XTOOL TS100 433&315MHz TPMS Sensor User Manual

June 24, 2020

What is XTOOL TS100 Sensor?

XTOOL TS100 sensor is a powerful tire pressure monitoring sensor repair tool. It’s suitable for 315& 433MHz, can service 98% TPMS of North American, European and Asian vehicles without relearning. Effectively avoids accidents caused by tire aging/air leakage and blowout.

Xtool Ts100 Tpms User Manual 1

XTOOL TS100 433&315MHz Sensor Outlook:

Xtool Ts100 Tpms User Manual 2

-Built in high quality battery with lower weight

Xtool Ts100 Tpms User Manual 3

-Built in sensor

Xtool Ts100 Tpms User Manual 4


How to use XTOOL TS100 TPMS Sensor?

It’s very easy to install and use, view the connection diagram as below.

Xtool Ts100 Tpms User Manual 5


Using tips:

1.Don’t install programmed TPMS sensor in damaged wheels.

2.The TPMS sensor assemblies are replacement or maintenance parts for vehicles that have a factory installed TPMS.

3.Make sure to program the sensor by XTOOL sensor programming tools for your specific vehicle make, model and year before installation.

4.In order to guarantee optimal function, the sensor may only be installed with original valves and accessories provided by Autel.

5.Upon completion of installation, test the vehicle TPMS systems using procedures described in the original manufacturer’ s user guide to confirm proper installation.

6.Each time a tire is serviced or dismounted, or if the sensor is removed or replaced, it is mandatory to replace the rubber grommet, washer, nut and valve core with our parts to ensure proper sealing. It is mandatory to replace the sensor if it is extremely damaged.


Installation guide:

-Loose the tire: Remove the valve cap and core and deflate the tire.

Dismount the tire: Clamp the tire onto the tire changer, and adjust the valve at 1 o’clock relative to the tire separation head. Insert the tire tool and lift the tire bead onto the mounting head to discount the head.

-Dismount the sensor: With a screwdriver remove the fastening screw and sensor from the Valve stem, then loosen the nut and remove the valve.

-Mount sensor and valve: Slide the valve stem through the valve hole of the rim. Tighten the screw-nut with 4.0 Nm with the help of the positioning pin. Assemble the sensor body against the rim and tighten the screw.

-Mount the tire: Place the tire on the rim, making sure that the valve faces the separation head at an angle of 180 degrees. Mount the tire over the rim.


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