How to Export Yanhua Mini ACDP Data from IOS/Android/Windows System?
Car Key Programmer / March 31, 2021

As we know, Yanhua Mini ACDP is a lightweight and professional key programmer which can be used to add key, do all keys lost, reset mileage, read/write ISN, etc. on IOS/Android/PC system. Here will share the tutorial to export the data or files you need from different systems.   1.Export ACDP data from IOS system Make sure App Store version (iPhone/iPad/MAC) is the newest such as V1.9.7 or above Note: the old version doesn’t support data export. Open Mini ACDP APP and tap “Me” in the main menu Select “My File”-> tap “Menu” at the top right corner of the screen Select “List”-> enter “ATmatch” option Now start entering data export process. Please kindly notice: Folders need to be compressed before they can be exported. So that Data can be exported directly. Click on the corresponding symbol on the right side of the folder you need to export Then tap “Zip” Click on the corresponding symbol on the right side of the zip package Then tap “Share” Select the APP you want to share with, such as WeChat, QQ, WhatsApp, etc. e.g. share with WeChat Select “Send to Chat”-> select the object going to share with-> click “OK” to complete…

Reset Inspection Light on Audi A6 by Foxwell NT680 Pro
Car Diagnostic Tool / March 30, 2021

The inspection light on Audi A6 is there to let you know to get your vehicle inspected and the oil changed. Usually a dealership or mechanic will reset this light when they are done with the service. If they forgot then you can reset it yourself using Foxwell NT680 Pro. Check the step-by-step guide to reset “Inspection Due” light on Audi A6 C7.5. It applies to all Audi from 2011 to 2018.   Main steps: This is the value want to reset in service intervals. The original value can be found in the dashboard. Make sure the connection between NT680 Pro and the vehicle is proper Now the car is on but the ignition is off, so just press the button marked one time. Then operate on the Foxwell OBD2 scanner Select “Maintenance”-> “OILRESET”-> “Europe”-> “AUDI”-> “Auto reset” Note: If automatic reset is not successful, please refer to the manual reset! Select “OldMode” Note: If it shows the current mode cannot be reset successfully, use another mode, just press “OK” to continue. Then you can operate by selecting “Small maintenance” or “High maintenance” depends on your need There are three options in “High maintenance”: 30000 km/730 day 60000 km/1095 day…

Foxwell BT715 Reads Different Values When Testing Same Battery Solution

Sometimes, you may have the problem when use Foxwell BT715 to test the same 12V battery, it will read out different values. At this moment, some customers will think this foxwell battery analyzer cannot test battery accurately. In fact, the reason why the data read out is different is that you don’t properly connect the clamps of BT715 to the corresponding terminal of vehicle battery. Here will share a test report for reference.   Something to know firstly: The positive and negative clamps of the battery inspection instrument are composed of two contacts (contact 1 and contact 2) insulated from each other. When testing, ensure that each contact is in good contact and insulated from each other.   Look! Here are three different connection methods on the same battery. Image 1: Connect two clamps of BT715 to the corresponding negative and positive of the battery properly Image 2: Connect contact 1 & contact 2 of red clamp to the battery positive position, and connect contact 1 of black clamp to battery negative but contact 2 doesn’t. Image 3: Connect contact 1 & contact 2 of black clamp to the battery negative position, and connect contact 1 of red clamp to…

How to Solve Foxwell NT530 White Screen when Diagnose Sprinter?
Car Diagnostic Tool / March 25, 2021

Here offer the solution for the problem when use Foxwell NT530 obd2 scanner to diagnose Sprinter by entering “Mercedes Benz” &“SMARTVIN” and it will suddenly turn to white screen.   Check the real feedback from customer: My car info: Mercedes Sprinter 311CDI (NCV3, w906, OM646, 2.1litre 111kW) VIN: WDB9066352S2xxxxx   I have progressed SLIGHTLY since sending the original request, through uninstalling all Mercedes software then reinstalling the oldest version available through FoxUpdate (v1.32.001), then updating to newest version (v1.40.001).   My error pathways from the main NT530 homescreen are now as follows:   \ Mercedes \ Benz \ Smart VIN…”Gateway Data Initialising” (Correct VIN recognised, as above)   {F3=Completed}   [Sub-menu Title]: “906.635 Main Groups” \ Quick Scan   (freezes when, blank screen & blue bar across top; cannot move selector up/down or select{BACK}) \ Control Modules   (goes to white screen, no options visible; BACK button does return to sub-menu)   \ Oil Reset   (Gives message “Function not supported”)   The solution offered by engineer: The reason for your Foxwell NT530 has blank display is that Mercedes-Benz models and Sprinter models are independent rather than linked models. You’d better enter “SPRINTER” option instead of “Mercedes Benz” and…

How to Solve JLR SDD V160 Software Failed to Download?
Car Diagnostic Tool / March 25, 2021

Customer problem: I have a new JLR mangoose SDD Pro. When I try to install sdd software V160 on my pc, though the CD has been put into the driver, it also cannot read successfully. It always appears the error “Please insert a disk into SC Drive (D:).” as shown in the following figure. engineer replied: The possible cause is that there is something wrong with your computer driver or the CD. Please download directly from the official website: System requirements: OS: Win 7 32 bit (recommend)/ 64bit Win 10 32 bit/ 64bit CPU: 2.5 GHz or greater (Or Higher) RAM: 4GB HARD DRIVE: 320GB Free Disc Space Minimum   Download the related software depends on your need. SDD 160.00_FULL.exe It applies to the user who requires when the SDD machine does not have the previous SDD software installed. SDD 160_159 UPDATE.exe It applies to the user who requires to update an SDD machine from the previous SDD software to the latest SDD Software. SDD 160.01.exe Contains SDD application enhancements and vehicle software updates and is to be installed after the FULL SDD Software How to install SDD V160 full software? Please refer to this post: JLR…

Foxwell NT530/ GT60 Plus Reset (Re-sync) DME/EWS for Fixing BMW Code 2F44
Car Diagnostic Tool / March 24, 2021

Fault code “2F44 EWS preventing manipulation”. This is a common fault code flagged by BMW & MINI vehicles when the EWS (also known as the CAS module or immobilizer) no longer communicates with the DME. It can cause the car cannot start suddenly. Some of the most common causes, for this condition may be caused by the battery failure or ignition key failure. So, how to solve the problem? Use a factory level scanner such as Foxwell NT530 or Foxwell GT60 Plus to perform the DME to CAS/EWS immobilizer alignment procedure and clear fault codes. Here are the main steps to re-Sync the modules with GT60 Plus. Step 1: Ensure the cars battery is fully charge or even better on a charger Step 2: Connect Foxwell scan tool to the car and select BMW mode Then find your VIN or manually input your car VIN number Allow the unit to run until you are at the Diagnosis/Service screen Step 3: Select Service-> Power train-> Electronic car immobilisation system-> DME (DDE) – EWS-III Adjustment-> Adjustment, engine control- EWS Step 4: It will establish the following vehicle condition: Engine off and ignition on Step 5: Check the interfaces for control units Step…

How to Update GODIAG V600 BMW Firmware?
Car Diagnostic Tool / March 23, 2021

In the previous post, you can learn how to register and update license for GODIAG V600- BM, and get the method to diagnose BMW FEM/BDC module (click here to review). Today you can get another tutorial for updating V600 BMW firmware.   All devices used are same as the last post. GODIAG V600- BM with BMW ICOM software GODIAG FEM/BDC Test Platform with OBD2- DB25 cable BMW FEM/BDC module Computer   Make sure all devices are connected properly, and remember to connect V600- BM to the computer via the USB cable, then follow the steps as below to do. 1.Open STTech.AnyVCI.UpdaterStarter.exe 2.Sign in with the available user name (e-mail) and password 3.Connect the device detected out 4.Then click “Product upgrade” 5.Select the newest version to download Wait a moment till the process is complete 6.When it shows “Have downloaded”, click the version again to update V600 BM 7.It starts transferring the data. 8.When the file transfer has been completed, the device is about to be upgraded. It will take about 4- 5 minutes. Do not cut off the power during the process. Update GODIAG V600 BMW firmware successfully Job’s done!   If you have any other problems about GODIAG V600-…

GODIAG V600 BMW Register+ Update License + Diagnose BMW FEM/BDC Guide
Car Diagnostic Tool / March 21, 2021

This post comes with the tutorial to register a new account, update license and diagnose FEM/BDC module using GODIAG V600- BM with BMW ICOM software and GODIAG FEM/BDC Test Platform.   First, connect all devices correctly as below. 1.Connect CON7, CON8 and Power connector of GODIAG FEM/BDC Test Platform to the corresponding positions of BMW FEM/BDC module 2.Connect V600-BM with GODIAG BMW FEM/BDC Programming Test Platform via the OBD2- DB25 cable 3.Connect V600-BM with computer via the network cable   Next, open ITOOL Radar software to check the license status. When the V600-BM is connected to the computer, the active services show “any- vci” service on the screen when you open the iToolRadar software, you need to update the license, otherwise the car cannot be tested.   Then, open STTech.AnyVCI.UpdaterStarter.exe to update the license. If you don’t have an account, you need to register firstly. Click “Register a new user” and fill in the related user info incl. user name (email), password, product SN and product key of V600-BM. After that, click “Register” to finish the process Note: The serial number and product key can be found in the password paper which comes with the GODIAG V600 BMW package. Click…

Free Download Xhorse VVDI Prog V5.0.0
ECU Chip Tuning Tool / March 19, 2021

The newest software of Xhorse VVDI Prog has been updated to V5.0.0 in March. It adds more chip models in Ford, GEELY, ZOYTE, Buick, VOLKSWAGEN, etc. and fixes some bugs. Check the related update info and free download the software by the available link offered by engineer.   Free download VVDI Prog V5.0.0: Password: 123456 Size: 1.11GB Security: No risk! Language: English, Arabic, Czech, French, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Turkish, Simplified Chinese Compatible device: it applies to all VVDI Prog programmer (item No. SK177 and SK177-D )   V5.0.0 VVDI Prog update info: Updated on March 9th, 2021 * This version DON’t need update firmware + Add VVDI PROG USER MUNUAL 5.0.0 version in Doc folder + Add MAC9116VAG50 options in <2-MCU>-> <FREESCALE-MAC7XXX> + Add MC68HC11A1, MC68HC11A8, MC68HC11EA9, MC68HC11E1, MC68HC11E9, MC68HC11E20, MC68HC11E32, MC68HC11F1, MC68HC11K4, MC68HC11KA2, MC68HC11KA4, MC68HC11KG4, MC68HC11KS2, MC68HC11KW1, MC68HC11P2, MC68HC11PA8, MC68HC11PH8, MC68HC711E9, MC68HC711E20, MC68HC711EA9, MC68HC711PH8 options in <2-MCU>-> <MOTOROLA-MC68HC (7)11> + Add FORD-ECU (AM29BDD160GB) option in <3-ECU>-><Ford> + Add YUANJING-BCM (2015) option in <4-IMMOBILIZER>-><GEELY> + Add T600-SMARTBOX (2014) option in <4-IMMOBILIZER>-><ZOYTE> + Add ECOSPORT-DASHBOARD (2015) option in <5-DASHBOARD>-><Ford> + Add REGAL-AIRBAG (2018) option in <7-AIRBAG>-><BUICK> + Add TOUAREG-CHASSIS-MODULE (2010) option in <8-OTHER>-><VOLKSWAGEN> * Fix some bug…

2021 Honda Accord Proximity All Keys Lost with OBDSTAR X300 DP Plus
Car Key Programmer / March 18, 2021

OBDSTAR X300 DP Plus adds Honda Accord, Crider, Inspire, Envix 2020 Knob key all keys lost till 2020/2021. This post will share the guide to program 2011 Honda Accord Proximity all keys lost.   Procedure: Step 1: Register smart keys Step 2: Check Key quantity   Step 1: Register smart keys Connect X300 DP Plus to the car via the main cable Enter the tablet main menu Select IMMO-> Asia-> HONDA/ACURA-> HONDA/ACURA V31.45-> HONDA-> Manual Select Model-> ASIA-> ACCORD-> PROXIMITY-> BUTTON-> TYPE 3 If the ignition is not turned on, press and hold the start button When the ignition is turned on, release the engine start/stop button Then select SMART KEY-> All smart keys lost Read the programming conditions on the screen and continue The function will erase all keys, just confirm it and continue Press the engine start/stop button, don’t depress the brake Wait 6s for the ECU to stabilize Place an original proximity key in the vehicle, and remove other proximity keys in the vehicle Press and hold the start button again and release the engine button when the ignition is on Confirm the car is a new model which is year 2020 or later Input the register…

Newest Xhorse Key Tool Plus IMMO Programming Car List
Car Key Programmer / March 17, 2021

Here offer the newest Xhorse VVDI Key Tool Plus Pad IMMO Programming Car List and the full functions for the locksmiths.   Renault 4A Smartkey/ 4A Flip Key: OBD add key/ all key lost/prepare dealer key (vehicles with 4A chips, no need for reading backup flash, no risk of car dead)   Mercedes- Benz FBS3: FBS3 add key/all key lost Fast calculation with a high success rate Time- saving   BMW: OBD add key/ all keys lost -CAS1/ CAS2 /CAS3 /CAS3+ /CAS4 /CAS4+/FEM/BDC key (Service mode)   VW & Audi: 2nd/3rd/3.5th/4th/5th generation/ MQB add key and all keys lost   VW online: 4th generation add key and all key lost A6/Q7 (J518) all keys lost MQB add key and all keys lost 5C add key Fast, inexpensive and no risk of car dead with VVDI remotes   TOYOTA 8A Mechanical keys: OBD add key/ all keys lost (no need to disassemble central control and replace immobilizer box for all keys lost, 8A all keys lost adapter needed)   Mitsubishi: OBD add key/ all keys lost/prepare dealer key (models like Outlander/Mitsubishi ASX/Eclipse Cross)   Porsche: Generate key for new Porsche models (-2018) OBD immo programming (key tool plus read data and generate…

GODIAG BMW FEM / BDC Test Platform, Any Good?
Car Key Programmer / March 16, 2021

What’s the difference between GODIAG Test Platform and other BMW FEM / BDC Test Platforms on the market? What’s the advantage of GODIAG? Is it easy to use? How to use?   As we know, FEM/BDC module cannot be programmed via OBD2 directly, need to be removed from the car. GODIAG GT100 and GODIAG FEM/BDC Test Platform can make the key programming procedure easier and safer.   GODIAG FEM / BDC Test Platform VS other BMW FEM/ BDC Programming Test Platforms: GODIAG FEM Test Platform advantages: 1.Power connector It has a professional power connector, but other devices come with a clip. 2.Fixed key placement port It has a fixed hole to put the key, while other devices may come with a coil 3.It can be connected with GODIAG GT100 to have instructions when reading data, and also can be connected with more modules or connect with obd2-db25 male cable. Note: the OBD2- DB25 conversion line comes with GODIAG Test Platform. If you buy an extra DB25 color jumper cable (it is included in GODIAG GT100) to work with, then the test platform will work as a tool to connect the ECU, which will be like the simple version of GT100….

How to Solve Autel IM508 “File version error [Error code: 4096]”
Car Key Programmer / March 15, 2021

Customer Problem: I use autel im508 to add key to my fiat punto, it read out eeprom successfully, but when I save it, an error message suddenly pops up “File version error [Error code: 4096]”. engineer replied: 1.Check if the network connection is normal 2.Confirm your original car key type and select the correct menu to operate depends on the following list. Fiat punto from 1999-2005 (ECU: Magneti marelli) supports Megamos 48 (ID48) transponder, MC68HC912 chip Fiat punto from 1995-1999 supports Megamos 13 (ID13) transponder, 93C46 chip Fiat punto from 2007- supports Megamos 48 (ID48) transponder, 95160 chip Fiat punto from 1999-2005 (ECU: Delphi) supports Megamos 48 transponder, 93C66 chip 3.If it also fails, you’d better offer the BIN file by the following paths to us. 1).Where to get the immo data: /mnt/sdcard/Scan/UserData/ 2).Where to get the programmer immo data: Storage/emulated/0/Scan/ImmoProgram/Data/   Looking forward to your real feedback! If you have any problem about Autel MaxiIM IM508 key programmer, please feel free to contact us. Whatsapp: +8618054815707 Email: Skype: Hot line: +8618054815707  

Xhorse VVDI Key Tool Plus Feedback & Test Report
Car Key Programmer / March 12, 2021

Xhorse VVDI Key Tool Plus Pad has become more and more popular with many locksmiths all over the world. Because it provides an all-in-one security solution for locksmiths that combines functions of VVDI2, VVDI MB, Key Tool Max, OBD Helper, and VVDI PROG with the ability to expand the capabilities as needed. Besides, there is no any annual fee or subscription fee for it. Here have collected some customers’ real feedback and test reports on which car has done successfully. Hope it helps!   Xhorse Key Tool Plus feedback: Audi: Audi 5th generation, read BCM data via obd2, generate dealer key, learn key, all are ok   Benz: read benz w164 eis data with godiag gt100, ok mercedes-benz b200 w169 eis, read data, calculate password, add new key, ok   BMW: bmw 520d cas4 all keys lost programming, ok   Chrysler: Playing around with the key tool plus on a Chrysler skim read and jeep liberty is the only option that shows pin code. Reading device 95080   Honda: honda amaze brio id46, remote generation, new key programming, success   Hyundai: hyundai grand i10, with vvdi xt27 super chip, program key, match remote, success   Land Rover: All key lost…

VVDI Key Tool Plus Program BMW 320D 2013 F30 FEM/BDC All Keys Lost
Car Key Programmer / March 10, 2021

Xhorse VVDI Key Tool Plus Pad can add new key and do all keys lost for BMW CAS1/ CAS2 /CAS3 /CAS3+ /CAS4 /CAS4+/ FEM/BDC via OBD, also can read ECU ISN, synchronize ECU and CAS, etc. Here will share the test report on a BMW 320D 2013 F30 FEM/BDC all keys lost programming using this all-in-one key programmer (need to remove the FEM/BDC module from the car).   Main operation steps: Step 1: Read key information Step 2: Programming FEM/BDC system Backup the code Service mode Programming preprocessing Write back EEPROM Recovery code Step 3: Prepare dealer key with ignition switch   The test: Remove FEM/BDC from the car and connect with FEM platform and VVDI Key Tool Plus Then select “Immo programming”-> “Europe”-> “BMW”-> “Select from system”-> “FEM/BDC IMMO system”-> “Key function”-> “Start programming” Step 1: Read key information Select “Read key information” to read out the related vehicle info, the status of ignition switch is “No Key” and only key 1 and key 2 have the key ID. Pay attention to the prompt: Prepare dealer key and reset KM require programming FEM/BDC, enable key and disable key no need programming FEM/BDC!   Step 2: Programming FEM/BDC system Select…

Launch X431 V+ Register+ Update+ Vehicle Coverage
Car Diagnostic Tool / March 10, 2021

If this is your first time to use Launch X431 V+ diagnostic scan tool (only for cars), you need to register an account and update car software before operation. Follow the following guide to operate step by step.   Launch X431 V+ register: Turn on X431 V+ tablet, go to “User Info”> “Profile”-> enter login page automatically Tap “new registration” to create an account. Fill in the available username, password, email, country and captcha, and click “Register” When login successfully, input the serial number and activation code on your device to activate If you forget to activate VCI, the system will prompt you to bind firstly, then you can enter “User Info” and “Activate VCI” to bind your X431 V Plus.   Launch X431 V+ update: If there is new upgrade for your car model software, the system will prompt you to update immediately. Then choose the model software you desire to update   Once the registration and software update are done, then you can go to diagnose you car. Enter “Intelligent Diagnose” to connect VCI, read VIN and decode VIN automatically. Launch X431 V+ supports the most car models on USA, Europe, Asia and so on. Attach some vehicle…

(Solved) XTOOL X100 Pro2 “No APPLICATION” Error
Auto Locksmith Tool / March 8, 2021

Here comes with the solution offered by engineer for XTOOL X100 Pro2 “No APPLICATION” error.   The solution: Follow the guide as below to make X100 Pro2 get back to normal. Step 1: Connect X100 PRO2 auto key programmer key programmer to a Windows PC-> find the memory card-> format it Step 2: Log in the upgrade tool and click upgrade Please kindly notice: During the upgrade, please do not operate the key of the machine or disconnect the data line. Step 3: After the upgrade process is successful, unplug the USB cable and reconnect it. Here is the related XTOOL X100 PRO2 update video for reference.   FYI… The solution above also applies to the XTOOL X100 Pro2 update errors: Unknown (error: 9), “login failed”, white screen, “Loading”, “Result is null or empty”, “SD card invalid” or “System File Error!” XTOOL X100 Pro2 Update Error & Solution How to Solve XTOOL X100 PRO2 “System File Error”?   If you have any problem about XTOOL X100 Pro2 auto key programmer, please feel free to contact us. Whatsapp: +8618054815707 Email: Skype: Hot line: +8618054815707

How to Solve Autel Maxiap AP200 Failed to Connect with Bluetooth?
OBD2 Code Scanner / March 5, 2021

Recently, some customers give feedback that though the Autel Maxiap AP200 OBD2 scanner has been plugged into the vehicle and the indicator is on, it also failed to connect to the phone via Bluetooth. This problem will be caused by some improper operation. Don’t worry! Just read this post and follow the methods offered by engineer to solve.   The solution: 1.Make sure AP200 has been registered. 2.Go to Settings – Bluetooth on your phone and Forget the device. 3.Turn off Bluetooth, turn it on again. Then go to Autel AP200 App – VCI connection and reconnect to the device. 4.Try to connect the tool via Bluetooth on both iPhone and Android phones to see if the problem is caused by applications. 5.Try to use another phone to see if can connect normally via Bluetooth. 6.Make sure APP is the latest version and try to update the firmware.   Attach the guide to register Autel MaxiAP200 APP and update firmware. 1.Autel AP200 APP register Step 1: Open the MaxiAP AP200 you have downloaded Step 2: Tap Register near the top right of the screen Step 3: Register according to the on-screen instructions Step 4: Log in with your registered…

Creator C310+ Have Success in Diagnosis for Different BMW Cars
OBD2 Code Scanner / March 3, 2021

Creator C310+OBD2 code scanner is able to do basic diagnostic function and engine oil reset for BMW 1997 to 2018 (some 2019 and 2020 models covered). It’s very easy and stable to use. Here have collected some feedbacks from the users who have used it for reference, hope it helps!   Firstly start with a newest user’s test report on BMW X5 E53. I received a new creator c310+ recently, it works well on my X5 E53. This is the code scanner I bought. It comes with c310+ main unit, user manual, CD and usb cable, all goods are put in a carton and keep well without any damage. When I plug the obdii connector of the c310+ to my car, the scanner turns on automatically. Then insert the car key to turn on the ignition switch. Enter “Auto scan”, select “X5_E53”, and test it on Drive, chassis and body all system to do basic diagnostic function. Enter “Drive” to diagnose ECM (Engine control module-DME/DDE) -Read ECU info: OK -Read trouble code: OK -Clear trouble code: OK -Read data stream: OK Then go to Chassis and Body system to diagnose LEW (Steering-angle sensor) and AIC (Automatic Interval control) separately. Also…

2021 Creator C110+ BMW Scanner Reviews: Works Well in different BMW Cars
Car Diagnostic Tool / March 3, 2021

Have collected some newest customer reviews about Creator C110+ BMW code scanner. It has been tested working well on different BMW car model, such as diagnose a brake warning light problem, read codes and reset airbag light, etc. It’s worth every penny.   Check the details as below.   @ superjarheadt: 2003 Mini Cooper S C110+ worked to reset the airbag light on my 2003 Mini Cooper S R53. @Lawrence E Taylor: A must for BMW owners who want to know what’s really wrong with your car. This creator c110+ works like a charm. Easy to read display. Code problems displayed in simple English. And most importantly, the ability to erase problematic trouble codes.   @Anon: C110 Good! I used this c110+ bmw scanner to diagnose and repair a problem with the Airbag system on my R53 Mini. It payed for itself in that single use!   @RICHARD FOURNIER: Scan For bmw 2011 perfect to find the fault of the engine @Chris McCann: Worked for me This c110+ worked super easy on my 2011 328i. I had a big seatbelt and airbag light on, not the small light, code reader said it came on because of a bad battery connection….