Xhorse VVDI MB W204 EIS Reading Failed Solution

August 23, 2021

Problem: I have a Benz C Class w204 with a ESL issue when reading with VVDI MB BGA Tool, someone tried to repair it and now, the EIS has all the keys blocked, 0KM and can’t make an emulator for this car. I have the car erase and key pass. I had tried to renew the EIS but failed. I have tried with two IR readers and none of them did it. I have VVDI MB BGA Tool and never seen problem like this.


Look at the picture of the EIS reading.

Vvdi Mb Eis Failed 01


Professional advice:

You can re-enable disabled key(s).
Don’t just renew EIS in this case.
If keys are disabled, most likely they are also disabled in entire drive authorization.
If you have key with car, re-enable that key slot see if the key work again.
If all key lost, re-enable one of the slot, generate key file, write key and try.
if still nothing work, will need sdconnect C4 and Vediamo or something like that to check the drive authorization.

The worst case will need to renew ECU TCU EIS ESL etc to rebuild drive authorization.
But most of the time is easy to fix if you have the knowledge.

However, if that EIS has been re-written with incorrect EIS data that not belongs to this car then disabled all key slots,
you will never make it work again with existing EIS data.
So it is better use engineer software such as Vediamo to check and coding if needed.


Looks like that EIS is “not activated”. after written EIS data all keys are in disabled state before activation, that is normal. If you have problems, that will be something else.


How to activate the EIS with VVDI MB Tool, here you go:

According to the photo, key slots are not actually disabled,
it is because the EIS is not activated !
If those data are correct, try generate key files then program a key, it may able to activate the EIS.

However if able to activate EIS but still can’t start car,
means that EIS data does not match the car drive authorization.
then you will need to use something like Vediamo to read data from car to rebuild correct EIS,
or rebuild the whole drive authorization system.


Finally update!

The problem is fixed. All good and the car is fixed and gone. The shoe repair man fixed it.


Alright, hope is helps!