2021 XTOOL VAG401 Review: Works Well on Different VW Cars and Worth Every Penny!

February 15, 2021

Here have collected the newest customer’s feedback about XTOOL VAG401 OBD2 Code Reader.

A lot of users say it’s a good problem solving tool for VW, because it’s cheap and diagnose perfectly such as for airbag light and brake light issue, etc. Go ahead to read more.


Mr. Fix: YES!!! VW & AUDI Problem Solving tool!

There isn’t anything I dislike. This Xtool v401 tool is a necessity for (VAG) VW & AUDI owners and has basic functions for other makes & models.

Tool is fabulous, & does everything I expected; it was shipped very fast, was packaged well, and price was super!

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Xtool Vag401 Review 2021 2


Maku: Works to read individual ABS wheel speed sensor 2014 VW Jetta TDI

Received xtool vag401 very quickly! Item was nicer quality than I was expecting.

I downloaded the update tool from the internet and it updated easily.

Connected to my 2014 VW Jetta TDI and it was able to read the detailed codes for my ABS ESC (Electronic Stability Control) warning lights. It identified the specific wheel speed sensor that is not reading in the codes and the live block data confirmed that wheel had no connection at all with no wheel speed.

I’m very impressed with the tool and should be useful with my new, used VW.


Donald: Works for my 2012 Volkswagen Jetta TDI

Works great for me! I change my own fuel filter and this vag401 works to prime your fuel line.


Ferdnand: Diy VW maintenance must have.

With a little exploration in the xtool vag401 tool and some time online I figured out how to adapt a new throttle body on 2009 Vw jetta 2.5.

Then I used it to diagnose a bad abs speed sensor. Also identified my cruise control as not working. Didn’t even know since I never use it.

If you’re a diy mechanic and own a VW you need this. Definitely worth the money

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Xtool Vag401 Review 2021 4


Michael K.: Works for airbag and brake errors for MK4 TDI.

I bought this vag401 because every time my seat moves it causes airbag light go off on my 2003 VW Jetta Wagon TDI.


This turns off the airbag light once triggered.


My buddy had brake issue on his MK4 and this was able to get the error code read and pinpoint to which sensor was problematic.


I think at this point it is safe to say the tool paid for itself.


This tool is good for airbag light and brake light issue.


Kerrie: Easy to use

My daughter bought an inexpensive VW rabbit. The prior owner attempted to fix an airbag light and after throwing a bunch of parts at it the light was still on. I bought this v401 xtool to diagnose the issue. I plugged it in and figured out the menus after a little bit of fiddling. After clearing the codes I find out that was all prior owner needed to do to make the light go away! Great luck for both my daughter and myself!

I now have the right tool to diagnose any other issues.


Luder: Worth every penny!

Purchased the XTOOL Vag401 for $55 after the cheap u281 was unable to reset the airbag light in my 2013 golf TDI. The XTOOL arrived in English with instructions on how to update the firmware, but I never bothered to update. I was able to reset my airbag light within 5 minutes of opening the XTOOL. It was also able to read trouble codes from my AC system, a feature I wasn’t even aware existed! This tool is worth every penny for the DIYer. It can be somewhat slow when moving from menu to menu, but that’s a minor inconvenience for the value.

Would recommend, would buy again.


larry: Awesome

This xtool v401 scanner worked wonders on my vw cc. Read more then i thought it would and could clear a lot of my abs codes and more involved into the computer to read deeper into things. Love it.


Robert: It does work, just be prepared to research the proper use, instructions are useless.

It cleared the airbag codes on 2013 passat. Instructions are terrible! But for those that are struggling, the special functions option does not work for this, use the diagnostic, option 15 and wait, it will say reading codes for a long time, be patient, once codes finally show up, push right arrow and select erase codes.

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Xtool Vag401 Review 2021 6


Gonzalez: Pays for its self

Bought vag401 tool to do a rear brake job on a 13 VW CC.

My car has the EPB and it opened and closed caliper just fine tool payed for its self already.


Rob: Works well for my 2000 vw beetle

I use this vag401 for my 2000 new beetle. I could not have replaced my throttle body without this device. You need to do a throttle body adaptation and this device was able to. There are a lot of functions there but the included instructions are not very helpful in my opinion. Found a video for throttle body adaptation on YouTube.


KUKU: A must Have

Great value and a must have for xtool v401 if you own a vag vehicle. Pays for itself in one code check.

But having the ability to perform some adaptations is gold and saved my backside. You need to google procedures, but there’s lots of info.


To be continued…


Credit to all users’ feedback!