Cheap SVCI/FVDI Better Than Big Key Tools on VAG AKL
Car Key Programmer / November 30, 2021

Confirmed: SVCI is a cheap but good key tools for VAG AKL programming. The SVCI2020/2019 supports up to year 2019. SVCI2018/FVDI2015 doesn’t work on VW 2016 or up, and the FVDI2014 doesn’t work on VW 2015 or up.   SVCI2020 VW IMMO Coverage (This list is not updated, for the latest list you can check the item page or contact us):   Immo 4th Key Learning/Mileage correction Instrument – CDC3217/CDC3297/CDC3272 + 24C Instrument – NEC+24C32 Instrument – NEC+24C64 Instrument – NEC+24C64 (2013-) Instrument– NEC+24C64 (2012 TFT color display) Instrument– NEC+24C64 (2013 TFT color display) Instrument– NEC+95320 Instrument– Motorola 9S12XHZ512(Golf6 MM7 – 2011) Instrument– NEC+95320(Johnson Controls) Instrument– NEC+95320(JCI–2013 Bora/Jetta) Instrument– Visteon VW Passat B6/B7/CC Touareg/Phaeton/A8/Cayenne/Bentley 4th immobilizer Audi A1 – NEC+24C64 Audi A3/TT/R8 – CDC3217/3297 + 24C32 Audi A4 – instrument Crypto RB4 (2001+) Audi A4 –instrument Crypto RB8 (2004+) Audi A6/Q7/Allroad – EZS-Kessy Audi Q3   Immo 5th Key Learning by OBDII Audi A4/A5/Q5 (Add key, All key lost) Audi A6/A7/A8, VW Touareg (Add key)   Others Immo type Audi A4/A6 (immobilizer box) -1997 – KWP1281 Audi A8 (immobilizer box) -1999 – KWP1281 Audi A2/A3/A6/TT/Allroad 1997+ – KWP1281 Audi A4 1997-2002 – KWP1281 Audi A4 2002+ – KWP2000 Audi A8…

SVCI 2020 “Cannot find LIBEAY32.dll” Error Solution
Car Key Programmer / April 15, 2021

Here comes with the solution for SVCI 2020 “Cannot find LIBEAY32.dll” error.   Customer problem: I received my new svci2020 last week which I bought from But I found there was something wrong with it. When I run vw software, an error message suddenly popped up. It said “Cannot find ‘LIBEAY32.dll’, Please, re-install this application” as shown in the following figure. I followed the prompt to reinstall it many times, but all failed. engineer replied: 1.The possible causes of Libeay32.dll errors Libeay32.dll errors are caused by situations that lead to the removal or corruption of the libeay32 DLL file. The libeay32.dll file is used by various software programs to help transfer data securely over networks. In some cases, libeay32.dll errors could indicate a registry problem, a virus or malware infection, or even a hardware failure. Libeay32.dll error messages might appear while using or installing certain programs, when Windows starts or shuts down, or maybe even during a Windows installation. The context of the libeay32.dll error is an important piece of information that will be helpful while solving the problem.   2.The suggestion to fix “Cannot find ‘LIBEAY32.dll’ error on 2020 SVCI Method 1: Use your SVCI 2020 device on another computer. Method 2: Reinstall…

SVCI 2020 V12.0 Free Download + Firmware Update Guide
Car Diagnostic Tool / April 1, 2021

Free download the newest software V12.0 for SVCI 2020 ABRITES Commander Auto diagnostic tool and follow the guide to update firmware.   SVCI 2020 V12.0 Update info (March 30th, 2021): Upgraded Mercedes- Benz V10.8 special function. Click here to check the full functions in the latest SVCI 2020 ABRITES Commander for Mercedes user manual.   SVCI 2020 V12.0 free download link: Download from Mega: Size: 5.97 GB No password! No risk! Has been tested 100% works by engineer. O.S: Win 7/ 8/ 10 (Win 10 Pro 64 bit is recommended)     How to update SVCI 2020 firmware? It’s very easy to do. Just follow the steps as below to operate. 1.Connect SVCI 2020 diagnostic tool to computer Note: Make sure the network is connected and supply the power in the whole upgrade process! 2.Open SVCI 2020 Quick Start Software Click the device icon to enter the firmware update page 3.It will automatically connect to device, read firmware version info, connect to internet and download firmware 1& 2 from the server. When all are successful, click “Update firmware” to start upgrade process. 4.Download firmware program 1 & 2 in sequence 5.After that, the firmware update is completed. Now…

SVCI 2020 “Spawn app filed 5” Error Solution
Car Key Programmer / January 4, 2021

When we install SVCI 2020 software, sometimes, an error message will be reported “Spawn app filed 5”. Don’t worry, that means Dongle serial port communication error. It’s easy to solve quickly using the method as below.   Caused the error reason:   There is something wrong with the computer operating system or software.   The solution offered by engineer: 1.Change another computer which has installed Win10 Pro 64bit. 2.Uninstall the current software and download newest SVCI 2020 software again. Free download SVCI 2020 V11.0: Size: 5.97 GB No password! No risk! Or download the software from official website:   More common problems and solution for SVCI 2020 or SVCI 2019: SVCI 2020 SVCI 2019 Software Problems and Solutions

How to Solve SVCI2020 Toyota Yaris DPF Regeneration License Missing Error
Auto Diagnostic Tools / May 19, 2020

Problem: When I use SVCI 2020 to do DPF regeneration for TOYOTA Yaris year 2000 petrol and TOYOTA Yaris year 2013 diesel, it always failed to connect the vehicle. Does this device support? Or only the old software can support? Solution: Please try to solve this error by the following steps: Step 1: Open the SVCI2020 installation directory Step 2: Enter “C: Program Files (x86)\Abrites Commander Software List\Common2\” directory and copy Toyota folder to “C: Program Files (x86)\Abrites Commander Software List\Common\”directory. Tech support:

SVCI 2020 SVCI 2019 Software Problems and Solutions
Car Diagnostic Tool / January 16, 2020

Here is a collection of problem solutions for SVCI 2020 and SVCI 2019 users. hoping it is helpful to you! 1  Missing DTC database Problem: When I opened the Abrites commender BMW v10.4/v10.5 software with FVDI 2020 device to read DTC functions, an error prompt appeared “Missing DTC database. Install the ABRITUS Common setup” as below in the figure.   Solution: This issue may also exist at SVCI 2019. You can solve it through the following steps. Step 1: Open FVDI 2020 or FVDI 2019 installation directory Step 2: Enter “C: Program Files (x86)\Abrites Commander Software List\Common2\” directory and copy BMW folder to “C: Program Files (x86)\Abrites Commander Software List\Common\” directory. 2.Could not determine coding file name Problem: When you want to program the radio eg function with BMW software with SVCI 2020 or SVCI 2019, it will appear the error information as shown below. Solution: For this error, you also can use the same solution as “BMW DTC database missing” above.   3. mfc110u.dll or others dll files missing Problem: When I installed SVCI 2020 (SVCI 2019) software and run it, I got trouble in system error, it prompted “The code execution cannot proceed because mfc110u.dll was not found. Reinstalling the program…