Free Download Xhorse VVDI Prog V5.0.0
ECU Chip Tuning Tool / March 19, 2021

The newest software of Xhorse VVDI Prog has been updated to V5.0.0 in March. It adds more chip models in Ford, GEELY, ZOYTE, Buick, VOLKSWAGEN, etc. and fixes some bugs. Check the related update info and free download the software by the available link offered by engineer.   Free download VVDI Prog V5.0.0: Password: 123456 Size: 1.11GB Security: No risk! Language: English, Arabic, Czech, French, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Turkish, Simplified Chinese Compatible device: it applies to all VVDI Prog programmer (item No. SK177 and SK177-D )   V5.0.0 VVDI Prog update info: Updated on March 9th, 2021 * This version DON’t need update firmware + Add VVDI PROG USER MUNUAL 5.0.0 version in Doc folder + Add MAC9116VAG50 options in <2-MCU>-> <FREESCALE-MAC7XXX> + Add MC68HC11A1, MC68HC11A8, MC68HC11EA9, MC68HC11E1, MC68HC11E9, MC68HC11E20, MC68HC11E32, MC68HC11F1, MC68HC11K4, MC68HC11KA2, MC68HC11KA4, MC68HC11KG4, MC68HC11KS2, MC68HC11KW1, MC68HC11P2, MC68HC11PA8, MC68HC11PH8, MC68HC711E9, MC68HC711E20, MC68HC711EA9, MC68HC711PH8 options in <2-MCU>-> <MOTOROLA-MC68HC (7)11> + Add FORD-ECU (AM29BDD160GB) option in <3-ECU>-><Ford> + Add YUANJING-BCM (2015) option in <4-IMMOBILIZER>-><GEELY> + Add T600-SMARTBOX (2014) option in <4-IMMOBILIZER>-><ZOYTE> + Add ECOSPORT-DASHBOARD (2015) option in <5-DASHBOARD>-><Ford> + Add REGAL-AIRBAG (2018) option in <7-AIRBAG>-><BUICK> + Add TOUAREG-CHASSIS-MODULE (2010) option in <8-OTHER>-><VOLKSWAGEN> * Fix some bug…

Xmas Sale 2020: 9 in 1 Universal Ad-blue Emulator for Mercedes, etc Only 16 Pounds!
ECU Chip Tuning Tool / December 22, 2020

Big news!!! 9 in 1 Universal Ad-blue Emulator for Mercedes, MAN, Scania, Iveco, DAF, Volvo, Renault, Ford and Cummins can be purchased at the bottom price from Dec. 17th to Dec. 26th 2020 at £16.00 (UK Ship No Tax with faster delivery). Source:   9 in 1 Universal Ad-blue Emulator becomes more and more popular. The 5 top reasons are: 1.Compared with other device, it has better quality and works more stably. 2.Truck Ad-Blue Emulator Box bypasses good working electronic module of the Adblue system on vehicle. 3.It’s very easy to fit AdBlue Emulator Box to any truck or bus equipped with AdBlue systemand it will override AdBlue system instantly. 4.It will stop the usage of AdBlue liquid. AdBlue Emulator Box disables AdBlue system electronics gently so there will be no power loss of the engine or any warnings on the dashboard and in diagnostic system. Besides that, it supports trucks, buses and other heavy vehicles with EURO 4 and 5 Exhaust Emission Rates, including: Ad-Blue Mercedes trucks and other heavy vehicles (only with Bosch AdBlue system) Ad-Blue MAN trucks and other heavy vehicles Ad-Blue Scania trucks and other heavy vehicles Ad-Blue Iveco trucks and other heavy vehicles Ad-Blue Volvo trucks…

GODIAG GT100 OBDII Break Out Box ECU Connector User Manual
ECU Chip Tuning Tool / August 31, 2020

GODIAG GT100 is the newest AUTO OBD II 16PIN Protocol Break Out Box ECU Connector. This post will share related product info and the guide of how to use it.   GODIAG GT100 OBDII Protocol Detector Overview: GODIAG GT100 can make automotive diagnostic OBD port switch to 16PIN and be used to switch signal level conversion. It can not only connect modules individually or multiple vehicle modules. But also be connected to any diagnostic device to determine whether the car is communicating properly. The battery can also be replaced to provide power for the car to prevent data loss of the vehicle control module, automatic lock, remote control of the key failure, failure lights on.   Godiag GT100 OBDII Protocol Detector functions: -OBDII Protocol Detector – ECU connection – Compatible with lots of devices – Convert OBD1 diagnostic interface to the standard OBD2 diagnostic -Multi-ECU connection mode –The cable can be extended. – Power the car when changing the battery –Optional dedicated adapter   GODIAG GT100 Indicator Light Meaning: 1.Manufactory custom 2.SJE1850 wire <bus+> 3.Manufactory custom 4.Power grounding 5.Signal grounding 6.SAEJ2284 <CAN> high 7.ISO9141-2&iso, DIS4230-4K wire 8. Manufactory custom 9.Manufactory custom 10.SJE1850 wire <bus-> 11.Manufactory custom 12.Manufactory custom 13.Manufactory custom 14.SAEJ2284…

KTM BENCH V1.20 ECU Wiring Diagram 2020 Free Download
ECU Chip Tuning Tool / March 10, 2020

KTM Bench ECU programmer with newest software V1.20 has same function as V1.199. Both of them can read and write ECU by BOOT and Bench. No token limitation, no need to dismantle the ECU, support checksums calculation. The big difference between them is V1.20 KTM Bench adds more ECU wiring diagrams.   1.Free download V1.20 KTM Bench ECU wiring diagram: Tested link: Password: fqxktd Security: No risk! Function: -Latest Jaguar MED17.9.9 -Changes or reads/writes ISN codes (done with other tools) for BMW N20, N55, N63, etc. -Reads & writes immo data for Bentley MED17.1.1 -Covers VW MED17.5.5, MED17.5.22, MED17.5.25…. -ALL can be done without ECU disassembling good equipment of high quality and with the best technology 2.ECU chip Tuning V1.199 for KTM BENCH win7 free download!B9oTQahI!HNlNhOuMYmYghLlLyCSECV6GyLbDJLg8wTZrv1J2m10 Important!!! 1.Don’t connect to internet when using V1.199 KTM Bench or V1.20! 2.Don’t update V1.199 KTM bench to V1.20 directly, otherwise the device will be locked! 3.V1.20 software is not compatible with V1.199 KTM BENCH ECU programmer, because V1.20 doesn’t update any ECU and will lock device if update.   Available link to get V1.20 KTM BENCH ECU programmer from China: Available link to get V1.199 KTM BENCH ECU programmer from UK:  …

Free Download Xprog Software 6.12 5.84, 5.74, 5.60, 5.55, 5.51, 100% Works
ECU Chip Tuning Tool / February 24, 2020

Free download the newest XPROG V6.12, XPROG 5.84, XPROG 5.74, XPROG 5.60, Xprog 5.55 and XPROG 5.51.   1.XPROG-M 6.12 free download: Password: fxo5qz XPROG V6.12 installation video:    XPROG-M V6.12 Using tips and installation guide:   2.XPROG V5.84 free download:!7vpDwQ4D!MrdDW0tVf-6-wXtGKqpUmj7CA2HFlFlMf5AeNvYgRbI   Tips for installing Xprog V5.84. 1.Disable anti-virus program when downloading software and running software. 2.Uninstall all the software and USB drivers of the old version xprog-box on your computer, then install the new XPROG5.84 software. Run 5.84Regsisty program for several timeswhen installing software 4.Run  5.84Regsisty file for 2 times before you run software everytime .   3.XPROG V5.74 free download: XPROG- BOX Password: bt3ron Confirmed can work 100%   4.Xprog 5.60 download on Mega:!Y91UQKqS Pass: go to for passwords   5.Xprog 5.55 software download:!1FY3gSrR Pass:!qT39OiwNKIW9t1dnwXEY3HhoGMR7h3uebwg2-USEe8Y   6.Xprog 5.51 download:!9HRy1ThC!T3no6RRU8-LOGq2U7penvHtwMlwliPR8VoBQoHf9j58

KESS V2 KSUITE V2.53 Read ECU for BMW 3 Series (E91) 328i 6AT
ECU Chip Tuning Tool / February 21, 2020

Guide to read ECU data on BMW 3 Series (E91) by Kess V2 Ksuite 2.53 fm V5.017 via OBD2. Car info: Car brand: BMW Car model: 3 Series (E91) Car version: 328i 6AT Car Type: N52B30M1   Device: Kess V2 clone, sw Ksuite V2.53, fw V5.017 Source: O.S: Win XP / Win7 32bit, Win 8, etc. Kess V2 clone connection by OBD2:   Procedure: 1.Free download and install the latest Ksuite V2.53 on your computer 1).Mega link:!Lol0GCZR!nOeibBrssBZGwzzvHAlNozrMV3VkVWIl9P0zBT6dcIo 2).Tested link: Password: i4cwgr Security: No risk! Note: If you choose this download link, you need to scan QQ or WeChat QR code to get authorization to download.   It’s easy to install, just remember that you need to connect kess v2 with your car when you install the driver and open the Ksuite software, otherwise it will be damaged.   2.When finish installing Ksuite V2.53, open the software These are the related software interfaces 3.Select the car model as the first picture and then click OK Family 202 prompt will show on the screen, pay attention to it 5.Select CAN-> ID 6.Operate the next step according to the prompts: -Switch on the dashboard, check the connections and press OK…

V82 iProg+ Pro Free Download
ECU Chip Tuning Tool / February 17, 2020

iProg+ Pro update to version v82 adds more odometer correction models. Look here to get the iProg+ Pro v82 software download link and how to install it.  iProg+ Pro Clone V82  software free download: Password: 2nhra8 Language: English, Russian Main steps to install v82 iprog+ here: 1.Create a new folder in any convenient place on the disk. For example [iProgProSoftware] 2.Unpack the archive into the created folder 3.Run the program 4.Select the menu item Help -> Check for Updates.  Then follow instructions 5.Copy into your Scrips and Calculators folders your scripts and calculators, respectively   V82 software has been confirmed that it can be used for these iprog+ prog ECU programmers, incl. Item No. SE147, Item No.SE147-1 and Item No. SE147-B.   All the ECU programmers above have the same software and can work on Windows 7/8/XP/ vista. They are much cheaper than original iprog+, but work as well as the original one. The differences between three iprog+ pro clone are they come from different factories, and item SE147 doesn’t have IPROG IR MB adapter while others have.   Item No. SE147 supports airbag, dashboard, car radio, ECU, EEPROM, IMMO, MCU and special functions. Price: €101.27 Source:  …

KESS V2 Ksuite Software Free Download
ECU Chip Tuning Tool / February 10, 2020

Customer Question: I have the KESS V2 4.036 with the K-Suite 2.33 on It but my CD is damaged and my pc can’t read it anymore. How to solve it? Solution from technician: Don’t worry dear, you can download ksuite v2.33 here:!UTJTRAAb!tbyaYhucGYrySsKQghXcjHYu-qcw0qbr15D36uCS3bo Ksuite 2.33 is tested working on below KESS V2 clone: Latest Ksuite 2.47 free download:!8QgwSboa!XLUqAJBt6ISsL4ijpdxZ68emHJa8EMAvwLAq_ZRlZPg Password: Laura168 Activation: No need Compatible with Kess v2 master and Ktag master Hope it has helped, best regard.  

CGDI ECU Connecting Board DME Cable User Manual
ECU Chip Tuning Tool / January 29, 2020

CG-ECU simulator DME DDE ECU Connecting Board is coming! It is a professional DME harness to test and program ECU, which known as the king of harness.   Advantages of CGDI ECU Connecting Board DME Cable:  -Connect to 12V power supply -The model port is connected to the corresponding ECU module -It’s very easy to use. Just push the palm of the plug, pull it back and push it back   What’s the function of CG-ECU simulator?  -ECU test -ECU programming -ECU clear -ECU refurbishment -ECU replacement   Which models does CG-ECU simulator support? MEV9N46 (N46) ME9.7 (272) MED17.7.X SIM4LKE SIM266 DE2.0  SIM271 KE2.0 SIM271 D62M57 (MSV80,MSD80) CR3.XX CR4.XX CR5 CR6/CR60.XX CRD.11 CRD.2XX   CG-ECU simulator Display: Motherboard   ECU connector   CG-ECU simulator Connection:   How to use CGDI CG-ECU simulator DME DDE ECU Connecting Board:   Available link to get CG-ECU simulator DME DDE ECU Connecting Board:

Can KTMflash ECU Programmer Reprogram VW Magotan TC1766 MICRO
ECU Chip Tuning Tool / January 7, 2020

Question: Is it possible to use KTM Flash ECU programmer to read VW Magotan data according to the chip model?   Answer: Yes. KTMflash ECU programmer with gearbox power upgrade tool can read chip data, read & write ECU data, read transmission data, etc at a high speed.   Question: How to reprogram? Answer: It’s easy to use, just follow the following steps: Step 1: Connect KTMFlash ECU programmer, gearbox power upgrade tool, VW Magvotan ECU and computer well Step 2: Open software, select the corresponding ECU to enter reprogramming mode Step 3: When read data successfully, just save it   Question: Besides TC1762/TC1766 MICRO (1504KB), which Infineon chip models can read the BOOT mode by KTMflash ECU Programmer? Answer: Look at the chip models list below: Infineon: TC1762/TC1766 EEPROM (32KB) Infineon: TC1792/TC1796 MICRO (2048KB) Infineon: TC1796 MICRO+EXT (4096KB/6144KB) Infineon: TC1796 EXT (2048KB/4096KB) Infineon: TC1796 EEPROM (128KB) Infineon: TC1792 EEPROM (64KB) Infineon: TC1738/TC1767 MICRO (2048KB) Infineon: TC1738/TC1767 EEPROM (64KB) Infineon: TC1797 MICRO (4096KB) Infineon: TC1797 MICRO+EXT (6144KB/8192KB) Infineon: TC1797 EXT (2048KB/4096KB) Infineon: TC1797 EEPROM (64KB) Infineon: TC1724/TC1728 MICRO (1536KB) Infineon: TC1724/TC1728 EEPROM (64KB) Infineon: TC1782/TC1784 MICRO (2560KB) Infineon: TC1782/TC1784 EEPROM (128KB) Infineon: TC1793/TC1798 MICRO (4096KB) Infineon: TC1793/TC1798 MICRO+EXT (6144KB/8192KB) Infineon:…

V5.84 XPROG-Box ECU Programmer Full Chips List
ECU Chip Tuning Tool / December 23, 2019

As we know, XPROG-M V5.84 with USB Dongle is available with reading EEPROM. Here have collected the latest and most complete chips list supported by this XPROG ECU programmer.   1.XPROG V5.84 Serial EEPROM List: Incl. Atmel, Catalyst, Fairchild, Microchip, Mitsubishi, National, ST, Toshiba and Xicor   Atmel AT24C01A AT24C02 AT24C04 AT24C08 AT24C16 AT24C32 AT24C32A AT24C64 AT24C64A AT25010 AT25020 AT25040 AT25080 AT25160 AT25320 AT25640 AT25128 AT25256 AT93C46 AT93C46A AT93C56 AT93C56A AT93C57 AT93C66 AT93C66A       Catalyst CAT24(W)C02 CAT24(W)C04 CAT24(W)CO8 CAT24(W)C16 CAT24(W)C32 CAT24(W)C64 CAT93C46 CAT93C46A CAT93C56 CAT93C56A CAT93C57 CAT93C66 CAT93C66A CAT93C86 CAT93C86A …   2.XPROG V5.84 MCU/MPU List: Atmel ATmega8 ATmega16   ATmega32 ATmega64 ATmega128     Neon (XC16x) SA-KXC164C9-16F SA-KXC164CS-32F     Neon (XC20xx) SAH-XC2060M-104 flash0 SAH-XC2060M-104 flash1 SAH-XC2060M-104 flash2 SAH-XC2060M-104 flash3 SAK-XC2060N-40 flash0 SAK-XC2060N-40 flash1 …    XPROG V5.84 Dashboards List: Audi AUDI A3 2007 AUDI TT 2008   BMW E38-M35080 E39-M35080 E46-M35080 E46-M35080-BOSCH E53-M35080 E65-M35080 X3-E83-M35080 …   4.XPROG V5.84 Immobilizers List: BMW EWS 3 EWS 3/2D47J/   CAS4 1N35H 5M48H from 1030 v2 INC5H_ 5M48H_ D-FLASH_ BACKUP_ v2 1N35H_ 5M48H_ P-FLASH_ BACKUP_ v2 1N35H__5M48H_ D-FLASH_ v2 1N35H_ 5M48H_ P-FLASH_ v2 MC9S12C64-FLASH …   5.XPROG V5.84 ZGS 001 List: A 164 540 56 62 MC9S12DT256>EEPROM MC9S12DT256-FLASH MC9S12DT256- External FLASH(Am29F400BT)  …

IProg + Pro V80 Free Download, Installation on Win7/8/XP/Vista
ECU Chip Tuning Tool / December 22, 2019 has released the newest iProg ECU programmer-V80. It’s available with English & Russian. Free download iprog+ Pro V80 and install on Win7, Win8, Win XP or Vista. Part 1: Free download V80 iProg Pro Free download link: password: sppubu   Part 2: How to installIProg+ Pro V80 The guide to install V80 iProg Pro software is same asiprog+prog V77: Installation instructions: 1.Create a new folder in any convenient place on the disk. For example [iProgProSoftware] 2.Unpack the archive into the created folder 3.Run the program 4.Select the menu item Help -> Check for Updates.  Then follow instructions 5.Copy into your Scrips and Calculators folders your scripts and calculators, respectively   Part 3: What canV80iProg+ Pro do 1.The newest ECU programmer iprog Pro V80 is designed to work with automotive microelectronics: Work with odometers on OBDII connector Work with odometers on the table through adapters Work with multimedia unlocking the tape recorder Work with keys (IMMO, Transponders), copying, preparation, unlocking Work with IMMO-Key Auto dumps Work with the airbag computer, deleting crash data Transfer readings from miles to km Read and write processors and its used in cars Remove the particulate filter in the dump Work with keys to the intercom…

How to use and install XPROG V6.12 on Win XP/ Win7/Win8?
ECU Chip Tuning Tool / December 18, 2019

X-PROG box ECU programmer has been updated to newest version 6.12. It comes with USB dongle, no need activation. With new generation hardware, runs more steady and faster than old version. Here share the tips and guide to use and install XPROG V6.12. XPROG V6.12 Display       Part 1: How to use XPROG V6.12 XPROG V6.12  ECU Programmer  added new authorization: AUTH-0028-3 Renesas RL78 and AUTH-0028-4 Renesas M32C. It only supports English, can be used on Win XP/ Win7 and Win8. Tips to use XPROG V6.12: 1.XPROG-M V6.12 dongle isn’t compatible with older version Xprog. 2.Please close all anti-virus software in your computer, because the anti-virus software will kill Xprog-M V6.12 driver. 3.Disconnect internet. If not, the internet may damage XPROG hardware. 4.Uninstall all the old version XPROG software before you install V6.12 software, because XPROG-M V6.12 hardware is not compatible with other versions of XPROG software. 5. Never try to UPDATE it, otherwise the hardware will be damaged if you try to update it online.   Part 2: How to install XPROG V6.12 Before installing, please make sure the operation system meets the the following needs. 1.Windows system should be windows XP 32bit or windows 7 64 bit, all the patch…

BMW AT200 Read and Write MSD85 ISN Without Disassembly
ECU Chip Tuning Tool / November 29, 2019

Recently, has released the newest notice about BMW AT200 version 1.6.1. There are more functions added incl. MSD85 write ISN. Check the related update info and guide to write ISN below.   AT-200 V1.6.1 Update info: 1.Added MSV80 read ISN, write ISN, Backup Data and Restore Data 2.Added MSD80/D81/D85/D87/MSV90 write ISN 3.Added the engine type of the TC1766: Alfa Romeo, Audi, BMW, Citroen, Dacia, Dodge, Ford, Hyundai, Indian, Kia, Lada, Lancia, Nissan, Mini, Opel, Peugeot, Polaris, Renault, Saab, Sea Doo, Seat, Skoda, Subaru, Suzuki, Toyota, UAZ, Vauxhall, Volkswagen (VW)   Guide to read & write MSD85 ISN by AT200: All need: DME module: BMW MSD85 Device: BMW AT200 ECU programmer Professional OBD cable to read MSD85 ISN no need dismantling   Steps: Open AT200 software Select the corresponding car brand, model, engine-EGS Then it will show ECU automatically Click “Next” to operate interface Select “Wiring diagram” Then connect MSD85 DME and AT200 via OBD cable Click “Identification” to read put VIN and model info Select “Read ISN” to get ECU authorization Read out ISN code successfully Click “Write ISN” It will take about 2 minutes to read PFLASH and EEPROM Save the data read out Backup data succeed An…

Free Download X- PROG V5.74 (Tested 100%)
ECU Chip Tuning Tool / November 21, 2019

Here share the Xprog M box ECU programmer software V5.74 free download link.   Free download Xprog V5.74 XPROG- BOX Password: bt3ron Confirmed can work 100%   XPROG-M V5.74 using tips: 1.You are disallowed to use this newest dongle to update the older version Xprog to V5.7 2.Close all of the computer anti-virus software. If not, X-prog software may be killed. 3.Disconnect the internet. If not, the internet may damage the hardware. 4.Uninstall all the old version xprog-m or xprog box software before you install V5.7. 0 software we provide , because our xprog-box hardware is not compatible with other lower or higher version software, otherwise the hardware will be damaged and will lose its warranty… 5.Never try to UPDATE, the hardware will be damaged if you want to try to upgrade it online, without any warranty.   More X-prog version free download 1.Xprog V5.51 download:!9HRy1ThC!T3no6RRU8-LOGq2U7penvHtwMlwliPR8VoBQoHf9j58   2.Xprog V5.55 download:!9HRy1ThC!T3no6RRU8-LOGq2U7penvHtwMlwliPR8VoBQoHf9j58 Password::!qT39OiwNKIW9t1dnwXEY3HhoGMR7h3uebwg2-USEe8Y   3.Xprog 5.6 download on Mega: Password: go to for passwords   Learn more info about XPROG Box ECU Programmer V5.74: That’s all!

Free download Orange 5 Clone V1.34: Many Good Reviews
ECU Chip Tuning Tool / November 19, 2019

Free download Orange 5 Clone V1.34 Size: 44.82MB Uploaded: 2019-09-03   Orange5 Clone WIN10: Not Compatible I like orange more than over UPA I have OEM clone orange 5 and it works all good.. the sad thing is that the drivers are not compatible with windows 10 the one I like using…To overcome this I load up two operating systems…windows 10 and 7 in one computer…just for orange 5.   Clone Orange5 Feedback: 1) I buy Orange5 china clone. Work great. Now I check in hc05b8, hc11e9, end eproms. All read and write very fast. I have never had any problems with clone, everything works as it should, knock on wood. I don’t know is there any scripts but software for immo, radio and dash coming together with clone.   2) On Hc908az60 secured it work’s good. I have 4 secured mcu, and they work ok. I have tried 68hc11, allot of eproms, and it work’s just perfect. I don’t have right now anithing else. Clone but includes – Immo HPX 9V0 confirmed that oem orange 5 comes with immo hpx 9.0 and adapter set   3) I have clone and work perfect. 2j74y ok 35080 ok Tms immo opel…

Kess V2 5.017 sw 2.47 clone Unlock PCR2.1 via OBD or in boot mode
ECU Chip Tuning Tool / November 15, 2019

Question: I need confirmation that Kess v2 v5.017 clone with K-suite 2.47 can unlock PCR2.1 without opening or removing the ECU from car, directly via OBD? And then read and write soft directly to the ECU?   Review 1: you need to open ecu. and unlock PCR2.1 in boot mode. Kess 5017 I just check 225 version it still say bootmode but also say use tricore tool to read eeprom and write eeprom, select TOOL options, I have not done one of these.   Review 2: Tested on polo 2011 tdi with PCR 2.1 unlock by obd   As we now see, there are two different opinions.   Thanks.

Read and write Mercedes sl500 ME2.8 ecu, which tool works?
ECU Chip Tuning Tool / November 1, 2019

04-10-2019 update: Trying to clone Mercedes sl500 ME2.8 ecu and everything goes fine until the end when writing eeprom it gives error..   04-10-2019, 19:21 PM update: One friend suggested: Swap eeproms. Or do it with eeprom programmer like UPA. So just clone flash with ktag. Clone ktag have this issue with that ecu. Ori works perfectly.   Another friend agreed:  Absolutely right… I have done the very same car with upa and didn’t do the flash but hw and sw numbers of ecu were the same.   05-10-2019 update: After cloning was complete I examined files before and after clone with HxD editor and mpc file was identical also was maps, then examined eeprom file and vin was written in almost the complete file was the same except for a few scattered digits maybe 10 or so in the whole file, so wondering if this is just a false error, haven’t been able to try ecu in car yet after clone, will report how car reacts to clone ecu….   One friend shared his experience on 08-10-2019: Ktag 6.070 under Trasdata working like a charm on this ECU. R/W e2p/mpc/ext with no problems. 6.070, 7.020 under Ksuite never work….

Need a tool to read write EDC17cp09 on 2009 BMW 335D
ECU Chip Tuning Tool / October 16, 2019

Purpose: to read and write to EDC17cp09 on a 2009 BMW 335D   Looking for a ECU programmer up to $300 or so. I don’t want to keep opening and closing the ECU.   Solution: This Ecu isn’t easy to do via OBD because you can’t read it this way. I do it mostly with X17, there is a virtual read option and you can finish job without removing ecu.   With your budget you could buy KTM Bench, it supports bench reading and writing without opening Ecu, but you have to take it out from the car, which is in 10 min done on e9x.   This is KTM Bench full package: Source: 239.05GBP   Good luck.        

Microtronik HexTag programmer Repair BMW FRM3
ECU Chip Tuning Tool / October 14, 2019

Here share the guides and tips to repair BMW FRM3 by Microtronik HexTag programmer when error appears on EEPROM.   Video: Procedure: Go to Hexprog Software main menu This is Microtronik HexProg version 1.06, the latest version is V1.0.8 Select “On Bench Programmer”-> “BMW”-> “FRM”-> “FRM3 E Series” Click on “Wiring” Solder wires to FRM based on the wiring diagram using BDM cable below Click on “EEE”->“Read” Error on reading EEPROM shows the files in FRM3 is corrupted Click on “P-FLASH” and then click on “Read” Reading P-FLASH… To check the communication with FRM you can try reading the P-FLASH Note: Stop reading once we know it’s communicating Click on “EEE” -> “Read” again Click on “Repair” A FRM Repair message appears on the Microtronik Hexprog screen “This function is used to repair corrupted FRM EEPROM data. It will try to recover the original data from D-Flash, if it failed please contact Microtronik for help” Click on “Repair” of the prompt to fix the corrupted files Note: in this step, Hextag read D-Flash and convert it to EEPROM on the background FRM EEPROM data has been repaired! When it shows the FRM Repair prompt again, just close it Now…