SVCI J2534 Mazda Problems & Solutions

Here have collected some SVCI J2534 Mazda diagnostic tool problems customer gave feedbacks and offered the corresponding solutions.

Problem 1: I’m sure the PC has connected to the Internet and can work well. I download the SVCI J2534 software to update V118.03 and install successfully. But when I try to use “Module program PCM”, it still appears “No response from the PCM as shown in the following picture. Why it cannot work? There is an error message with “No password allowed” for IDSLoader, but I can boot the IDS.

Svci J2534 Problems Solutions 1












Solution: You need to do this function online.

Problem 2: When I run IDS Mazda software, a message pops up “An active IDS software license is found and is required for vehicle communications” as shown below.


Svci J2534 Problems Solutions 2

























Solution: Please watch the following video carefully and operate step by step, and you need to open the software by IDS.


Problem 3: It prompts “Excepcion no identificada, Numero de erro: 0x80040702…” when I use svci j2534 device.

Svci J2534 Problems Solutions 3






















Solution: Please uninstall the software, download by the following free link and install again.

SVCI J2534 ford free download:!SywlQBjL!Ad2Niq38leMhQm_s70z5TI5WrGKA_wtlNf7_VW4HH6w

Size: 69.8 MB

Password: no need

SVCI J2534 VCI V1.0.0.0 free download:!anBG3CZa!SyersJzW3BA_FLFuBBK-hFU2JwGNvuPuWhxrT6QZWsk

Size: 266.9 MB

Password: no need

Ford IDS V117 free download:!OrxnRLKJ!Lbj1cO0Q9fwY0X9J4LOUCmYEva9Mbt9DGu3mnOIbpd0

Size: 676.7 MB

Password: no need

Or you can download the newest software at official website:

Requirement on computer:

Hardware requirements Minimum configuration Recommend configuration
CPU Pentium 3/1 GHZ Pentium 4/1.8 GHZ or above
Memory (RAM) 256M 512M or above
HDD 40G 60G or above
Display 800*600 1024*768 or above
OS Win7 (64 bit) Win7 (64 bit) or above
USB interface One One or more

Problem 4: There is something wrong with the IDSLoader. I make sure the button of my SVCI J2534 is depressed and green light is flashing, but it cannot work normally.

Svci J2534 Problems Solutions 4















Solution: If the indication light is on and the software shows error, that means the device is damaged and should send back to your dealer to repair.

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