Can CGDI BMW code 2016 Mini Cooper KOMBI R60?
Car Key Programmer / October 30, 2019

Are you searching the answer about whether CGDI prog BMW can code for 2016 BMW Mini cooper or not? Here share the test report about this car model from CG Company. Hope it helps you!   Preparation: Car: 2016 BMW Mini Cooper KOMBI Model: E series R60 (CAS3+ N16) Device: CGDI Prog BMW key programmer   Test: Connect CGDI BMW device to the vehicle with OBD wire harness Open the car ACC button Enter CGDI software to select “BMW E Series Coding” Important! When you use this function, must make sure the network connection well Wait a moment, and a message will appear with “Current function is trial function”, click “OK” OBD is connecting… Reading data… “Current vehicle FA information is inconsistent. Do you want to code with CAS Fa?” Click “Yes” Read data successfully The vehicle available communication module has been marked black. Please select the appropriate module to set the code Click “OK” All the modules of the car have been read successfully When the meter mileage is adjusted other languages or red dots will be displayed, so we need to code KOMBI to return to normal Select “KOMBI” -> “Coding” Click “Yes” when it prompts “Whether to…

How to use Vident iLink400 for VAG Diagnosis and Service Reset?
OBD2 Code Reader / October 29, 2019

Look at the vident iLink400 package, I received from The quality is not bad, and the main unit comes with one 16pin cable. I used it to do basic diagnostic function and service reset. I like it because it is cheap and allows me to reset the language as I like. Plug vident iLink 400 code reader into the OBD2 port of VW car. Turn on ignition.   Have “VAG” option on the screen. (Note: VAG car software is downloaded by yourself from, the seller has one PDF to follow   iLink400 Update Guide.pdf )   Loading data, please wait. It’s quick.   Select VW   System Models (Guide Function) Common special functions Help information.   Enter ” Common special functions”, there are dozens of options.   Back to select ” Models (Guide Function)”, then “Manual selection”.   Select model “Jetta 2011” etc   Enter “Help information” to see what it can offer, vow, it is informative.   Next is to use vident iLink 400 to read trouble codes, freeze frame data, live data, coding, adaptation   vident iLink400 scanner can access to almost all control systems.   I like vident iLink400 because it is multi-language available and freely reset…

OBDSTAR ODOMaster Correct Mileage for Renault (2013- 2019)
Mileage Programmer / October 29, 2019

Look here: OBDIITOOL.CO.UK updates the newest OBDSTAR OdoMaster mileage adjustment car list for Renault. Car make Car model Year Functionality RENAULT Captur Block ABS 2017- Mileage Calibration Write FLASH RENAULT Captur Unlock DASH 2017- Mileage Calibration Write FLASH RENAULT Captur Block ABS 2013- Mileage Calibration Write FLASH RENAULT Captur Unlock DASH 2013- Mileage Calibration Write FLASH RENAULT Clio Block ABS 2017- Mileage Calibration Write FLASH RENAULT Clio Unlock DASH 2017- Mileage Calibration Write FLASH RENAULT Clio Block ABS 2013- Mileage Calibration Write FLASH RENAULT Clio Unlock DASH 2013- Mileage Calibration Write FLASH RENAULT Trafic IVBlock ABS 2017- Mileage Calibration Write FLASH RENAULT Trafic IV Unlock DASH 2017- Mileage Calibration Write FLASH RENAULT Trafic IV Block ABS 2013- Mileage Calibration Write FLASH RENAULT Trafic IV Unlock DASH 2013- Mileage Calibration Write FLASH RENAULT Twingo III   Mileage Calibration Write FLASH   Note: Please check if the car model is covered by ODO Master or not before purchasing. If you want to learn more details, click here:    

What is the Best ECU Reprogramming Tool for Toyota (till 2019)?
Car Diagnostic Tool / October 29, 2019

Which device can do flash reprogramming ECU for Toyota? VXDIAG VCX NANO is a good choice.   Top 5 reasons to choose VXDIAG VCX NANO for Toyota: 1) Made by VXDIAG company. Software is updated by CD. 2) Powerful function meet all kinds of needs The hardware supports diagnostic tests, programming matching, custom functions, the key matching, etc. 3) Support Toyota vehicles from old to 2019. This scanner support many 2019 vehicles. (Note: it doesn’t support other vehicles, such as HONDA and so on) 4) Special functions: Providing drivers consistent with international standard SAE-J2534 / SAE-J2534-1; VCX is a standard Passthru programming tool, which can do online ECU programming; 5) Support WIFI wireless and USB connection.   Besides, VXDIAG VCX NANO also supports multi-language: Chinese, English, French, Italian, Spanish and German   Wifi version VXDIAG VCX NANO for Toyota: only €69.33 free shipping Source:   Enjoy!

OBDSTAR Odomaster vs. X300 PRO4 vs. X300 dp plus
Car Key Programmer / October 27, 2019

The three obdstar devices differ in functions, coverage, price. They all enjoy one -year free update online.   obdstar odo master: a dedicated odometer correction tool; no super luxury car makes like: Lamborghini/Maserati/Ferrari/Bentley/Alfa Romeo/Abarth etc. Price: 670GBP obdstar X300 PRO4: a dedicated key programmer. Price: 755GBP   obdstar x300 dp plus: yes for odometer correction + key programming /pin code reading + service reset etc. All makes coverage except Indian, Malaysian cars. Price: 1310GBP   A comparison table between obdstar x300 pro4 and X300 dp plus: X300DP Plus X300 Pro 4       Available Or Not Software(Immo) Programming Keys √ √ Erase Keys √ √ Programming Remote √ √ Read Key Numbers √ √ Pincode Reading √ √ EEPROM Chip Read √ √ OBDII Diagnosis √ √ Cluster Calibration √ × Diagnosis √ × ECU Clone √ × ECU Programming √ × Oil Service Reset √ × Other Special Functions √ × RT100 Remote √ × Luxury Models Coverage √ Not support: Lamborghini/Maserati/Ferrari/Bentley/Alfa Romeo/Abarth) Specification Operating System Android5.1.1 Android 5.1.1 Camera supported × CPU Exynos4418 Dual Core ARM Cortex A9 1.4GHz RK3128 quad-core,ARM Cortex A7@1.2Ghz Battery 3700mA,rechargeable polymer lithium battery 2600Ma lithium ion Extension Memory Card 32G Micro SD(TF)…

VIDENT iAuto700 vs. iAuto702 Pro vs. iLink400 vs. iLink440
Car Diagnostic Tool / October 24, 2019

This article mainly introduces four kinds of VIDENT scan tools from OBDIITOOL.CO.UK, including VIDENT iAuto700, iAuto702 pro, iLink400 and iLink440. Here compare them in some aspects- diagnosis, common and special functions. Hope it’s helpful.   Model/ Function iAuto700  iAuto702Pro iLink400 iLink440 OBDII/EOBD+CAN √ √ √ √ Systems Scan ALL ABS,SRS ALL Engine, AT, ABS, SRS Car Make Coverage ALL ALL 25 makes ALL Read Code √ √ √ √ Clear Code √ √ √ √ Freeze Frame Data(FFD) √ √ √ √ System information √ √ √ √ Live data √ √ √ √ Active Test × √ √ × Adaptation × √ √ × Coding × × √ × Common Special Service/Functions 1 Oil Light Service/Reset √ √ √ √ 2 EPB (Electronic Parking Brake) √ √ √ √ 3 BRT (Battery Configuration) √ √ √ √ 4 DPF (Regeneration of Diesel Particulate Filter) √ √ √ × 5 TBA/TPS (Throttle Body Alignment) × √ √ × 6 Injector Coding TPMS × √ √ × 7 (Tire Pressure Measuring Sensor Reset) × √ √ × 8 SAS (Sensor Reset) × √ √ × 9 Immobilizer Programming × √ √ × 10 Gear Learning × √ √ × 11 ABS…

Autek ikey820 Program 2004 Ford Ranger/ 2015 Ford Explorer (USA) Key Perfectly
Car Key Programmer / October 23, 2019

Here have collected two test reports about Autek ikey820 key programmer add new key to Ford USA cars without any issue. Hope it helps!   Test 1: Autek ikey820 add new key to Ford Ranger 2004 (AKL) Enter “Key program” function to select car model/ year by vehicle “Ford (USA)”-> “Ranger”-> “2004” Select “key” to load database Turn on the ignition switch Select “Program key” Make sure not to start the car until 2 keys are programmed Insert the new key and turn ignition on ikey820 program new key success   Test 2: Autek ikey 820 program Ford Explorer 2015 (AKL) Connect ikey820 with vehicle Operate same as program 2004 Ford Ranger Select car model/year by vehicle There is no original car key for this car, so here select “keyless” Then follow the prompt to turn ignition off Select “Add keyless” to put the new key into slot and turn ignition on Wait for about 10 minutes to communicate Autek ikey820 program key success   Good news to know, new version Autek ikey820 added Ford (Euro)/ Mitsubishi/ Nissan car models 1.Added 2013-2016 Ford (Euro) Fiesta Key Programming 2.Added 2014-2018 Ford (Euro) Focus Key Programming 3.Added 2008-2013 Ford (Euro) Tourneo Connect…

Vident iAuto702 Pro Benz 2018 E200L (W213) Reset EPB: Yes or No?
Car Diagnostic Tool / October 22, 2019

Benz 2018 E200L can reset EPB by Vident  iAuto702 Pro??? Yes! Mercedes-Benz E class W213 is covered. Can you give me the EPB resetting method? Of course! Please follow the step-by-step guides below. Connect iAuto 702Pro device with your car Enter application menu Select “EPB V16.00” Loading data… Pay attention to the prompt “Brake pad replacement” 1.If the brake pad wears the brake pad sense line, the brake pad sense lines sends a signal sense line to the on-board computer to replace the brake pad. After replacing the brake pad, you must reset the brake pad. Otherwise, the car alarms. 2.Reset must be performed in the following cases: … Press “OK” to select car brand (Mercedes-Benz) Then select “Manual Select” Select car models (213-E Class) Switch on ignition Establishing vehicle communication… Enter “Actual value” Note: *The vehicle must be at a standstill *Secure the vehicle to prevent it rolling away *Release parking brake The status of right electric parking brake is open [F3]: move to the assembly position [F4]: Deactivate assembly position Press [F3] button The right electric parking brake has been moved to assembly position Press [F2] to next Reset EPB success   Besides EPB maintenance function, what can…

Vident iAuto702 Pro Service Tool Reset Oil for Benz E200L 2018
OBD2 Code Reader / October 21, 2019

Vident iAuto702 Pro is an upgraded powerful multi-application service tool, it offers at least 19 maintenances to help related users. This article will highlight the guide to reset oil for Benz E200L 2018 by this Vident tool.   Preparation: Car: 2018 Mercedes-Benz E class E200L   Device: Vident iAuto 702 Pro multi-application service tool Source: Note: it shows “the next maintenance is after 5200KM” on the Benz dashboard Step-by-step guide to reset oil: Enter VIDENT iAuto 702Pro main menu Select “OilReset V16.00” Loading data… Pay attention to the prompt “Oil service light reset” 1.If the service lamp is on, you must provide service for the car. After service, you need to reset the driving mileage or driving time so that the service lamp turns off and the system enables the new service cycle. 2.After changing engine oil or electric appliances that monitor oil life, you need to reset the service lamp. Press “OK” Select car model “Mercedes-BENZ”-> “Passenger car”-> “Manual Select”-> “E-Class”-> “213” Switch on ignition Establishing vehicle communications… Select “Confirmation of general maintenance” Determine the permissible oil types… Detect the current service data Press [F2] to next It will take 15 seconds to update data… Update the maintenance…

EUCLEIA TabScan S8 Pro diagnose 2014 Porsche Panamera
Car Diagnostic Tool / October 20, 2019

With innovative DoIP technology, Tabscan S8 pro can diagnose perfectly for many Asian, European and American cars. This article mainly introduces the guide to diagnose 2014 Porsche Panamera by this EUCLEIA auto intelligent dual-mode diagnostic system.   EUCLEIA TabScan S8 Pro diagnose 2014 Porsche Panamera: Read extended identifications, delete fault codes, read values, reset maintenance interval   Procedure: Enter Porsche home page Select “Diagnostics” Run PIWIS Tester III diagnostics Load control unit data, initialise VCI connection Diagnostic application starting… Enter “Control unit” main page Control unit selection: Select control unit(s) and continue unit search with [F12] Create a VAL? Yes with [F12], No with [F11] Note: Warranty processing is not possible without a VAL Back to main page Searching for control units… Search out the DSN and part number of following control unit: Airbag (variant A2.3), gateway (A5.1), power distributor, battery sensor, DME V6 turbo row from model year 2014 (E), PDK (Porsche double clutch), selector lever, instrument cluster (A2.8), steering-wheel electronics (variant: A2.4), lane change assist (SWA2_A2_1), slave control unit, PCM, air conditioning (variant: 4-zone A2.22) and rear A/C operator control unit Control unit search has been completed Select control unit(s) and select the required function via the menu…

Comparison: OBDSTAR X300 PRO4 and X300 DP Plus
Car Key Programmer / October 18, 2019

X300 PRO4 is the professional OBDSTAR key programmer same as X300 DP plus. What’s the difference between them? Which is better?   OBDSTAR x300 pro4 vs. X300 DP plus (IMMO function): Product X300 DP Plus X300 Pro 4   Picture Function Available Or Not Programming Keys √ √ Erase Keys √ √ Programming Remote √ √ Read Key Numbers √ √ Pincode Reading √ √ EEPROM Chip Read √ √ OBDII Diagnosis √ √ Cluster Calibration √ × Diagnosis √ × ECU Clone √ × ECU Programming √ × Oil Service Reset √ × Other Special Functions √ × RT100 Remote √ × Luxury Models Coverage √ not support Lamborghini/Maserati/Ferrari/Bentley/ Alfa Romeo/Abarth   OBDSTAR x300 pro4 vs. X300 DP plus (specification): Product X300 DP Plus X300 Pro4 Operating System Android 5.1.1 Android 5.1.1 Camera supported       × CPU Exynos4418 Dual Core ARM Cortex RK3128 quad-core, A9 1.4GHz ARM Cortex A7@1.2Ghz Battery 3700mA,rechargeable polymer lithium battery 2600Ma lithium ion Extension Memory Card 32G Micro SD(TF) card supported 32G Micro SD(TF) card supported Storage Capacity 32GB 16GB LCD 8.0 inch 5.0 inch LCD resolution 1280*800 800*600 Touch screen Capacitive touch screen Capacitive touch screen Wi-Fi supported supported Working Temperature -10℃~55℃(14℉~131℉) -20℃~55℃(14℉~131℉) Storage Temperature -20℃~70℃(-4℉~158℉) -20℃~70℃(-4℉~158℉) Weight about 1.0kg about 700g Dimension 254mm*174mm*35mm 140mm*89mm*18mm     OBDSTAR x300 pro4 vs. X300 DP plus (accessories): Product X300 DP PAD2 X300 Pro4 image   OBDSTAR X300 PRO4: Price: €858.13 with free shipping (was €903.6)   OBDSTAR X300 DP plus key master (full version): Price: €1,488.95 with free shipping (was €1,817.42)  …

OBDSTAR ODOMASTER X300M Odometer Adjustment Abilities, Car List
Mileage Programmer / October 18, 2019

OBDSTAR Odomaster is a new odometer correction tool. With the latest cluster calibration technology from OBDSTAR, it’s very easy to use, and supports more wide car models than X300M, will be a good choice for different users. This article mainly introduces the abilities and car list about this OBDSTAR mileage programmer.   What can OBDSTAR ODOMASTER do? It can do all the following functions via OBDII: Data backup/ data recovery/ odometer reading / odometer writing/ odometer reset/ oil service reset/ DTC reading & clearing/ one-click upgrade   Which car models does OBDSTAR ODOMASTER support? It supports the cars below: 1.Europe: ALFA ROMEO, AUDI, BENTLEY, BENZ, BMW/Mini, CITROEN, PEUGEOT, FERRARI, FLAT, JAGUAR, LANCIA, LANDROVER, MASERATI, OPEL, PORSCHE, RENAULT, SMART, VOLVO, IVECO, SKODA, SEAT, VW 2.Japan: ISUZU, MAZDA, MITSUBISHI, INFINITE, NISSAN, SUBARU, SUZUKI, TOYOTA 3.Korea: HYUNDAI, KIA, SSANGYONG 3.America: FORD/LINCOLN, CHRYSLER, GM 4.China: GEELY, BESTURN, CHANGAN, ROEWE MG, ROEWE Source:    

EUCLEIA wiScan T6 Pro vs. wiScan T6
Car Diagnostic Tool / October 16, 2019

EUCLEIA wiScan T6 Pro is the professional diagnostic device same as wiScan T6, so what’s the difference between them, which is better?   Specification: Mode  wiScan T6 wiScan T6 Pro CPU ARM 32bit Cortex M3 ARM 32bit Cortex M3 Flash  512KB 512KB RAM 128KB 128KB Connection mode The main test line connected with the car, and USB connected with PC The main test line connected with the car, and USB connected with PC Interface DB15, Double row joint DB15,Double row joint Connectivity USB Type-B,USB 2.0 USB Type-B,USB 2.0, FS Standard Fully compatible with SAEJ2534-1 and SAE J2534-2 Fully compatible with SAEJ2534-1 and SAE J2534-2 Supports OEM Diagnostics software Supports OEM Diagnostics software Support Protocols ISO9141(K-Line) ISO9141(K-Line) ISO14230-2 (K-Line) ISO14230-2(K-Line) ISO15765 (CAN) ISO15765(CAN) SAE-J1850 PWM (Ford SCP) SAE-J1850 PWM(Ford SCP) SAE-J1850 VPW (GM Class2) SAE-J1850 VPW (GM Class2) Single line CAN(GMLAN) Single line CAN(GMLAN) DOIP DOIP Packing Size (mm) 292mm*205mm*80mm 286*196*93 mm Product Dimension (mm) 145mm*85mm*29mm   145*85*29 mm NW  200g 200g GW  1100g 1400g   The specifications of two EUCLEIA diagnostic tools are almost same. The differences are the packing size, product dimension and GW.   Item Model wiScan T6 wiScan T6 Pro Connection Bluetooth High-speed High-speed Protocol ISO & SAE…

Need a tool to read write EDC17cp09 on 2009 BMW 335D
ECU Chip Tuning Tool / October 16, 2019

Purpose: to read and write to EDC17cp09 on a 2009 BMW 335D   Looking for a ECU programmer up to $300 or so. I don’t want to keep opening and closing the ECU.   Solution: This Ecu isn’t easy to do via OBD because you can’t read it this way. I do it mostly with X17, there is a virtual read option and you can finish job without removing ecu.   With your budget you could buy KTM Bench, it supports bench reading and writing without opening Ecu, but you have to take it out from the car, which is in 10 min done on e9x.   This is KTM Bench full package: Source: 239.05GBP   Good luck.        

How to install Consult 3 software for Nissan on Win XP?
Car Diagnostic Tool / October 15, 2019

We received a customer feedback “I failed to install Nissan Consult 3 software. My computer cannot identify the Consult 3 device, a message “unknown device” always appeared. How to install the drive? I also tried to install on Windows XP Pro, Windows Vista and Windows 7, but it also prompted “Program cannot be installed on the current operating system”. So this article will share the right installation guides with you.   Please kindly notice: the Nissan Consult 3 software only can be installed on Windows XP. Please follow the step-by-step guide to install.   Step 1: Install Consult-iii_V9. Step 2: Install Nissan Consult iii Step 3: Run Nissan Consult iii   In detail…   Step 1: Install Consult-iii_V9. Select “Consult-iii_V9.”file Click on “Next”-> “Next”-> “Install” Installing Nissan Consult iii (AVTOTOOLS)… Finishing installation Select “I accept the terms of the license agreement” and click on “Next” Tick off the option “NORTHAMERICA MARKET (NAM)” Then “Next”… “Next” Select your country Select the application language Confirm your information and click “Next” to begin copying files Installing the Consult-iii… Finish installation Setup the Nissan Consult III is completed, click “Finish” to exit   Step 2: Install Nissan Consult iii Now start to install the…

Microtronik HexTag programmer Repair BMW FRM3
ECU Chip Tuning Tool / October 14, 2019

Here share the guides and tips to repair BMW FRM3 by Microtronik HexTag programmer when error appears on EEPROM.   Video: Procedure: Go to Hexprog Software main menu This is Microtronik HexProg version 1.06, the latest version is V1.0.8 Select “On Bench Programmer”-> “BMW”-> “FRM”-> “FRM3 E Series” Click on “Wiring” Solder wires to FRM based on the wiring diagram using BDM cable below Click on “EEE”->“Read” Error on reading EEPROM shows the files in FRM3 is corrupted Click on “P-FLASH” and then click on “Read” Reading P-FLASH… To check the communication with FRM you can try reading the P-FLASH Note: Stop reading once we know it’s communicating Click on “EEE” -> “Read” again Click on “Repair” A FRM Repair message appears on the Microtronik Hexprog screen “This function is used to repair corrupted FRM EEPROM data. It will try to recover the original data from D-Flash, if it failed please contact Microtronik for help” Click on “Repair” of the prompt to fix the corrupted files Note: in this step, Hextag read D-Flash and convert it to EEPROM on the background FRM EEPROM data has been repaired! When it shows the FRM Repair prompt again, just close it Now…

How to use Yanhua Mini ACDP to Renew Porsche Keys?
Car Key Programmer / October 14, 2019

Yanhua Mini ACDP Porsche package comes with a interface board (shown picture below) which can be used to renew keys on Porsche. Buy the Porsche license package, you can add keys, program all keys lost and renew keys for newer Porsche from year 2010 to 2018.   How to renew Porsche Key with Yanhua ACDP? Go to Porsche module->Select Porsche key reflash Check Help menu for instruction ACDP is able to renew following Porsche keys. Prepare ACDP host, OBP+ICP adapter, 8-PIN cable, interface board and Porsche key Remove the mechanical key and the battery and confirm the location of the test point Snap the interface board into the battery compartment of the key Use a 8-PIN cable to connect the interface board to the OBP+ICP adapter and connect the adapter to ACDP. Then follow ACDP Mini prompts to renew key.  

OBDSTAR X300 DP Plus Test on Fiat Delphin/2018 Doblo Successfully
Car Key Programmer / October 10, 2019

OBDSTAR X300 DP Plus is a great auto key programmer for FIAT. Here have collected some test reports on FIAT about reading pincode and programming key.   OBDSTAR X300 DP PAD2 read Pincode for FIAT Delphi 93C66-success Open OBDSTAR key master DP Plus Select “IMMOBILISER”-> “FIAT”-> “Fiat V32.00” It takes about 15 seconds to initialize Select “Pre-coding”-> “Delphi 93C66 (B) (ID48)” It shows “Vehicles equipped with this unit: Albea, Doblo (2000- 2010), Punto, Palio, Strada” Pay attention to the prompt and ensure the Internet connected well Connecting the server… Read EEPROM (93C660) Follow the prompts to turn on/ off the ignition switch Input Value: Fiat_93C66_EEPROM_XX Select “Show Immo Info”-> “Fiat_93C66_EEPROM_XX_BIN” to show the immo info IC: 93c66 PinCode: 87556 Key Number:1 Key 1 ID: 63B7E7DE   X300 DP PLUS program FIAT Panda 169 key-success Open OBDSTAR X300 DP plus menu Select “IMMOBILISER”-> “Show Immo Info” IMMO info display IC: 9S12DG128 Pin Code: 29413 Key number: 2 Key 1 ID: 501A9D63 Key 2 ID: 0B604E10 Click “Program keys” Follow the prompt to turn on the ignition Inset the working key into EIS to turn on the ignition switch Input 5 digit Pin code Input Value: 29413 Turn off the ignition Then…

Foxwell NT530 Scanner Test Report on Benz C204 no issues!
Car Diagnostic Tool / October 9, 2019

Foxwell NT530 multi-system scanner works with the latest 2018/2019 models, offers OE-level diagnosis at unbeatable value and can find troubles more accurately.  This article mainly shares the test report on Benz C204 by this Foxwell scanner.   Purpose: To check NT530 scanner work for Benz or not   Preparation: Car: Benz C204 Device: Foxwell NT530 scan tool   Procedure: Select “Mercedes”-> “Maybach”-> “SmartVIN” Gateway data initializing… Press “F3” to complete. Select “Control Models”->“Body”-> “CGW – Central gateway” Select “Read Codes” (Other options: ECU information, clear codes, Live Data) Read Live data Manual selection First select “Up to 08/2006” Left-hand steering (or right- hand steering) Vehicle Select 2nd option (after 09/2006 year). Left-hand steering (or right- hand steering) Vehicle Foxwell NT530 settings: Incl. Language, Unit, Shortcuts, Display test, Keypad Test and About Select “About” and have Boot version, serial number, copyright etc. Note: when you want to reset another language, just provide the serial number to the seller and they will help process. Result: Nt530 OBD scanner can work for Benz C4 successfully, incl. read, clear the trouble codes and read live data after accessing to CGW – Central gateway   Foxwell NT530 Mercedes Coverage: Foxwell NT530 OBD scanner full car list: Abarth…

Yanhua Mini ACDP Test Report: Read Volvo KVM and CEM Password Successfully
Car Key Programmer / October 8, 2019

Purpose: Check Mini ACDP can read data from KVM and CEM modules for Volvo cars or not   Test 1: YANHUA Mini ACDP read Volvo KVM data without soldering Preparation: Yanhua Mini ACDP master key programmer OBP+ICP adapter 20 pin cable Volvo license (Yanhua Mini ACDP module 12) Volvo KVM module   Procedure: Take out the Volvo KVM module from the car D1-D4 regional figure and picture of each test point location Install the KVM interface board according to the test point D1-D4 Connect the KVM module and ACDP host Open Mini ACDP APP Click on “Volvo” Select the corresponding options according to your need Here take XC60 (2009-2018) as an example Then click on “Full-keyless”-> “Read KVM Password” Testing network… Detecting the pin… Chip pin detection passed Note: If didn’t pass, please clean the corresponding test point Click “OK” to next step Check the VIN read out Click “Continue” Click “OK” to save the KVM password data Confirm the KVM data storage path and click “OK” Result: YANHUA Mini ACDP read Volvo KVM password success   Test 2: YANHUA Mini ACDP read Volvo CEM data without soldering   Preparation: ACDP host OBP+ICP adapter 8 pin cable Volvo license (Yanhua…