SVCI J2534 Ford IDS V117 Free Download & Install

April 15, 2020

Guide on where to free download Ford IDS V117 for SVCI J2534 and how to install it on Win 7.


FVDI J2534 Ford free download:!SywlQBjL!Ad2Niq38leMhQm_s70z5TI5WrGKA_wtlNf7_VW4HH6w

Size: 69.8 MB

Password: no need


SVCI J2534 VCI V1.0.0.0 free download:!anBG3CZa!SyersJzW3BA_FLFuBBK-hFU2JwGNvuPuWhxrT6QZWsk

Size: 266.9 MB

Password: no need


Ford IDS V117 free download:!OrxnRLKJ!Lbj1cO0Q9fwY0X9J4LOUCmYEva9Mbt9DGu3mnOIbpd0

Size: 676.7 MB

Password: no need


Or you can download the corresponding software at official website:


Requirement on computer:

Hardware requirements Minimum configuration Recommend configuration
CPU Pentium 3/1 GHZ Pentium 4/1.8 GHZ or above
Memory (RAM) 256M 512M or above
HDD 40G 60G or above
Display 800*600 1024*768 or above
OS Win7 (64 bit) Win7 (64 bit) or above
USB interface One One or more


How to install Ford IDS V117 for SVCI J2534?

Video reference:

Step 1: install IDS-117.01_Full.exe

Select language for the installation

fvdi j2534 ford

Install Shield Wizard for IDS

fvdi j2534 ford fvdi j2534 ford

Set up Adobe SVG Viewer

fvdi j2534 ford

Install Shield Wizard complete

fvdi j2534 ford

Step 2: install FVDI_2534_Ford_Setup

Select language

fvdi j2534 ford

Install SVCI based software list

fvdi j2534 ford

Install J2534 Driver

fvdi j2534 ford fvdi j2534 ford fvdi j2534 ford Svci J2534 Ford Svci J2534 Ford

Step 3: Run SVCI J2534 Ford IDS software

Select the dealer type, code and country

Svci J2534 Ford

Click “Start New Session”-> “All other”-> “Tick” icon

Svci J2534 Ford

Establishing communication to PCM

Select the corresponding vehicle you need

Svci J2534 Ford Svci J2534 Ford

Then you can do any function on the screen

Svci J2534 Ford

How to connect SVCI J2534 with laptop and vehicle?

Svci J2534 Ford