How to Save & Print Vehicle Diagnostic Data on Foxwell Scanners?
OBD2 Code Scanner / September 29, 2021

Question How do I save these GM vehicle fault codes from Foxwell NT530 to print out? Please help me.   Operating Steps Here is taking Foxwell NT624 Elite Automater Pro as an example. The procedure applies to most Foxwell scanners such as Foxwell NT650 Elite, NT680 Pro, etc.   Step1. Save Data File Follow the 2 paths below to save vehicle data files on Foxwell tool: EOBD >> Automatic selection >> Save Read codes >> Stored codes >> Save   Step2. Check Data File Follow the path to check if data files are saved successfully. Data manager >> Fault codes >> EOBD   Step3. Transmit Data Go to “Update”, connect Foxwell tool with PC via USB cable. Wait for a while until you can find out the “EOBD” file.   Step4. Print Diagnostic Data Log in Foxwell software, follow the path to print. Data Manager >> EOBD >> Report >> Print   Completed! Hope this is helpful.

How to Reset Oil Change Interval on 2017 Alfa Romeo Giulia by Foxwell NT530?
OBD2 Code Scanner / July 27, 2021

One customer gave feedback that he didn’t know how to use Foxwell NT530 scanner to reset oil change interval on his 2017 Alfa Romeo Giulia properly. So he asked our customer service for help.   Here is the customer’s specific operation feedback: I have a 2017 Alfa Romeo Giulia Q4, 4 cylinder all wheel drive, was the Fiat module. I want to use nt530 scanner to reset the Oil Change Interval after changing the oil. The NT530 user manual says I should see “Special Functions” in the function menu but it does not show up.  Also it will not read VIN Number under smart VIN and there is no option for “Manual Selection” to enter the VIN #. When I select “SmartVIN” I get a screen that shows a list of Group functions: Engine Gearbox, Instrumentation, Safety, Comfort, Other Systems but no VIN#. The VIN number does show up if I go in beginning with the OBDII window selection but I don’t ever see a Special Functions in the Functions Menu. I hope you all can help me re set my oil change interval so I don’t keep getting “OIL CHANGE REQUIRED” message every time I start my car. engineer advised the customer to do with the following operating path. Alfa–> After 2008 (mito/giulia/giulietta/4c)–> GA- giulia–> 2017–> Control modules–> Info comm& entertainment–> IPC–> Special function–> Reset service information   For further problems, please feel free to contact our customer service. Whatsapp/ Hot line: +8618150117535 Email/ Skype:

How to Solve Foxwell NT530 Lost Update Icon after Downloading Software?
Uncate / July 9, 2021

I have a Foxwell NT530 scanner. The SN is N0530dxxxxxx. I tried to download software on my Chromebook Laptop, but the file was not incomplete. So I used an older computer to download again. As a result, the upgrade icon on the device disappeared and there was no model information. I haven’t changed any language. It’s always been English.   The solution offered by engineer: The HOME program may be broken. Just take the TF card out, and format it. After that, put it back to the NT530 scanner, and update it again. Or use the card reader to update it directly.   Tech support:

How to Reset Adaptations on Mini Cooper R56 2009 by Foxwell NT530?
OBD2 Code Scanner / June 2, 2021

Today I’m going to show you how to reset the adaptations for variable camshaft timing control on a 2009 R56 Mini Cooper by using Foxwell NT530 scanner.   The device we used is Foxwell NT510 Elite, but Foxwell NT530 BMW also supports the same function for the same car.   Step-by-step guide: Insert the original key into the car, and press Start/Stop button Take the OBD2 plug of the foxwell scanner and plug it into the OBD2 port of the car underneath your dash When you plug it in, you will see it loads and the main menu displays. Then select BMW-> Mini-> SmartVIN It’ll read the VIN number correctly. Then confirm the vehicle info read out After loading the data, select “Service”-> “Drive”-> “Motor Electronics” You’ll see three options: Adjustment, OBD readiness codes and activation/deactivation terminal 15 Here we select “Adjustment” to do Then select “Clear adaptations” Select “DME Delete adaptation variable camshaft timing control” Read the instruction to delete adaptation carefully Shift selector lever to P position Secure and lock, vehicle The vehicle must be secured to prevent it rolling in the following tests. Drive stage P must be engaged on automatic transmission vehicles. Then select “Rest adaptation…

Foxwell NT530 Fixed BMW 4A63 Fault “DDE: EWS tampering” Problem
OBD2 Code Scanner / May 4, 2021

This post will show how to resolve the 4A63 DDE: EWS tampering fault on a BMW using Foxwell NT530 BMW.   Vehicle: e.g. BMW E61 530D 2008 LCI (Europe) Fault Code: 4A63 DDE: EWS tampering Fault Cause: battery run down, charge very low, car wouldn’t turn over. Replaced the battery but too late the fault had appeared. Fault Symptoms: After battery replaced/recharged, engine will turn over but won’t start Device used to fix the fault: Foxwell NT510 Elite (Foxwell NT530 scanner also has the same function)   Step-by-step guide to fix the fault: 1.Replace or charge the battery – battery must have a strong charge – you can leave yours charging while you fixing the fault. 2.Connect the corresponding Foxwell scanner (you’ll need BMW software) to OBD2 port of the vehicle 3.Go to the main menu to select BMW 4.Select BMW from [Select Vehicle] menu 5.Select Smart VIN The Foxwell scan tool will connect to the car and get the VIN automatically. If it fails, the VIN also can be found on the car somewhere like on the car door pillar. Confirm the vehicle info detected out 6.Select “Service”-> “Power Train”-> “Digital Diesel Electronics”->“Adjustment functions”->“DDE-CAS”->“DDE-CAS Adjustment” 7.Follow the on-screen instructions,…

How to Code 2008 BMW 335i Fuel Infections by Foxwell NT530?
OBD2 Code Scanner / April 28, 2021

Is it possible to do fuel injector coding on a 2008 BMW 335i using Foxwell NT530 scanner? The answer is YES. When you setup new fuel injectors on your BMW engine, you are supposed to enter each new injector value into the PCM. Foxwell NT530 BMW Scan Tool can perform this function perfectly.   The procedure is not difficult. Just follow the steps to do as below: Step 1: Switch the ignition on (do not start engine) and plug the foxwell scanner (you’ll need BMW software) into the OBDII port of the vehicle Step 2: Select “BMW” from the main menu Step 3: Select “BMW” from [Select Vehicle] menu Step 4: Select “SmartVIN” The Foxwell scan tool will connect to the car and get the VIN automatically. Confirm the VIN info is correct or not Step 5: Select “Service” Step 6: Select “Power train” Step 7: Select “DME” Step 8: Select “Injection volume compensation” Then follow the on-screen instructions to finish whole procedure.   Available link to get Foxwell NT530 scanner with BMW Software (UK ship No Tax):

2017 Acura MDX SH-AWD EPB Reset: Foxwell NT530 Works!
OBD2 Code Scanner / April 27, 2021

This post comes with the guide to release the electronic park brake (EPB) for service on a 2017 Acura MDX SH-AWD using Foxwell NT530 scanner. It applies to 2017- 2021 Acura/ Honda.   Check the step-by- step guide as below. 1.Connect NT530 to the vehicle properly 2.Turn on this foxwell scanner, and start to operate 3.Select “HONDA”-> “Smart VIN”-> “Special Functions”-> “Electric Parking Brake”-> “BRAKE PAD MAINTENANCE MODE” 4.Read the instruction of rear brake pad maintenance on the screen and check the following conditions are fulfilled: Stop the vehicle Release parking brake Battery voltage is over 10.0 (V) 5.Currently, brake pads are in the normal control position, make sure to execute pad exchange mode Note: Execution time takes about 25 seconds at the maximum. 6.When the EPB system transition to pad exchange mode, and go to perform rear brake pad maintenance. 7.After that, brake pad position returns to normal brake pad position 8.Wait about 25 seconds till the process is completed 9.Finally, turn the ignition switch off Job’s done!   Device used: Foxwell NT530 Multi-System Scanner:  

Clear Honda VSA Dash Light: Foxwell NT530/ NT650 Elite Works!
OBD2 Code Scanner / April 23, 2021

Sometimes, after you change spark plugs or new battery on your Honda car, and then go to start the engine, the original VSA warning light appears on the dashboard and remains on. Many customers want to know how to solve this problem. Here will share a method which is offered by @ CarsNToys to clear the VSA light and indicator using Foxwell scanner.   The device can be used: Foxwell NT530 /NT510 Elite, Foxwell NT650 Elite, Foxwell NT630 Plus   Step-by-step guide to turn off VSA light: You can try to turn off the light with the switch to the VSA switch. What we need to do is that reset the system to perform the test. Step 1: Connect Foxwell scanner into the vehicle via the diagnostic cable Step 2: Turn the ignition switch on Step 3: Select “ABS& Airbag”-> “Asia”-> “Acura” or other car model-> “Smart VIN” Note: When you perform this test, make sure the vehicle is level and the wheels are straight because it’s going to reset the entire system. There are four options in the main group: Quick Scan Control Modules Vehicle Details SCS Step 4: Select “Quick Scan” to scan the system Step 5: Read…

Foxwell NT530 2013 Audi S8 Oil Reset: Support or Not?
Car Diagnostic Tool / April 9, 2021

If the service lamp is on, you must provide service for the car. After service, you need to reset the driving mileage or driving time so that the service lamp turns off and the system enables the new service cycle. After changing engine oil or electric appliances that monitor oil life, you need to reset the service lamp. Here will share a test report on a 2013 Audi S8 oil service reset by Foxwell NT530, which has been confirmed by FOXWELL tech.   Check the details.   Note: the device used is Foxwell NT510 Elite, but NT530 also supports the same function for the car model and the operation guide is similar.   The test: There is a prompt on the dashboard to remind us to do maintenance service. Start to reset oil service by connecting the Foxwell OBD2 scanner and the vehicle via main diagnostic cable Select “VOLKSWAGEN”-> “AUDI”-> “Smart VIN” to read out the VIN automatically Then select “Audi A8 2010”-> “2013 (D)”-> “Saloon” and confirm the vehicle info detected out Go to “Common Special Functions” -> “Oil Service” There are two methods to select: Old Mode and New Mode. If the old mode does not successfully reset…

How to Solve Foxwell NT530 White Screen when Diagnose Sprinter?
Car Diagnostic Tool / March 25, 2021

Here offer the solution for the problem when use Foxwell NT530 obd2 scanner to diagnose Sprinter by entering “Mercedes Benz” &“SMARTVIN” and it will suddenly turn to white screen.   Check the real feedback from customer: My car info: Mercedes Sprinter 311CDI (NCV3, w906, OM646, 2.1litre 111kW) VIN: WDB9066352S2xxxxx   I have progressed SLIGHTLY since sending the original request, through uninstalling all Mercedes software then reinstalling the oldest version available through FoxUpdate (v1.32.001), then updating to newest version (v1.40.001).   My error pathways from the main NT530 homescreen are now as follows:   \ Mercedes \ Benz \ Smart VIN…”Gateway Data Initialising” (Correct VIN recognised, as above)   {F3=Completed}   [Sub-menu Title]: “906.635 Main Groups” \ Quick Scan   (freezes when, blank screen & blue bar across top; cannot move selector up/down or select{BACK}) \ Control Modules   (goes to white screen, no options visible; BACK button does return to sub-menu)   \ Oil Reset   (Gives message “Function not supported”)   The solution offered by engineer: The reason for your Foxwell NT530 has blank display is that Mercedes-Benz models and Sprinter models are independent rather than linked models. You’d better enter “SPRINTER” option instead of “Mercedes Benz” and…

Foxwell NT530/ GT60 Plus Reset (Re-sync) DME/EWS for Fixing BMW Code 2F44
Car Diagnostic Tool / March 24, 2021

Fault code “2F44 EWS preventing manipulation”. This is a common fault code flagged by BMW & MINI vehicles when the EWS (also known as the CAS module or immobilizer) no longer communicates with the DME. It can cause the car cannot start suddenly. Some of the most common causes, for this condition may be caused by the battery failure or ignition key failure. So, how to solve the problem? Use a factory level scanner such as Foxwell NT530 or Foxwell GT60 Plus to perform the DME to CAS/EWS immobilizer alignment procedure and clear fault codes. Here are the main steps to re-Sync the modules with GT60 Plus. Step 1: Ensure the cars battery is fully charge or even better on a charger Step 2: Connect Foxwell scan tool to the car and select BMW mode Then find your VIN or manually input your car VIN number Allow the unit to run until you are at the Diagnosis/Service screen Step 3: Select Service-> Power train-> Electronic car immobilisation system-> DME (DDE) – EWS-III Adjustment-> Adjustment, engine control- EWS Step 4: It will establish the following vehicle condition: Engine off and ignition on Step 5: Check the interfaces for control units Step…

2021 Foxwell NT530 BMW Review: Works Well for Different BMW Cars
OBD2 Code Scanner / January 28, 2021

Here are the newest customer reviews about Foxwell NT530 BMW Multi-System Scanner. It has been confirmed that NT530 can perform diagnosis, basic function (read & clear codes) and special function (reset SRS airbag MIL, engine light, etc) for many BMW car models.   Check the details as below.   -Calarco: Reads those codes like a Pro. The quality of this nt530 scanner is good. Inside the case is a quality OBDII computer. Reset 2004 BMW330Ci engine light showing the usually upstream fault code. Reads ST fuel stream an LT fuel stream in real time. So you can find those vacuum leaks. Works on 2016 Subaru, Ford 350 van a Toyota highlander. Worth every penny! A super duper fast delivery!   -Marcus Berking: Perfectly read all modules and activate specific function Purchased an NT530 bi-directional scan tool for 2012 E70 BMW X5 – worked flawlessly and can read all modules and activate BMW specific tests for gearbox and air suspension.   -JUAN J: Nice tool for your vehicle diagnosis arsenal Nice tool that says what it does. Has plenty of features. I bought this nt530 bmw for my 2014 BMW X5 (F15) and it worked like a charm to reset my…

Foxwell NT510 Elite Multi-system Scanner FAQ
OBD2 Code Scanner / July 1, 2020

Foxwell NT510 Elite has the same function as NT530. Here have collected some frequently asked questions about what car can do or cannot do by NT510 elite scanner. Q: Does NT510 Elite support battery registration for 2011 Audi Q5? A: Yes Q: Can I use NT510 Elite scanner on my 2004 Range Rover to do these functions: actuate/activate/ clear error codes and reset for the air suspension system? A: Yes, please check the chart below. Q: I want to change battery management adaptation, to input the full BEM code/serial number, brand, and capacity in Ah? Does foxwell nt510 elite have this function? Here is the detailed car models I need: -Audi A3 2010, 2.0 TDI Sport with automatic start/stop technology. Current battery is a Varta AGM 096 battery (OEM original) -Audi A3 2017 1.0 TFSI SE Technic with automatic start/stop. I can’t recall if the battery is AGM or EFB but it is a smaller battery than the 2.0 TDI -VW Polo 2015 1.4 Petrol with automatic start/stop. If I recall correctly this has an AGM battery. -VW Golf 2015 2.0 TDI BlueMotion with automatic start/stop. It is fitted with an AGM 096. A: Yes, NT510 Elite supports the battery…

Foxwell NT530 Scanner Real Feedback Manual
OBD2 Code Reader / March 16, 2020

Foxwell NT530 OBD2 code scanner with 2 free software support multi- languages, works with the most of latest 2018 and 2019 American, European and Asian car models. It adds 3 more vehicle makes incl. Mitsubishi, Nissan, Renault, and can work compatible with the BMW F series. It can ship from UK warehouse no need Tax! Here share a real feedback of NT530 from one customer recently.   As for delivery and support, OBDIITOOL and Foxwell are amazing. The box arrived very quickly by DHL (one of the most reliable couriers in our area and experience). Interestingly, the DHL “From” address was in Hong Kong and the delivery service was “DHL Express Worldwide” so I’m not sure accurate the “UK Ship” description was in the website listing, but either way delivery was quick (3 days over a weekend) and there was no hint of having to clear customs – perhaps shipped from some bonded warehouse, I don’t know?   This scanner and the company are stunningly good. I’ve used several generic scanners in the past but been disappointed with how often their codes are too vague. I’ve also used VAG-COM and been delighted with how detailed and accurate it is for makes that it supports. I therefore thought a manufacturer-specific scanner would be the best option to investigate some weird behaviour on a Dacia. To be honest, the Foxwell NT530 with Renault/Dacia software isn’t quite as detailed as VAG-COM on a laptop, but it’s impressively close (close enough to not worry about the difference), plus it’s a whole lot cheaper and also more flexible than dragging a laptop around. I’ve immediately found four fault codes that nothing else could explain, quickly identified the problem with the car, and as an added bonus, also fiddled with the car setup such as turning off the annoying seatbelt warning buzzer. The Foxwell scanner also has the option of adding other manufacturers – I’ve only used it on a Dacia so far, although the Peugeot was a much bigger download so I’m sure it’ll be at least as good. Setup was initially a bit clunky because I didn’t realise that you need to select “update” on the FoxAssist app at the same time as “update” on the scanner screen, but after some trial and error I was away. Contacting Foxwell to enable the two manufacturer downloads was also quirky but soon worked brilliantly – I’d suggest not bothering with the FoxAssist “Support Ticket” or “Complain” options (I couldn’t get either of these to work), or bothering with emailling OBDIITOOL or Foxwell (both worked although slow) – by far the best option was to WhatsApp the Chinese number. The WhatsApp chat was turbo-charged – despite being out of hours on a weekend in China, they replied almost immediately, understood the issue and activated the two manufacturer downloads from their end. Another quick session plugging the scanner into the computer, selecting “update” on both, two downloads later and a quick trip to the car, and I’m grinning like a happy school kid!! Thank you Foxwell and thank you OBDIITOOL (I get that they’re the same people!) I’ll not be using anything or anyone else in future. That’s all! Thanks for your sincere feedback @Matt.   Available link to get Foxwell NT530 Scanner with 2 free car makes updated from nt520:  

Foxwell NT530 Problems & Solution
OBD2 Code Reader / February 29, 2020

As we know, Foxwell NT530 is a unique OBD2 Code scanner that delivers OE-level diagnosis for different car brands. It has become more and more popular in the market. We also received the customers’ consultation about the problems when using NT530. Here have collected some problems and related solutions. Hope it helps you!   1.Customer Problem: NT530 failed to calibrate sensor I cannot calibrate sensor on my 2011 Cadillac CTS Luxury Sedan by nt530 scanner. When I used it, it only told me if the Brake Pedal Position Sensor is applied or released. I don’t see anywhere on this scanner that it can be calibrated. engineer solution: The reason is Automatic identification is lack of body modules in current version, we will improve in the next version.   Please try to do the function by manual selection as the following path: Manual Selection-> (B) 2011->Passenger car-> Cadillac-> CTS-> (Y) 3.0L V6 LF1-> 6-speed automatic-> Yes-> Other-> Control Modules-> Body control module-> Special functions-> BPP sensor calibration   2.Customer Problem: Foxwell NT530 doesn’t show the downloaded software icon I have bought a Foxwell NT530. Order S/N.FW19111xxxxxx. When I received it, there was no problem with the package. I successfully register and activate the…

Foxwell NT530: Download and Update Vehicle Software
OBD2 Code Reader / January 13, 2020

If this is your first time to buy Foxwell NT530 scanner, the article will be a good choice for you to read. NT530 scanner is the updated version of NT520 pro, and it comes with no software as default, so it needs you to download the specific vehicle software from official website. Here share you the related download and update guide.   Requirements: Windows PC Foxwell NT530 multi-system scanner   Step-by-step guide: Step 1: Visit official website: and drag the page to the bottom Then download Foxassist zip file Step 2: Unzip the file and start installing the “Foxassist” Step 3: Register and Sign in Step 4: Connect the NT530 device with computer via USB cable Select “Update” shows on your tool and press “Enter” Step 5: The serial number will appear in the input box automatically Then click “Activation” to continue Step 6: Click “Download” and press “Enter” on NT530 scanner again Step 7: When an update message shows “This product is a single-vehicle software product, and there is no vehicle software yet. It is necessary to reconfigure a vehicle software”. Select the vehicle software you need-> click “Submit”-> “Update” Step 8: Update in process, please wait patiently……

Foxwell NT530 VS. NT650 Elite
OBD2 Code Reader / January 10, 2020

Here share four most popular Foxwell OBD2 code scanners: NT530, NT650 Elite.   Foxwell NT530 vs. NT650 Elite vs. Model NT650Elite NT530 IMG       Vehicle Coverage Please refer to page 16 to for details.                                                                                                                             Cover 37 vehicle makes and more is coming soon. Please refer to page 16 for details. Works On All Electronic Systems √ OBDI and OBDII Compatiblity √ √ Reads and Clear Codes √ √ Reads Live Sensor Data and Graph √ √ Records and Playbacks Live Sensor Data √ Freeze Frame Data √ √ ECU Information √ √ EPB Service √ √ Oil Light Reset √ √ ABS Bleeding √ SAS √ √ Battery Configuration √ √ TPS/TBA √ √ TPMS √ √ CVT √ √ DPF Regeneration √ √ Injector Coding √ √ Odometer √ √ Gear Learning √ √ Immoblizer √ Control Module Coding/Programming √ Multilingual Support √ √ Quick Hot Keys √ √ Screen Size 2.8′ TFT color screen 2.8′ TFT color screen Touch Screen Operating System – – Update Life-long free updates Life-long free updates   Price: Foxwell NT530 multi-system scanner:  £148.00 Source:   Foxwell NT650 Elite Multi-Application Service Tool:  £159.00 Source:   In summary: Best price: NT530>…

Solved! Foxwell NT530 Cannot Update Online Successfully
Car Diagnostic Tool / December 27, 2019

Customer Problem: I bought this Foxwell NT530 scanner recently. I have made many attempts to download the software, and they don’t work. The download starts, then gets stuck at trying to download and unzip the “Home” file. I have been in contact by email with Foxwell and they suggested unplugging it and then plugging in again and try again. Follow their suggestion, I have tried this and every combination I can think of, but it will not download the VW or Home files. It has downloaded the OBDII/EOBD file only. So without the software it does no more that a low cost scanner and doesn’t do what it is supposed to do.   OBDIITOOL.CO.UK Engineer Solution: Try to use a card reader instead of the scanner to update. It has been confirmed can work fine. It’s easy to use. Just follow the steps below: 1.Download foxwell update tool to your PC from foxwell official website: 2.Insert the TF card (which comes with Foxwell NT530 Multi-System scanner) into card reader 3.Then connect to PC 4.Copy the update tool to TF card 5.Finally, remove the TF card and insert into Foxwell NT530 Tech support:

99 BMW Z3M Coupe Reset Check Engine Lights, What Scanner?
Car Diagnostic Tool / November 14, 2019

Reviews on 99 BMW Z3M coupe scan tools. Aiming to read check engine lights and be able to clear codes.   Review on FoxWell NT530 + 20 pin BMW adapter: Yes I have a Foxwell nt530 BMW scanner and was pleasantly surprised by how well it works. As you say, you will need the 20 pin adapter to access many (maybe all) of the other systems. I know some people like the INPA software and I set it up before I bought my Foxwell. INPA is very comprehensive, but is hard to use for someone who doesn’t work on their car every weekend. The Foxwell is easy to use for anyone. I used the Foxwell to scan my M Roadster and 435i. It was able to tell me that the battery in the com module on the 435i needed to be replaced – I didn’t even know it had a battery /c.   Review on BMW INPA: Running with one computer that tests user’s patience and skills. in terms of what it offers, there isn’t a single non-bmw diagnostic tool out there that can beat what INPA does (at least for Z3’s). BMW code shown in INPA combined with BMW…

Foxwell NT530 Scanner Test Report on Benz C204 no issues!
Car Diagnostic Tool / October 9, 2019

Foxwell NT530 multi-system scanner works with the latest 2018/2019 models, offers OE-level diagnosis at unbeatable value and can find troubles more accurately.  This article mainly shares the test report on Benz C204 by this Foxwell scanner.   Purpose: To check NT530 scanner work for Benz or not   Preparation: Car: Benz C204 Device: Foxwell NT530 scan tool   Procedure: Select “Mercedes”-> “Maybach”-> “SmartVIN” Gateway data initializing… Press “F3” to complete. Select “Control Models”->“Body”-> “CGW – Central gateway” Select “Read Codes” (Other options: ECU information, clear codes, Live Data) Read Live data Manual selection First select “Up to 08/2006” Left-hand steering (or right- hand steering) Vehicle Select 2nd option (after 09/2006 year). Left-hand steering (or right- hand steering) Vehicle Foxwell NT530 settings: Incl. Language, Unit, Shortcuts, Display test, Keypad Test and About Select “About” and have Boot version, serial number, copyright etc. Note: when you want to reset another language, just provide the serial number to the seller and they will help process. Result: Nt530 OBD scanner can work for Benz C4 successfully, incl. read, clear the trouble codes and read live data after accessing to CGW – Central gateway   Foxwell NT530 Mercedes Coverage: Foxwell NT530 OBD scanner full car list: Abarth…