan diagnostic tool.

In a word, SVCI = Nissan Consult 3 Plus+ Security card + GTR card +Bluetooth functions. With the BAOCHI cloud software, it’s much easier and faster to use. Worth every penny!

SVCI ING for Nissan/ Infiniti/ GTR diagnostic tool: