VVDI Key Tool Plus Ranger Rover 2017 Smart Key Programming
Car Key Programmer / May 2, 2021

Here, obdiitool.co.uk runs through the process of programming Ranger Rover 2017, where the customer required a spare key. The process was carried out in the following stages using the Xhorse VVDI Key Tool Plus Pad key programming device on bench.   Vehicle – Ranger Rover 2017 Situation – Customer required a spare remote key for the vehicle. Equipment and parts needed: Xhorse Key Tool Plus all-in-one key programmer Ranger Rover 2017 KVM (remove the KVM module from the vehicle) One original car key One new smart key want to be programmed   Main steps: Step 1: Read D-FLASH & EEPROM & P-FLASH Step 2: Load RFA D-FLASH & EEPROM Step 3: Make Dear Key Step 4: Write D-FLASH & EEPROM   Step-by-step guide: Follow the wiring diagram on the tablet to connect KVM module with Key Tool Plus via the main cable properly Note: Xhorse solder- free adapter for Land Rover (Xhorse LANDROVER KVM IMMO Adapter) is recommended to work with Key Tool Plus for key programming without soldering. src: https://www.obdiitool.co.uk/wholesale/xhorse-mini-prog-solder-free-adapters.html   Step 1: Read D-FLASH & EEPROM & P-FLASH Go to “Prog” function on the main menu Select Immo-> LANDROVER-> RFA- SECURED (MC9S12XEQ384) (WELD) Tap “More functions” to select “Unlock” Unlock successfully Tap “Read”…