SVCI 2014 vs. SVCI 2015 vs. SVCI 2018 vs. SVCI 2019 vs. SVCI 2020
Car Diagnostic Tool / November 30, 2019

Big news!!! FVDI SVCI 2019 and FVDI SVCI 2020 new arrived! Here is the latest comparison chart for each FVDI version.   SVCI (FVDI) Hardware Comparison Version FVDI 2014 FVDI 2015 SVCI 2018 SVCI 2019 SVCI 2020 Support software AVDI 18 software AVDI 18 software AVDI 18 software+ VVDI2 software AVDI 18 software+ VVDI2 software AVDI 21 software+ VVDI2 software Software version One version two version two version three version three version Support the years of Vehicle manufacture before 2014MY before 2015MY before 2015MY before 2019MY for VW/Mercedes/BWM before 2019MY connection network NO YES YES NO NO Online activate NO YES YES NO NO useful life forever 5 years 5 years forever forever stability Strong general general Strong Strong needs repaired No may be may be No No   SVCI (FVDI) Software Comparison Version FVDI 2014 FVDI 2015 FVDI 2018 SVCI 2019 SVCI 2020 Jaguar/Land Rover x x 0 0 v2.6 Suzuki x x x x v1.2 Daihatsu x x x x v1.4 VVDI x x v1.2.2 v1.2.2 v4.2.1 v1.2.2 VW/Audi/Skoda/Seat v18.0 v18.0 v24.0 v18.0 v24.0 v18.0 v24.0 v37.0 v18.0 v24.0 v37.0 BMW/Mini v10.4 v10.4 v10.4 v10.4 v10.5 v10.4 v10.5 Mercedes_Benz/Smart/ MAYBACH v5.11 v5.11 v7.0 v5.11 v7.0 v5.11 v7.0 v10.8…

BMW AT200 Read and Write MSD85 ISN Without Disassembly
ECU Chip Tuning Tool / November 29, 2019

Recently, has released the newest notice about BMW AT200 version 1.6.1. There are more functions added incl. MSD85 write ISN. Check the related update info and guide to write ISN below.   AT-200 V1.6.1 Update info: 1.Added MSV80 read ISN, write ISN, Backup Data and Restore Data 2.Added MSD80/D81/D85/D87/MSV90 write ISN 3.Added the engine type of the TC1766: Alfa Romeo, Audi, BMW, Citroen, Dacia, Dodge, Ford, Hyundai, Indian, Kia, Lada, Lancia, Nissan, Mini, Opel, Peugeot, Polaris, Renault, Saab, Sea Doo, Seat, Skoda, Subaru, Suzuki, Toyota, UAZ, Vauxhall, Volkswagen (VW)   Guide to read & write MSD85 ISN by AT200: All need: DME module: BMW MSD85 Device: BMW AT200 ECU programmer Professional OBD cable to read MSD85 ISN no need dismantling   Steps: Open AT200 software Select the corresponding car brand, model, engine-EGS Then it will show ECU automatically Click “Next” to operate interface Select “Wiring diagram” Then connect MSD85 DME and AT200 via OBD cable Click “Identification” to read put VIN and model info Select “Read ISN” to get ECU authorization Read out ISN code successfully Click “Write ISN” It will take about 2 minutes to read PFLASH and EEPROM Save the data read out Backup data succeed An…

Solved! PSA-COM Peugeot Citroen Software Error Reading Setup Initialization
Car Diagnostic Tool / November 26, 2019

Customer problem: When i installed the PSA-COM software on Win10, a message appeared on the screen “Error reading setup initialization”. How can i do? technician suggestion: Maybe the file is damaged. Please download and install again. Free download link: Password: q1y0a5   Guide to install PSA-COM Peugeot Citroen software: Disable all the network Copy these two files “Read me” and “SuperScan” from E disk and paste to desktop Open “Read me” and finish installation 1.Install Net Framework 4.0 or above   2.Disconnect the Internet connection, install the software, activation code as above Install ASM-X SuperScan Manager Add Bluetooth device Wizard Run “SuperScan”, select language and enter personal name Click on “ Autodetect” and click “OK” when it prompts “Connected to SuperScan on port 4” Fill in the EOBD-OBDII and PSA code from the “Read me” notepad Then can do the diagnosis function   3.Do not connect to the Internet while using the software That’s all!

VIDENT iEasy310 VS Foxwell NT301, Which Is Better?
OBD2 Code Reader / November 25, 2019

Both Vident iEasy310 and Foxwell NT301 are cost-effective OBDII code readers, what’s the difference between them? Which is better?   VIDENT iEasy310 VS Foxwell NT301 (Capacities): Item Vident iEasy310  Foxwell NT301 Image AUTOVIN √ √ 3-color light √ √ Battery voltage test √ × Single data stream waveform √ √ Multi channel data streams √ × Hotkey “I/M” √ √ Hotkey “Read” √ √ Hotkey “Erase” √ √ One-key update √ √ Help button (for DTC/Live data) √ √ Print √ √ Play back √ √ Read / erase DTCs √ √ System Information √ √ Live data √ √ View freeze frame √ √ I/M Readiness √ √ EVAP Leak Test √ √ Mode 6 √ √ Color screen √ √   Language: iEasy310 supports 10 languages: English, Spanish, French, German, Russian, Italian, Portuguese, Hungarian, Dutch, Sweden NT301 supports English, Spanish, French, German, Portuguese and more Price & Package: Vident iEasy310 OBDII Code Reader: €45.46 (was €78.43) Package includes: 1PC x Vident iEasy310 ODB2 Scanner 1PC x USB cable 1PC x English version of the manual (other versions of German, Spanish, French, please download online) Foxwell NT301 CAN OBDII/EOBD Code Reader:  €50.01 (was €81.18)   Package including: 1pc x NT301…

2M2 Magic Tank Key Cutting Machine cut Renault VA2-1079.H3
Auto Locksmith Tool / November 23, 2019

As we know, 2M2 Magic Tank automatic key cutting machine can support European car keys such as ALFAROME, AUDI, BMW, FORD, FIAT, RENAULT, etc. This post will highlight the guide to cut Renault VA2-1079.H3 (End milling) by this auto locksmith tool.     2M2 Magic Tank cut Renault VA2-1079.H3 Video:   Step-by-step guide:   Step 1: Decode VA2-1049.H3 key   Insert the original VA2 key into cylinder, works normal Connect adapter to 2M2 Magic Tank and power on Open Tank APP on Android phone and turn on Bluetooth Press the edit key icon at the left bottom Input “VA2” in the search filed Select “VA2-1049.H3” and then press “Decode” Follow the prompt to decode VA2-1049.H3 1.Set the key embryo in the left side 2.Let the front end of the key close to the first slot and does not exceed it 3.The key remains level on the bottom and clamp it Then click on “Confirm” Decode every side of VA2-1049.H3   Step 2: Cut a new key Remove the original key and click “Confirm” Follow the prompt same as step 1 to put the blank key embryo in the left side and clamp it Cutting key… When finish cutting side…

HUMZOR NexzDAS Lite User Manual: How to use+ Car List
Car Diagnostic Tool / November 22, 2019

HUMZOR NexzDAS Lite is a professional full-system Bluetooth OBDII diagnostic tool on Android. This article will highlight the guide to use and the full car list for users.   Part 1: NexzDAS Lite how to use Video:  Procedure: Turn on ignition switch on Plug the VCI into OBD port Open NexzDAS App, and connect the Bluetooth automatically   Select vehicle and start diagnosis Full- system diagnosis Quick scan for all the electronic systems of the car Read fault codes Erase fault codes One-key Data Mange One-key update& download vehicle module Get quick support from distributor via TeamViewer APP Click “Remote Ass”, it will prompt to download TeamViewer APP One-key Update No PC, no SD card, get new version upgrade info in time and choose to update it at fast speed within APP   Part 2: NexzDAS Lite vehicle coverage Video:   European: ABARTH, ALFA ROMEO, ASTON MARTIN, AUDI, BENTLEY, BENZ, BMW, BUGATTI, CITROEN, CVVW, DACIA, FERRARI, FIAT, FORD, JAGUAR, LAMBORGHINI, LANCIA, LANDROVER, MASERATI, MINI, OPEL, PEUGEOT, RENAULT, ROLLS ROYCE, SAAB, SEAT, SKODA, SMART, VAUXHALL, VOLVO, VW American: BUICK, CADILLAC, CHEVROLET, CHRYSLER, FORD, GM, GMC, HUMMER, JEEP, LINCOLN, MERCURY, SATURN, PONTIAC, OLDSMOBILE, SCION Asian: ACURA,DAEWOO, HONDA, HYUNDAI, INFINITI, ISUZU, KIA,…

Free Download X- PROG V5.74 (Tested 100%)
ECU Chip Tuning Tool / November 21, 2019

Here share the Xprog M box ECU programmer software V5.74 free download link.   Free download Xprog V5.74 XPROG- BOX Password: bt3ron Confirmed can work 100%   XPROG-M V5.74 using tips: 1.You are disallowed to use this newest dongle to update the older version Xprog to V5.7 2.Close all of the computer anti-virus software. If not, X-prog software may be killed. 3.Disconnect the internet. If not, the internet may damage the hardware. 4.Uninstall all the old version xprog-m or xprog box software before you install V5.7. 0 software we provide , because our xprog-box hardware is not compatible with other lower or higher version software, otherwise the hardware will be damaged and will lose its warranty… 5.Never try to UPDATE, the hardware will be damaged if you want to try to upgrade it online, without any warranty.   More X-prog version free download 1.Xprog V5.51 download:!9HRy1ThC!T3no6RRU8-LOGq2U7penvHtwMlwliPR8VoBQoHf9j58   2.Xprog V5.55 download:!9HRy1ThC!T3no6RRU8-LOGq2U7penvHtwMlwliPR8VoBQoHf9j58 Password::!qT39OiwNKIW9t1dnwXEY3HhoGMR7h3uebwg2-USEe8Y   3.Xprog 5.6 download on Mega: Password: go to for passwords   Learn more info about XPROG Box ECU Programmer V5.74: That’s all!

How to update MB SD Connect C4/ C5
Car Diagnostic Tool / November 20, 2019

This post comes with the introduction to update MB SD Connect Compact 5 /SD C4/ SD C4 PLUS. Step 1: Change file name There are two storage path for MB SD Connect Compact 4/ new SD C4 plus/ SD C5. Path 1: C:\Program Files\Mercedes-Benz\SDConnect Toolkit Path 2: C:\Program Files\Softing\Diagnostic Tool Set 8\8.03\Interfaces\DCDI_DPduApi\eCOM_Toolkit   Please modify the file name of “update_automaticx”, “update_manualx” and “update_specicalx” to “update_automatic”, “update_manual” and “update_specical”, it means remove the last letter of all the three file names.   Restart PC when finish modifying Note: 1.You need to put 6 AA batteries into MB SD C4 (Item No.SP-100D)  and SD C5 (Item No.SP255 ), but you don’t have to install batteries for DOIP MB SD C4 PLUS (Item No. SP100-E) firmware update. 2.Make sure OBD main cable connect to car or 12v power supply   Step 2: Update software Right click at the right corner and select “Administration”-> “Software update” Mainly update the following three files in order: “” -> “”-> “” That’s all!

Yanhua Mini ACDP Test Report: Program Immo Key to VW MQB No Issues!
Car Key Programmer / November 19, 2019

Confirmed! Mini ACDP can program new key to VW MQB when all keys lost, no need soldering!   Tools need: Yanhua Mini ACDP MQB module 6 with PCF- key adapter   Note: If you have a new module 6 comes with authorization code on the module box, you don’t need to send the SN of ACDP to dealer to activate, just obtain the authorization on Mini ACDP APP by yourself. This is the new module, take Porsche module as an example   Test video:   In order to observe the operation visually, here use desktop platform to demonstrate MQB key matching.   Steps: Enter Mini ACDP APP Select “VW”-> “MQB PLATFORM INSTRUMENT”-> “INSTRUMENT with NEC35xx (Continental/VDO)”-> “IMMO”-> “Auto Mode” Connect the ACDP host with vehicle OBD port and turn on the switch Put the smart key close to the steering column emergency start coil Check the vehicle info read out When reading EE and IMMO data, the meter black screen is a normal phenomenon After reading the data, the meter will automatically light up and return to normal Save EEPROM data Save IMMO data Check the IMMO info Plug the working key into the PCF-KEY adapter according to the prompt…

Free download Orange 5 Clone V1.34: Many Good Reviews
ECU Chip Tuning Tool / November 19, 2019

Free download Orange 5 Clone V1.34 Size: 44.82MB Uploaded: 2019-09-03   Orange5 Clone WIN10: Not Compatible I like orange more than over UPA I have OEM clone orange 5 and it works all good.. the sad thing is that the drivers are not compatible with windows 10 the one I like using…To overcome this I load up two operating systems…windows 10 and 7 in one computer…just for orange 5.   Clone Orange5 Feedback: 1) I buy Orange5 china clone. Work great. Now I check in hc05b8, hc11e9, end eproms. All read and write very fast. I have never had any problems with clone, everything works as it should, knock on wood. I don’t know is there any scripts but software for immo, radio and dash coming together with clone.   2) On Hc908az60 secured it work’s good. I have 4 secured mcu, and they work ok. I have tried 68hc11, allot of eproms, and it work’s just perfect. I don’t have right now anithing else. Clone but includes – Immo HPX 9V0 confirmed that oem orange 5 comes with immo hpx 9.0 and adapter set   3) I have clone and work perfect. 2j74y ok 35080 ok Tms immo opel…

2M2 Magic Tank Cut HONDA Laser Key HON66 (AKL): Yes or No?
Auto Locksmith Tool / November 17, 2019

Can 2M2 Magic Tank key cutting machine cut Honda HON66 laser key when all keys lost? A:YES!!! both Honda HON66 and ACURA HON66 are covered.   How to cut HON66 by 2M2 Magic Tank? Please check the step-by-step guide as below. This is tooth code for HON66 Connect adapter to 2M2 Magic Tank and power on Open Tank APP on Android phone and turn on Bluetooth Click the edit key icon Quick search “HON66” Search out HON66 success and select the first option Click “CUT” Set the tooth code and press “CUT” Follow the prompt to operate -Set the key embryo in the left side -Let the front end of the key close to the first slot and does not exceed it -Remain the key at level on the bottom and clamp Then start to cut key It will take approximately 4 minutes to cut all the sides of the key When finish cutting the key, clean up and remove Then insert the key into cylinder to check if it’s working or not This is the relevant video for you to watch clearly:    Besides HON66.N66, 2M2 Magic Tank also can support HON58.D88, HON65.D88 and NE77.D00.   Learn more…

Kess V2 5.017 sw 2.47 clone Unlock PCR2.1 via OBD or in boot mode
ECU Chip Tuning Tool / November 15, 2019

Question: I need confirmation that Kess v2 v5.017 clone with K-suite 2.47 can unlock PCR2.1 without opening or removing the ECU from car, directly via OBD? And then read and write soft directly to the ECU?   Review 1: you need to open ecu. and unlock PCR2.1 in boot mode. Kess 5017 I just check 225 version it still say bootmode but also say use tricore tool to read eeprom and write eeprom, select TOOL options, I have not done one of these.   Review 2: Tested on polo 2011 tdi with PCR 2.1 unlock by obd   As we now see, there are two different opinions.   Thanks.

99 BMW Z3M Coupe Reset Check Engine Lights, What Scanner?
Car Diagnostic Tool / November 14, 2019

Reviews on 99 BMW Z3M coupe scan tools. Aiming to read check engine lights and be able to clear codes.   Review on FoxWell NT530 + 20 pin BMW adapter: Yes I have a Foxwell nt530 BMW scanner and was pleasantly surprised by how well it works. As you say, you will need the 20 pin adapter to access many (maybe all) of the other systems. I know some people like the INPA software and I set it up before I bought my Foxwell. INPA is very comprehensive, but is hard to use for someone who doesn’t work on their car every weekend. The Foxwell is easy to use for anyone. I used the Foxwell to scan my M Roadster and 435i. It was able to tell me that the battery in the com module on the 435i needed to be replaced – I didn’t even know it had a battery /c.   Review on BMW INPA: Running with one computer that tests user’s patience and skills. in terms of what it offers, there isn’t a single non-bmw diagnostic tool out there that can beat what INPA does (at least for Z3’s). BMW code shown in INPA combined with BMW…

2M2 Magic Tank Key Cutting Machine Full Car List
Auto Locksmith Tool / November 12, 2019

2M2 Magic Tank is a professional auto car key cutting machine for European, American, Japanese and Korean cars. Here share the latest car key list confirmed by engineer. Check below.   2M2 Magic Tank key cutting machine European car key coverage: Car make Plain milling End milling End mill internal tooth Circle Inner milling unilateral ALFAROME GT15.D99 SIP22.H8 GT16.D66 AUDI HU49_246.D77 HU66.H8 HU49_256.D77 WT7_246.D77 WT7_256.D77 BMW HU50.D00 HU100R.H8 HU50.D11 HU92.H8 HU58.N66 CITROEN NE73.D66 HU83-L.H7 SX9_A.D44 HU83.H7 SX9_A.D55 SIP22.H8 VA2-1049.H3 VA2.H6 FERRARI GT16.D66 HU66.H8 FIAT GT10.D66 SIP22.H8 GT10.D77 VA2-1049.H3 GT15.D99 VA2.H6 SX9_A.D44 SX9_A.D55 FORD HU101.M10 FO21.T6 HU66.H8 HOLDEN FO38.D88 GM45.M8 FO40.D88 HU100T12.H8 MIT2.D66 YM27.M10 SZ12.D88 TOY27.D66 YM28.D00 IVECO GT10.D66 GT10.D77 JAGUAR FO21.T6 TBE1.T8 LANCIA GT10.D66 SIP16.M9 GT10.D77 SIP22.H8 GT15.D99 GT18.D99 SX9_A.D44 SX9_B.D55 LANDROVE NE75.D00 HU92.H8 MAN HU83-L7.H7 HU83-L8.H8 HU837.H7 HU838.H8 MASERATI YM308.M8 YM30.M8 MERCEDES-BENZ HU39.N88 HU41.M10 HU72.D00 HU64.M10 YM15.D00 MINI HU92.H8 OPEL GM15.D88 HU100.H8 HU46.D00 HU43.M10 HU87.D00 YM27.M10 NE73.D66 YM28.D00 PEUGEOT NE72.D66 HU83-L.H7 NE73.D66 HU83.H7 NE78.N55 VA2-1049.H3 SX9_A.D44 VA2.H6 SX9_B.D55 PORSCHE HU49_246.D77 HU66.H8 HU49_256.D77 RENAULT NE72.D66 VA2-1049.H3 NE73.D66 VA2-ABCD.H6 VAC102.D66 VA2.H6 VA6-1234.H6 VA6-ABCD.H6 VA6-DECO.DE ROVER NE77.D00 HU92.H8 SAAB B99.D00 YM30.M10 GM40.D00 NSN14.D00 NSN15.D00 SEAT HU49_246.D77 HU66.H8 HU49_256.D77 SKODA HU49_246.D77 HU66.H8 HU49_256.D77 SK22.S6 VAUXHALL GM15.D88 HU100.H8 HU46.D00 HU43.M10 HU87.D00 YM27.M10 NE73.D66…

VIDENT iAuto702 Pro AUDI 1994-2018 Oil Light Reset (Confirmed!)
Car Diagnostic Tool / November 10, 2019

Look here: This is the newest VIDENT iAuto702 Pro Oil Light Reset car list for Audi: Functionality Car Make Car model Year Oil service light reset AUDI A1 2011-2018 Oil service light reset AUDI A2 1999-2006 Oil service light reset AUDI A3 1996-2018 Oil service light reset AUDI A4 1994-2017 Oil service light reset AUDI A5 2008-2017 Oil service light reset AUDI A6 1996-2018 Oil service light reset AUDI A7 2011-2018 Oil service light reset AUDI A8 1994-2018 Oil service light reset AUDI CABRIO 2002-2009 Oil service light reset AUDI Q3 2012-2018 Oil service light reset AUDI Q5 2009-2018 Oil service light reset AUDI Q7 2015-2016 Oil service light reset AUDI R8 2006-2016 Oil service light reset AUDI RS3 2008-2014 Oil service light reset AUDI RS5 2008-2017 Oil service light reset AUDI S2 2013-2018 Oil service light reset AUDI S3 2008-2018 Oil service light reset AUDI S5 2008-2017 Oil service light reset AUDI TT 1998-2018 Oil service light reset AUDI TTRS Oil service light reset AUDI TTS   iAuto702 Pro also offers other special functions for Audi, such as 1.BRAKE PAD REPLACEMENT 2. STEERING ANGLE SENSOR RESET 3. BATTERY RESET, 4. ELECTRONIC THROTTLE SENSOR RESET 5. TIRE PRESSURE SENSOR RESET…

Vident iLink400 Land Rover Basic & Special Functions Full Car List
Car Diagnostic Tool / November 8, 2019

VIDENT iLink400 is a powerful OBDI / OBDII scan tool delivering in-depth all systems diagnostics, actuation, adaptation and programming for many mainstream cars. This article mainly shares the latest iLink400 basic functions& special functions list for Land Rover. Vident iLink400 OBDII scanner basic functions for Land Rover car list: Note:       “√” means this function is supported       “○” means this function is not supported Vehicle Type Year Engine Type Capacity System Name ECU Info. Read Codes Erase Codes Live Data Active Test Defender ~2007 Engine √ √ √ √ √ Defender ~2007 ABS √ √ √ √ √ Defender ~2007 BCU √ ○ ○ √ ○ Defender 2007-2010 Diesel I4 2.4L IPC √ √ √ √ ○ Defender 2007-2010 Diesel I4 2.4L PCM √ √ √ √ ○ Defender 2007-2010 Diesel I4 2.4L ABS √ √ √ ○ ○ Defender 2011 ABS √ √ √ √ ○ Defender 2011 IPC √ √ √ √ ○ Defender 2011 PCM √ √ √ √ ○ Defender 2012-2015 ABS √ √ √ √ ○ Defender 2012-2015 IPC √ √ √ √ ○ Defender 2012-2015 PCM √ √ √ √ ○ Discovery 1994~1998 Engine √ √ √ √ ○ Discovery 1998~2004 Engine √…

Affordable Code Reader For A 2005 Volvo V50 Turbo
Car Diagnostic Tool / November 8, 2019

Car model and year: 2005 Volvo V50 Turbo   Starter issue: When started , every now and then Starter making a sound like a car that is already started, and you start it again. Been more frequent.   Affordable code reader advice: Volvo Vida dice Really depends what you want from your code reader. You can get a blue tooth code reader which links to a smart phone app for about $15 these days. Code readers go up in price as you start to expand the code sets – ie all will do the powertrain (emissions and some transmission codes) P codes, then as you go up in price you get chassis codes for the ABS, the SRS codes, more detailed transmission codes and the ability to view/record run time data. Top of the food chain are the models that can read Volvo proprietary codes ($100-150) and the king is the Volvo VIDA DICE tool which is the full blown service shop tool used by dealers (beware, to get the real deal you need software licenses, Volvo does sell temp subscriptions but it’s really for a fully skilled mechanic. Actually, the cheap Volvo Vida dice can do well for OBD…

Solved! wiTech MicroPod 2 cannot register on 2016 Chrysler 200
Car Diagnostic Tool / November 6, 2019

Customer Problem: I have a 2016 Chrysler 200. I used the wiTECH2 Micropod 2 interface to diagnose my car.  Firstly I connected the Micropod 2 to vehicle, the read indicator is on, and then I connected to laptop to run the software. I remember the network connection well. But when I tried to register, a message appeared on the screen “Registration is needed Device with serial number*** is not registered. Please check the knowledge base to determine how to register a device”. How to solve? engineer solution: Right click wiTech Diagnostic Application-> Properties-> Open file location Go to C:/Program Files (x86)/DCC Tools/wiTECH/client Right click “app-config” text file and select “Edit” Change the first number to any one digit you like i.e change 5 to 6 Then save the text file (Very important!) Run Micropod 2 software Witech 17.04.27 again If witech still prompts error” an internal registration error has occurred “, just ignore by clicking no icon to close it. Tick off the “working offline” on the bottom left corner (Don’t need to login) Then click “Done” Customer feedback: Problem solved, diagnose 2016 Chrysler 200 successfully Video guide:

Free download VOLVO VIDA 2015A, VIDA 2014D incl. carlist + win7 setup

VOLVO VIDA 2014D + Patch + Instructions!N8gQCSLb!qqVoyZI6GtK1r12skYCpJ-bbWGKfobKvIyCtBOLILwY No password Size: 5.37 GB Credits to @ LUNA-trans (MHH) OS: Volvo Vida 2014D Windows 7 works 100%, but Win 10/7/XP Mac needs luck Compatible with: Dice interface   Volvo VIDA 2015A Download + Install on Win7 + Car List: Free download VIDA 2015A software:!QBBXUKqR!tppkQSAg_9QSapNLXC3kVTJSAlJPvLNgjDaLKdicK6Q Security : 100% safety VIDA 2015A language available: English, Chinese Only run with the special USB dongle can VIDA 2015A work successfully! src: Volvo VIDA 2015A Car List: XC90(-16) 2003-2016   XC70(08-) 2008-2016   XC60(-16) 2009-2016   V70XC(01-)/XC70(-07) 2001-2007   V70XC(-00) 1999-2000   V70(08-) 2008-2016   V70(00-08) 2000-2008   V70(-00) 1999-2000   V60 2011-2016   V50 2004-2012   V40 CROSS COUNTRY 2013-2016   V40(13-) 2013-2016   V40(-04) 1999-2004   S80L 2008-2016   S80(07-) 2007-2016   S80(-06) 1999-2006   S70 1999-2000   S60L 2014-2016   S60(-16) 2011-2016   S60(-09) 2001-2009   S40(04-) 2004-2012   S40(-04) 1999-2004   C70 COUPE(-02) 1999-2002   C70 CONV(-05) 1999-2005   C70(06-) 2006-2013   C30 2007-2013   Volvo VIDA 2015A Install on Win7:!QBBXUKqR!tppkQSAg_9QSapNLXC3kVTJSAlJPvLNgjDaLKdicK6Q User Name: admin or 1 TIPS: Run with the computer after 2012, above i5 cpu and 4GB memory at least.   It requires windows 7 professional 32bit or…

Two Ways To Read/Write B38 DME ISN Without Opening The Shell
Car Key Programmer / November 5, 2019

This article is available with two methods to read and write B38 ISN without dismantling.   Method 1: Read /write B38 DME ISN by Yanhua Mini ACDP Method 2: Read /write B38 DME ISN by CGDI BMW   Let’s go one by one.   Method 1: Read /write B38 DME ISN by Yanhua Mini ACDP Preparation: DME module: BMW B38 Device: Yanhua Mini ACDP + module 3+ B38 Integrated Interface Board    Procedure: Connect ACDP power Open Mini ACDP APP Select “BMW”-> “DME ISN” Click on “Bench Mode Read /Write DME”-> “B38” Click “Help” to view the wiring diagram Connect B38 interface board correctly to the DME interface Then connect ACDP, OBP+ICP adapter, interface board and DME Follow the prompt to read and write ISN until success   Method 2: Read /write B38 DME ISN by CGDI BMW Preparation: CGDI prog BMW + B38 read ISN authorization   Procedure: Follow the wiring diagram to connect B38 DME with all the devices Connect 12V, CAN-L and CAN-H, GPT-0, GPT-1 and GND cables in order Open CGDI BMW software Click on “N13/N20/N55/B38 read ISN” Select “B38” chip and click “OK” Click on “Identify” to read the chip name, ISN and hardware ID…