How to Solve Volvo VIDA Dice 2015a Cannot Login
Auto Diagnostic Software / April 29, 2020

Customer problem: I have installed Volvo VIDA 2015a software follow the installation prompts in the CD successfully. I can open the software, but when I input username: 1 to login, after 10 seconds, the login interface appears again. I try many times, also failed to login. My computer is Lenove L540 win7pro.How to solve?   OBDIITOOL.CO.UK engineer replied: Please change the current date first, then run the VIDA DICE 2015A software patch. The patch is in the CD files, name: Patch 2015a   If cannot solve as well, try to change another year until it can work. Note: Every time after change date, remember to run the software patch!   VIDA 2015A patch free download link: Good luck!

Affordable Code Reader For A 2005 Volvo V50 Turbo
Car Diagnostic Tool / November 8, 2019

Car model and year: 2005 Volvo V50 Turbo   Starter issue: When started , every now and then Starter making a sound like a car that is already started, and you start it again. Been more frequent.   Affordable code reader advice: Volvo Vida dice Really depends what you want from your code reader. You can get a blue tooth code reader which links to a smart phone app for about $15 these days. Code readers go up in price as you start to expand the code sets – ie all will do the powertrain (emissions and some transmission codes) P codes, then as you go up in price you get chassis codes for the ABS, the SRS codes, more detailed transmission codes and the ability to view/record run time data. Top of the food chain are the models that can read Volvo proprietary codes ($100-150) and the king is the Volvo VIDA DICE tool which is the full blown service shop tool used by dealers (beware, to get the real deal you need software licenses, Volvo does sell temp subscriptions but it’s really for a fully skilled mechanic. Actually, the cheap Volvo Vida dice can do well for OBD…

Free download VOLVO VIDA 2015A, VIDA 2014D incl. carlist + win7 setup

VOLVO VIDA 2014D + Patch + Instructions!N8gQCSLb!qqVoyZI6GtK1r12skYCpJ-bbWGKfobKvIyCtBOLILwY No password Size: 5.37 GB Credits to @ LUNA-trans (MHH) OS: Volvo Vida 2014D Windows 7 works 100%, but Win 10/7/XP Mac needs luck Compatible with: Dice interface   Volvo VIDA 2015A Download + Install on Win7 + Car List: Free download VIDA 2015A software:!QBBXUKqR!tppkQSAg_9QSapNLXC3kVTJSAlJPvLNgjDaLKdicK6Q Security : 100% safety VIDA 2015A language available: English, Chinese Only run with the special USB dongle can VIDA 2015A work successfully! src: Volvo VIDA 2015A Car List: XC90(-16) 2003-2016   XC70(08-) 2008-2016   XC60(-16) 2009-2016   V70XC(01-)/XC70(-07) 2001-2007   V70XC(-00) 1999-2000   V70(08-) 2008-2016   V70(00-08) 2000-2008   V70(-00) 1999-2000   V60 2011-2016   V50 2004-2012   V40 CROSS COUNTRY 2013-2016   V40(13-) 2013-2016   V40(-04) 1999-2004   S80L 2008-2016   S80(07-) 2007-2016   S80(-06) 1999-2006   S70 1999-2000   S60L 2014-2016   S60(-16) 2011-2016   S60(-09) 2001-2009   S40(04-) 2004-2012   S40(-04) 1999-2004   C70 COUPE(-02) 1999-2002   C70 CONV(-05) 1999-2005   C70(06-) 2006-2013   C30 2007-2013   Volvo VIDA 2015A Install on Win7:!QBBXUKqR!tppkQSAg_9QSapNLXC3kVTJSAlJPvLNgjDaLKdicK6Q User Name: admin or 1 TIPS: Run with the computer after 2012, above i5 cpu and 4GB memory at least.   It requires windows 7 professional 32bit or…