How to rework MPPS v18 from China?
ECU Chip Tuning Tool / August 12, 2019

I made an Opel Zafira 2.0L with y20dth engine hybrid control unit PSG16. Connect with the tricore cable CAN-L and CAN-H directly to the pump. MPPS V18 has read the PSG16 in 2-3 minutes, to write 7-8 minutes. Make sure you have enough voltage when writing because the fan starts running (or disconnect it before write) if something goes wrong here you’re f**ked. MPPS calculates the checksum automatically all perfect. I use MPPS v18 from China reworked.   what do I have reworked? I have purchased the file firmware , or unlock? Do not cut the green and white wires. Simply make a cut around and join with the MPPS cables. Ensure stable voltage during writing.   Method 2: The reason to rework mpps because some cheap MPPS china need rework. One comes with missing components and different resistors are installed with red marks below:   D1 = PESD1CAN ESD protection U4 = PRTR5V0U2X Enlarge it and see what’s missing.   You must solder K line driver in empty U8 place not in U12 where is Lm2903   Here is schematic if it also helps After that, the reworked MPPS china clone:   Good luck with the good:

Iprog+ V76 IMMO feedback: Toyota Copy ID 67 68 70 94 D4, Smart key, Transponder etc
ECU Chip Tuning Tool / August 9, 2019

Hook Iprog+ V76 programmer up the Toyota car, aiming to perform immobilizer work like key copy, key prepare, key unlocker etc. The test result is satisfied me, I tried Toyota smart key 94 copy and D4 copy, tried reset Smart key, Transponder etc.   Firstly, update Iprog+ V76 driver: Open the CD. Install “7z1900-32bit” (my computer is 32BIT). Copy and paste ” iProg+_2019_00001″ to the desktop. Right click on ” iProg+_2019_00001″, use “7-zip” to extract.   Have window message “Device (iProg+) driver software was not successfully installed“. Right click on “Computer” -> “Manage” -> “Device Manager”; Right click on “iProg universal programmer” and select “Update Driver software“. Select “Browse my computer for driver software” Select “Driver” folder”. Click on “Install this driver software”. Driver software was successfully updated.   Start to user Iprog+ clone V76 software, it lists several functions: Airbag, Car, Dashboard, EEPROM, MCU, others etc. Click on “Car” and have many options incl. Car radio, DPF OFF, ECU, IMMO, Key, Mil to KM, PIN ABS, PIN Code Smartra 3, Pincode from the dump v1.0.3, Sensor, Speed Limit etc iProg+ V76 key full functions: Key Auto Key Copy Key Moto Key prepare (Chery, Ford, Kawasaki, Lada, Mazda, Mitsubishi, Renault,…

Ktag FW 8.000/SW 2.47 feedback, PCB, 111 New Protocol
ECU Chip Tuning Tool / August 6, 2019

Firstly thanks to @ bmwadriatic (poster of, he said: Little feedback from myside, I decided to bought one (Ktag FW 8.000/SW 2.47). I had not enough time to test it on more ECUs, but I already tested one ECU of the new protocols. And it worked without problem for me. So I recommend to you, if the new protocols are interesting for you. In attachment you have some PCB pics, i cant say if its good or bad, i don’t understand this. But since I tested it already, I trust the tool.   Here new 111 protocol list:!xhVE0CrK!lr6m104NRRHSHpDAPrQ78pui2Nq90fva4AvE64vGKUE Screenshot the head of this able for first view. Someone think the pcb will be not different, it’s still same China Ktag pcb on all fw. bmwadriatic point of view: I was not thinking and saying that PCB looks different. I was only post the PCB pics to help other users to decide if this tool is reworked good and worth the money. Nothing more.   Thank.

Ecu Delphi DCM3.2 CRD.11 Wiring Pinout to Ktag
ECU Chip Tuning Tool / August 5, 2019

Question: I need wiring Diagram from Delphi BDM adapter for crd.11 ecu. I cannot find a adaptor Diagram. Need for K-Tag.     Solution: For all with this Problem: ECU – Ktag 3-6 2-1 4-5 6-10 8-7 10-8 And make 2 Bridge. Ktag Protokoll 119 Ecu Delphi DCM3.2 CRD.11   ps.  here is the diagram for TrasData

Ktag Tricore Connection to Protocol 642 Bosch MED17
ECU Chip Tuning Tool / August 1, 2019

Q: i need some help for reading a Abarth 500 595 Competizione ME17.3.0 ecu with TC1724 micro and for Ktag protocol 642. I don’t have the connections for this ecu as there is no help file in my Ktag 2.13 software – does anyone have the connections for reading and writing this ecu or can you share any experience with this ecu ?     A: This is K-tag connections for Protocol 642 Bosch MED17 FAL TPROT13…

Kess V2 5.017 RED PCB possible to read and write EDC16C35?
ECU Chip Tuning Tool / July 31, 2019

Confirmed: Kess V2 v5.017 RED PCB is able to read and write EDC16C35.   Car model: BMW e92 335d with EDC16C35   Genuine users’ experience: I have checked if you can write me Kess v2 5.017 and software version 2.47 your control unit. It’s normal for me to be able to read and write. It uses Protocol 164.   you can read write it with your clone keep voltage above 13v during writing.   Issue: I can confirm that most kess clones have problem with such ecu. I personally had problem with such ecu on mini cooper (bmw) during writting. I had to restore by bench. After that, i do such ecus on bench by ktag. Fact: It’s not a tool problem, bmw needs good and steady battery voltage while writing.   Where to have good working Kess V2 5.017 RED PCB? Since there are dozens of supplier/sellers, and not sure all are 100% same. But this one is reliable, bought 10pcs and all are tested. As I known, the QC label on the tool means they checked every tool before shipping out. Source:   I can confirm that Kess v2 5.017 is reading works perfectly on K-Line but…

BMW AT200 Software Free Download & Setup: OBD read write 80% of BMW DME ISN
ECU Chip Tuning Tool / July 25, 2019

This article is available with BMW AT200 DME ISN reader software free download, installation on win7 and test reports (can read and write 80% of BMW DME ISN via OBD).   BMW AT200 newest software free download!hBoxWSpY!jSNw5hgaw1biW5Zvuy3HJUdbuncGsw1tOCnLABNcvio Version: 07.24.2019 No pass Uploaded by the Engineer from dealer).   BMW AT200 is good at: Read & write BMW DME ISN via OBD: MSV90 MSD85 MSD87 MSD85.2 MSD87.2, B48, N20 N55.   BMW AT200 installation on win7: Plug BMW AT200 into the computer to see if it has established a good communication with the computer, go to Device Manager -> USB Input Device   Open the “AT200” folder.   Choose the BMW model and engine. For example, choose BMW F48 with engine 2000 N20B20C 174, with Engine BOSCH MEVD17.2.P TC1797. Then Next and have options: identification, Read ISN, Write ISN etc. BMW AT200 can read and write 80% of BMW DME ISN via OBD: