BMW AT200 Read and Write MSD85 ISN Without Disassembly
ECU Chip Tuning Tool / November 29, 2019

Recently, has released the newest notice about BMW AT200 version 1.6.1. There are more functions added incl. MSD85 write ISN. Check the related update info and guide to write ISN below.   AT-200 V1.6.1 Update info: 1.Added MSV80 read ISN, write ISN, Backup Data and Restore Data 2.Added MSD80/D81/D85/D87/MSV90 write ISN 3.Added the engine type of the TC1766: Alfa Romeo, Audi, BMW, Citroen, Dacia, Dodge, Ford, Hyundai, Indian, Kia, Lada, Lancia, Nissan, Mini, Opel, Peugeot, Polaris, Renault, Saab, Sea Doo, Seat, Skoda, Subaru, Suzuki, Toyota, UAZ, Vauxhall, Volkswagen (VW)   Guide to read & write MSD85 ISN by AT200: All need: DME module: BMW MSD85 Device: BMW AT200 ECU programmer Professional OBD cable to read MSD85 ISN no need dismantling   Steps: Open AT200 software Select the corresponding car brand, model, engine-EGS Then it will show ECU automatically Click “Next” to operate interface Select “Wiring diagram” Then connect MSD85 DME and AT200 via OBD cable Click “Identification” to read put VIN and model info Select “Read ISN” to get ECU authorization Read out ISN code successfully Click “Write ISN” It will take about 2 minutes to read PFLASH and EEPROM Save the data read out Backup data succeed An…

Free Download X- PROG V5.74 (Tested 100%)
ECU Chip Tuning Tool / November 21, 2019

Here share the Xprog M box ECU programmer software V5.74 free download link.   Free download Xprog V5.74 XPROG- BOX Password: bt3ron Confirmed can work 100%   XPROG-M V5.74 using tips: 1.You are disallowed to use this newest dongle to update the older version Xprog to V5.7 2.Close all of the computer anti-virus software. If not, X-prog software may be killed. 3.Disconnect the internet. If not, the internet may damage the hardware. 4.Uninstall all the old version xprog-m or xprog box software before you install V5.7. 0 software we provide , because our xprog-box hardware is not compatible with other lower or higher version software, otherwise the hardware will be damaged and will lose its warranty… 5.Never try to UPDATE, the hardware will be damaged if you want to try to upgrade it online, without any warranty.   More X-prog version free download 1.Xprog V5.51 download:!9HRy1ThC!T3no6RRU8-LOGq2U7penvHtwMlwliPR8VoBQoHf9j58   2.Xprog V5.55 download:!9HRy1ThC!T3no6RRU8-LOGq2U7penvHtwMlwliPR8VoBQoHf9j58 Password::!qT39OiwNKIW9t1dnwXEY3HhoGMR7h3uebwg2-USEe8Y   3.Xprog 5.6 download on Mega: Password: go to for passwords   Learn more info about XPROG Box ECU Programmer V5.74: That’s all!

Free download Orange 5 Clone V1.34: Many Good Reviews
ECU Chip Tuning Tool / November 19, 2019

Free download Orange 5 Clone V1.34 Size: 44.82MB Uploaded: 2019-09-03   Orange5 Clone WIN10: Not Compatible I like orange more than over UPA I have OEM clone orange 5 and it works all good.. the sad thing is that the drivers are not compatible with windows 10 the one I like using…To overcome this I load up two operating systems…windows 10 and 7 in one computer…just for orange 5.   Clone Orange5 Feedback: 1) I buy Orange5 china clone. Work great. Now I check in hc05b8, hc11e9, end eproms. All read and write very fast. I have never had any problems with clone, everything works as it should, knock on wood. I don’t know is there any scripts but software for immo, radio and dash coming together with clone.   2) On Hc908az60 secured it work’s good. I have 4 secured mcu, and they work ok. I have tried 68hc11, allot of eproms, and it work’s just perfect. I don’t have right now anithing else. Clone but includes – Immo HPX 9V0 confirmed that oem orange 5 comes with immo hpx 9.0 and adapter set   3) I have clone and work perfect. 2j74y ok 35080 ok Tms immo opel…

Kess V2 5.017 sw 2.47 clone Unlock PCR2.1 via OBD or in boot mode
ECU Chip Tuning Tool / November 15, 2019

Question: I need confirmation that Kess v2 v5.017 clone with K-suite 2.47 can unlock PCR2.1 without opening or removing the ECU from car, directly via OBD? And then read and write soft directly to the ECU?   Review 1: you need to open ecu. and unlock PCR2.1 in boot mode. Kess 5017 I just check 225 version it still say bootmode but also say use tricore tool to read eeprom and write eeprom, select TOOL options, I have not done one of these.   Review 2: Tested on polo 2011 tdi with PCR 2.1 unlock by obd   As we now see, there are two different opinions.   Thanks.

Read and write Mercedes sl500 ME2.8 ecu, which tool works?
ECU Chip Tuning Tool / November 1, 2019

04-10-2019 update: Trying to clone Mercedes sl500 ME2.8 ecu and everything goes fine until the end when writing eeprom it gives error..   04-10-2019, 19:21 PM update: One friend suggested: Swap eeproms. Or do it with eeprom programmer like UPA. So just clone flash with ktag. Clone ktag have this issue with that ecu. Ori works perfectly.   Another friend agreed:  Absolutely right… I have done the very same car with upa and didn’t do the flash but hw and sw numbers of ecu were the same.   05-10-2019 update: After cloning was complete I examined files before and after clone with HxD editor and mpc file was identical also was maps, then examined eeprom file and vin was written in almost the complete file was the same except for a few scattered digits maybe 10 or so in the whole file, so wondering if this is just a false error, haven’t been able to try ecu in car yet after clone, will report how car reacts to clone ecu….   One friend shared his experience on 08-10-2019: Ktag 6.070 under Trasdata working like a charm on this ECU. R/W e2p/mpc/ext with no problems. 6.070, 7.020 under Ksuite never work….

Need a tool to read write EDC17cp09 on 2009 BMW 335D
ECU Chip Tuning Tool / October 16, 2019

Purpose: to read and write to EDC17cp09 on a 2009 BMW 335D   Looking for a ECU programmer up to $300 or so. I don’t want to keep opening and closing the ECU.   Solution: This Ecu isn’t easy to do via OBD because you can’t read it this way. I do it mostly with X17, there is a virtual read option and you can finish job without removing ecu.   With your budget you could buy KTM Bench, it supports bench reading and writing without opening Ecu, but you have to take it out from the car, which is in 10 min done on e9x.   This is KTM Bench full package: Source: 239.05GBP   Good luck.        

Microtronik HexTag programmer Repair BMW FRM3
ECU Chip Tuning Tool / October 14, 2019

Here share the guides and tips to repair BMW FRM3 by Microtronik HexTag programmer when error appears on EEPROM.   Video: Procedure: Go to Hexprog Software main menu This is Microtronik HexProg version 1.06, the latest version is V1.0.8 Select “On Bench Programmer”-> “BMW”-> “FRM”-> “FRM3 E Series” Click on “Wiring” Solder wires to FRM based on the wiring diagram using BDM cable below Click on “EEE”->“Read” Error on reading EEPROM shows the files in FRM3 is corrupted Click on “P-FLASH” and then click on “Read” Reading P-FLASH… To check the communication with FRM you can try reading the P-FLASH Note: Stop reading once we know it’s communicating Click on “EEE” -> “Read” again Click on “Repair” A FRM Repair message appears on the Microtronik Hexprog screen “This function is used to repair corrupted FRM EEPROM data. It will try to recover the original data from D-Flash, if it failed please contact Microtronik for help” Click on “Repair” of the prompt to fix the corrupted files Note: in this step, Hextag read D-Flash and convert it to EEPROM on the background FRM EEPROM data has been repaired! When it shows the FRM Repair prompt again, just close it Now…

Ktag Communication error while reading ECU with GPT cable
ECU Chip Tuning Tool / October 6, 2019

Tried to use Ktag 2.23 to read ECU ( edc17c10 TC1797 Ford GPT ). Getting following error while reading.”Communication error with the ECU: control all connections; if the problem persists, send log file to the assistance”. Used 15v 1.5A power to ktag . Also tried stock adapter which came with Ktag which has 12V 1A. same error on both.   Possible reasons: Too much 15v Or it is possible to have a bad connection on the board.   Solution: Try to use 12v, or his own power supply(which came with ktag). The ECU will not use more than 0.5A, so, or you need another power supply, or you have problems with connections, or you need a rework to your KTAG. Tell for what car do you need to read? To read Ford Aspire, try under this protocol:   Good luck.  

How to use Ksuite to read BMW R1200 ECU Me9+?
ECU Chip Tuning Tool / September 25, 2019

Question: I connected Kess V2 red one master to BMW R1200 ECU Me9+, but it can’t read. i connect bdm pins only, that is what the manual said.   Working solution: “KESS v2 Protocol” “K-TAG Group” “K-TAG Protocol” 274 Bdm(MPC5xx) 136   like this. its in the ksuite as manual. Finally, succeeded.   Thanks to @ Orange_99 (   For your information, the best Kess V2 red one master is this one:        

KTMflash ECU Programmer read Infineon Tricore TC1738 TC1767 Micro
ECU Chip Tuning Tool / September 23, 2019

KTMflash is a good ECU programmer and transmission power upgrade tool. It can read the chip/ transmission data, and read & write ECU data etc. at a high speed. This article will highlight how to read Infineon Tricore TC1738 TC1767 Micro by KTMflash ECU programmer.   Price: 286.67 euro free shipping (was 325.91 euro) Source: Package includes: 1pc x KTMflash ECU Programmer 1pc x KTMflash USB Dongle 1pc x PowerBox 1 pc x Multi-Color Cable 1 pc x cable 1 pc x USB Cable 1pc x power adapter 1pc x CD KTMflash ECU Programmer read Infineon Tricore TC1738 TC1767 Micro   The switch board is designed to work with J2534, this device uses the KTAG cables so the user can refer to the KTAG wiring diagram KTM100 KTAG connection picture display: Cables from left to right: 1.Green-CAN L 2.Orange-VKEY 3.Yellow-K LINE 4.Orange-VKEY 5. Red-VECU 6.Black-GND 7.Black-GND 8.Purple-VPP 9.Red-VECU 10.White-CAN H   Procedures: Connect all the devices well as the wiring diagram above Go to KTMflash software and click “Read” Select the corresponding options It will take about 1 minute to read data Read Infineon Tricore TC1738 TC1767 Micro successfully Save the file   Please kindly notice: When you use KTMflash…

Ktag V7.020 Car Protocols Gray Buttons Solution
ECU Chip Tuning Tool / September 17, 2019

Offer working solution to Ktag 7.020 error “ any car protocols its gray buttons”, can’t select or choose any cars . ktag v7.020 does communicate between laptop and ktag device and can select cars/trucks/….etc It does have power.   Possible reason and solution: connect 12v adapter.   The problem is in the SD CARD that is in the interface. I had the same problem and solved it. Programming the sd card for KTAG and KESS is a very difficult process that cannot be done by everyone. There are two options 1. that somebody who knows, do – can program a new sd card or other option to buy SD CARD.   or the problem is with nxp. Here is NXP chip sold in China.   Last but not least, ensure you have one good quality of Ktag clone. i.e SE135-B1 (73.39euro, red pcb), SE135-E (63.22euro, red pcb).  

CG AT200 Programmer V1.5 Update 432 ECUs, TC1793S & TC1793 wiring diagram
ECU Chip Tuning Tool / September 16, 2019

CG AT200 Programmer V1.5 update with detailed table. 1.Can read and write MSD80 ISN and MSD81 ISN. Add the wiring diagrams for TC1793 and TC1793S 3.Add TC1767 ECU programming 4.AT200 V1.5 update 432 ECUs programming. TC1793 Car Name Series Engine ECU ECU Alfa Romeo 4C 960 1750 TBI 960.A1.000 240 BOSCH MED17.3.3 Giulia 952 2900 Twin Turbo 670050436 510 BOSCH MED17.3.5 2200 Multijet 55266388 150 BOSCH EDC17C69 ver3 2200 MUltijet 55266388 136 BOSCH EDC17C69 ver3 2200 MUltijet 55266388 209 BOSCH EDC17C69 ver3 Giulietta 940 1750 TBI 960.A1.000 240 BOSCH MED17.3.3 2000 JTDM 2 940.B4.000 175 BOSCH EDC17C69 ver1 Stelvio – 2900 Twin Turbo 670050436 510 BOSCH MED17.3.5 Aston Vantage IV 4000 M177 510 BOSCH MED17.7.5 Audi A3 8P 1400 TFSI e-tron CUKB 150 BOSCH MED17.1.21 A4 B9 2000 TFSI quattro CPMB 220 BOSCH MED17.1.10 2000 TFSI quattro flexible fuel CPMB 220 BOSCH MED17.1.10 2000 TFSI 190 BOSCH MED17.1.10 A5 8F/8T 2000 TFSI quattro CPMB 220 BOSCH MED17.1.10 2000 TFSI quattro flexible fuel CPMB 220 BOSCH MED17.1.10 A6 C7 3000 TDI 218 BOSCH EDC17CP54 3000 TDI quattro 218 BOSCH EDC17CP54 A7 4G 3000 TDI 313 BOSCH EDC17CP54 3000 TDI Ultra BOSCH EDC17CP54 Q5 8RB 2000 TFSI quattro CPMB 220 BOSCH MED17.1.10…

iProg+ Pro V77 Free Download, Installation on Win7
ECU Chip Tuning Tool / September 13, 2019

Iprog ECU programmer has been updated to V77. Check the free download link and installation guide below.   Iprog+ V77 ECU Programmer Free Download!hMxViSZJ!flDyz5MqXAhLHldDZ9EIII_b_CTPQj3Ansuraw12rP8 Language: English, Russian How to install iprog pro v77 on window 7?   Procedure: Go to DVD/CD-RW Drive (E disk) Open “Iprog 2019+ v77” You will see: 7z1900-32bit 7z1900-64bit Iprog+77.exe View the computer is 32 bit or 64 bit Select the corresponding file to install Copy “iProg+_2019_00001″ and paste it on the desktop Right click on “iProg+_2019_00001″, select “7-zip” to extract. Go to Computer-> “Device Manager” Right click on “iProg universal programmer” Select “Update Driver software” Select “Browse my computer for driver software” and click “OK” Search for driver software in the corresponding location Click “Next” to continue Select “Install this driver software anyway” to install iProg+ universal programmer has been installed successfully Open iProg Pro version 77 Come to main menu Adapter _test AIRBAG CAR DASHBOARD EEPROM Log MCU OTHER: CAN_SCAN.bir, CAN_SCAN_proba.bir   1.iProg+ V77 clone dashboard functions (read km, write a new km on many cars). Take “Toyota Avensis Denco 93c46.ipr mileage correction for example. Click OLD KM to show the current KM is 122040 Change the KM to 2560 and click “WRITE NEW KM”…

Free download Chinese clone kess v2 5.017 SD card image
ECU Chip Tuning Tool / September 10, 2019

Chinese clone kess v2 5.017 with ksuite 2.47 has ‘wake up error’ and formatted the sd card, need the 5.017 SD card image, where to download the reliable source. There are two solutions below.   1st Solution: you only need a new SD card and this manual. works with every SD and every CID. 1). How to do read an SD card for Kess 5.017 or create a new one? 128 MB XOR!kRxTwQxZ!Vw6g3ROBHr9w7aboGEe97UPIbv2ruVOvlLIZaH1HPDY Zip Password = “kess5017”   Note: Only Kess 5.017 or 5.028, not for 3.099 etc.   2). How to create a new SD card? Firstly, download WinHex and XorFiles v1.0 Insert your Original SD-Card to Cardreader on PC. Run WinHex, press F9 open Disk, read your SD-card. Mark 208Bytes = 13 lines from 0x00000270 to 0x0000033F. Copy 13 lines to new file. Open in WinHex my Keyfile “128 MB XOR Key01-13.img” Search and replace line 1 in your Keyfile with all line1 lines in “128 MB XOR Key01-13.img” Search and replace line 2 in your Keyfile with all line2 lines in “128 MB XOR Key01-13.img” ………………………….. Search and replace line 13 in your Keyfile with all line13 lines in “128 MB XOR Key01-13.img” Save…

BMW AT200 ISN OBD Reader Mass update free on August 21, 2019
ECU Chip Tuning Tool / August 21, 2019

BMW AT200 ISN OBD Reader & ECU programmer has a massive upgrade on August 21, 2019, more than 1280 pieces in total, and all are free of charge.   Preview here 1280 pieces in total Free update   A3 A4 A5 A6 A7 A8 A8L Q3 Q5 Q7 R8 RS3 RS6 RS7 S3 S6 S8 SQ5 TT BMW E82 BMW E88 BMW F20 …… Ko S-Crosser N S T Astra Insignia Zafira Amarok Caddy Crafter Golf Jetta LT Magotan Passat Phaeton Touareg XL1 S80 V40 V60 V70 XC90 XC70 XC60

Ktag 7.020 Read VAG PPD 1.5 ECU via BDM
ECU Chip Tuning Tool / August 18, 2019

How-to: read VAG SIEMENS SIMOS 5WS4PPD1. 5 with Ktag using BDM probe.   Device required: ktag firmware 7.020 software 2.23 or above BDM frame with probe    Preparation: BASIC CONNECTION – PINOUT FOR SIEMENS PPD 1.X ECU, USED IN VAG CARS     6 : +12V ( term.15 ) 2 :  GND ( term. 31 ) 18 : +12V  ( term. 30 ) 72 : K Line 89 : CAN High 66 : CAN Low Procedure: Step 1: Set up BDM connection connect ecu with BDM frame follow the wiring diagram Step 2: Read PPD 1.5 with ktag 7.020 Open Ktag ksuite 2.23 software Select protocol SIEMENS SIMOS 5WS4PPD1. xVAG Select Plug-in Read and backup ecu data Reading in process, wait until complete Reading eeprom successfully. Save ecu data. Done.   Note: BDM100, kess v2 and Fgtech galletto v54 reads PPD1. as well. Report: passat 140hp bkp engine with ppd.1.5 ecu and kess v2 reads it fine. i haven’t wrote to it but read the ecu no problem  

How to rework MPPS v18 from China?
ECU Chip Tuning Tool / August 12, 2019

I made an Opel Zafira 2.0L with y20dth engine hybrid control unit PSG16. Connect with the tricore cable CAN-L and CAN-H directly to the pump. MPPS V18 has read the PSG16 in 2-3 minutes, to write 7-8 minutes. Make sure you have enough voltage when writing because the fan starts running (or disconnect it before write) if something goes wrong here you’re f**ked. MPPS calculates the checksum automatically all perfect. I use MPPS v18 from China reworked.   what do I have reworked? I have purchased the file firmware , or unlock? Do not cut the green and white wires. Simply make a cut around and join with the MPPS cables. Ensure stable voltage during writing.   Method 2: The reason to rework mpps because some cheap MPPS china need rework. One comes with missing components and different resistors are installed with red marks below:   D1 = PESD1CAN ESD protection U4 = PRTR5V0U2X Enlarge it and see what’s missing.   You must solder K line driver in empty U8 place not in U12 where is Lm2903   Here is schematic if it also helps After that, the reworked MPPS china clone:   Good luck with the good:

Iprog+ V76 IMMO feedback: Toyota Copy ID 67 68 70 94 D4, Smart key, Transponder etc
ECU Chip Tuning Tool / August 9, 2019

Hook Iprog+ V76 programmer up the Toyota car, aiming to perform immobilizer work like key copy, key prepare, key unlocker etc. The test result is satisfied me, I tried Toyota smart key 94 copy and D4 copy, tried reset Smart key, Transponder etc.   Firstly, update Iprog+ V76 driver: Open the CD. Install “7z1900-32bit” (my computer is 32BIT). Copy and paste ” iProg+_2019_00001″ to the desktop. Right click on ” iProg+_2019_00001″, use “7-zip” to extract.   Have window message “Device (iProg+) driver software was not successfully installed“. Right click on “Computer” -> “Manage” -> “Device Manager”; Right click on “iProg universal programmer” and select “Update Driver software“. Select “Browse my computer for driver software” Select “Driver” folder”. Click on “Install this driver software”. Driver software was successfully updated.   Start to user Iprog+ clone V76 software, it lists several functions: Airbag, Car, Dashboard, EEPROM, MCU, others etc. Click on “Car” and have many options incl. Car radio, DPF OFF, ECU, IMMO, Key, Mil to KM, PIN ABS, PIN Code Smartra 3, Pincode from the dump v1.0.3, Sensor, Speed Limit etc iProg+ V76 key full functions: Key Auto Key Copy Key Moto Key prepare (Chery, Ford, Kawasaki, Lada, Mazda, Mitsubishi, Renault,…

Ktag FW 8.000/SW 2.47 feedback, PCB, 111 New Protocol
ECU Chip Tuning Tool / August 6, 2019

Firstly thanks to @ bmwadriatic (poster of, he said: Little feedback from myside, I decided to bought one (Ktag FW 8.000/SW 2.47). I had not enough time to test it on more ECUs, but I already tested one ECU of the new protocols. And it worked without problem for me. So I recommend to you, if the new protocols are interesting for you. In attachment you have some PCB pics, i cant say if its good or bad, i don’t understand this. But since I tested it already, I trust the tool.   Here new 111 protocol list:!xhVE0CrK!lr6m104NRRHSHpDAPrQ78pui2Nq90fva4AvE64vGKUE Screenshot the head of this able for first view. Someone think the pcb will be not different, it’s still same China Ktag pcb on all fw. bmwadriatic point of view: I was not thinking and saying that PCB looks different. I was only post the PCB pics to help other users to decide if this tool is reworked good and worth the money. Nothing more.   Thank.

Ecu Delphi DCM3.2 CRD.11 Wiring Pinout to Ktag
ECU Chip Tuning Tool / August 5, 2019

Question: I need wiring Diagram from Delphi BDM adapter for crd.11 ecu. I cannot find a adaptor Diagram. Need for K-Tag.     Solution: For all with this Problem: ECU – Ktag 3-6 2-1 4-5 6-10 8-7 10-8 And make 2 Bridge. Ktag Protokoll 119 Ecu Delphi DCM3.2 CRD.11   ps.  here is the diagram for TrasData