Autel MaxiAP AP200 Review: Good Cheap Scanner for DIY
OBD2 Code Scanner / July 23, 2021

Hi guys, today is a review of the Autel MaxiAP AP200. This is one of Autel’s portable scan tool devices made to work with your mobile phone. I’m excited about this because for do-it-yourselfers who are on a budget, but want a professional level scan tool, this is one good solution to look at. I’ll cover how to set it up, registration and all, give you a walkthrough of its functions, compare it to other Autel devices, and as well as, what to expect in terms of updates. Now let’s get this! The device itself and a quick reference guide. Setup This is an all-system scanner, so this is going to give you access to all modules, whether you’re talking AC module, suspension module, ABS, SRS, immobilizer etc. This device is comparable to the Autel MK808, it’s able to do all that the MK808 is able to do. The only difference is that you’re doing it from your phone. This is a very affordable device. I got this for, roughly, about $60. So to set it up, the first thing is to scan the QR code and download the Maxi AP200 app. And it gives you the website you go…

Autel AP200 Reset Throttle on 2008 Dodge KA Nitro
OBD2 Code Scanner / June 10, 2021

Used Autel AP200 obd2 scanner to reset throttle position on a 2008 Dodge KA Nitro since the GAS pedal is electronic, it worked pretty fine!   Here is the detailed operation guide. Plug the AP200 obd2 scanner into the car, and connect it to the smartphone via Bluetooth Select Service-> Throttle -> DODGE Connect VCI automatically Tap Manual selection Select 2008-> KA Nitro-> Hot Function-> Learn electronic throttle control (ETC) (PCM)-> OK It’ll start actually moving the gas pedal, just follow the prompts to operate: Press and hold down the accelerator pedal to the floor, the throttle must be held to the floor. Hold down the accelerator strongly to the floor Release the accelerator pedal Do not touch the accelerator pedal Resetting ECU… please wait Learn electronic throttle control (ETC) passed, and the warning light stops flashing. I also do a test here. Tap Electronic throttle control (ETC) throttle follower test (PCM)-> OK Note: the engine must be stopped to carry out this test, to carry out this test, press the throttle pedal & the electronic throttle control (ETC) should follow. It shows the voltage like right now it’s at 1%, press the gas pedal, it goes up to 77%….

Autel MaxiAP AP200 2021 Customer Reviews: Easy to Use and Save Money!

Here are some 2021 newest customer reviews of Autel MaxiAP AP200 Bluetooth OBD2 Scanner. It’s easy to use on many different cars and save money.   Check more info…   @Gerald Y: EASY TO UNDERSTAND and USE! This MaxiAP AP200 wireless is the best! Saved me A LOT of $$ so far. I used this product on my 2007 Honda Accord.   @sunhi jo: Even better than high dollar obd2 code readers… This diagnostics tool is a must have for anyone who works on their own car that has an OBD2 connection. Very affordable but extremely effective.  You see, you already own the computer (your smart phone) so that is where the big savings comes in.  I saved $400 first time use to clear some airbag codes after I fixed the issue.  Porsche dealership wanted $400 just to clear the codes.  This $60 AP200 did it in 5 minutes!  I highly recommend it.   @itay uri: Best value for money OBD scanner I needed an OBD scanner that was able of more than just reading basic information and was expecting to pay much more. I came across this device while looking at other options and decided it was worth a try for…

How to Solve Autel Maxiap AP200 Failed to Connect with Bluetooth?
OBD2 Code Scanner / March 5, 2021

Recently, some customers give feedback that though the Autel Maxiap AP200 OBD2 scanner has been plugged into the vehicle and the indicator is on, it also failed to connect to the phone via Bluetooth. This problem will be caused by some improper operation. Don’t worry! Just read this post and follow the methods offered by engineer to solve.   The solution: 1.Make sure AP200 has been registered. 2.Go to Settings – Bluetooth on your phone and Forget the device. 3.Turn off Bluetooth, turn it on again. Then go to Autel AP200 App – VCI connection and reconnect to the device. 4.Try to connect the tool via Bluetooth on both iPhone and Android phones to see if the problem is caused by applications. 5.Try to use another phone to see if can connect normally via Bluetooth. 6.Make sure APP is the latest version and try to update the firmware.   Attach the guide to register Autel MaxiAP200 APP and update firmware. 1.Autel AP200 APP register Step 1: Open the MaxiAP AP200 you have downloaded Step 2: Tap Register near the top right of the screen Step 3: Register according to the on-screen instructions Step 4: Log in with your registered…

Autel AP200H Bluetooth OBD2 Scanner User Manual: Comparison+ How to Use
OBD2 Code Scanner / December 17, 2020

Autel MaxiAP AP200H is a new wireless Bluetooth OBD2 scanner for all vehicles incl. European, US, Asian from 1996 and newer. It features in full system OBD2 functions, four system diagnosis, special function and health check report. It’s a good scanner for beginners and everyday car owners who want to monitor their cars’ performance.   Part 1: Autel AP200 vs. Autel AP200H vs. Autel AP200M   Item Autel AP200 Autel AP200H Autel AP200M IMG Weight 1.1 ounces 3 ounces 4 ounces Dimension 2.3″ X 1.9″ X 1″ 2.5″ X 2″ X 1″ 6.4″ X 4″ X 1.4″ Full-system OBD2 functions √ × √ Engine Diagnosis √ √ √ ABS/SRS Diagnosis √ √ √ Transmission Diagnosis √ √ √ Oil Reset √ √ √ Battery Maintenance (BMS) √ √ √ Report ×(Health Rating) √ × (Repair Report) EPB Reset √ × √ DPF Regeneration √ × √ SAS Calibration √ × √ ABS Bleeding √ × √ Throttle Match √ × √ TPMS reset √ × × More (Oil reset, IMMO keys, Injector, Suspension, Window door, Seats, Odometer, Head lamp, CHG tire size, TEC learn, Trans adaption) √ (Its impressive range of 25 service functions) × × Vehicle Coverage OBDII vehicles…

Autel MaxiCOM MK808 vs. MaxiAP AP200
OBD2 Code Reader / December 9, 2019

What’s the difference between Autel MaxiCOM MK808 and Maxiap AP200? Which is better to choose? Check the comparison below.   MaxiCOM MK808 vs. MaxiAP AP200 (Function): MK808 AP200 Image Price (EURO) 421.00 51.60 MIL Read MIL status Read MIL status Live data View all live data View all live data MIL Testing O2 monitor O2 monitor Coverage Most makes & models Most makes & models Read/erase DTCs All systems All systems Engine service Oil reset/DPF service Thro title match Barking service EPB service EPB/ABS Bleed Report Generate repair reports Generate repair reports Operating system Android iOS/Android Body service SAS service SAS/CIN/DR/ROOF/Seats Modification service Language change/ Tire&battery replacement/ key coding odometer change/change tire     Language Support:   Autel  MaxiCOM MK808: English, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, French, Italian, Korean, Russian ,Polish,Swedish for optional   Autel Maxiap AP200: English, traditional Chinese, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, Polish, Swedish, Korean, Japanese, Russian, Italian       Vehicle coverage: Autel  MaxiCOM MK808: support Asian and European vehicles after 1996. Utilizes new Auto VIN ID Tech to automatically identify the vehicle’s make, model and year without the need for user assistance. Autel Maxiap AP200: support more than 60 models. If you are not sure about…

Bluetooth OBD2 Code Reader:AUTEL AP200 vs. Vpecker PU 600
OBD2 Code Reader / December 5, 2019

Look here: This is the Bluetooth OBD2 code readers comparison between Autel AP200 and Vpecker PU-600.   AP200 PU-600 Image Model coverage more than 60 only 8 Full OBDII functions √ √ All system diagnosis √ √ Oil reset √ √ EPB reset √ √ BMS reset √ √ SAS reset √ × TPMS reset √ √ IMMO service √ × DPF regeneration √ √ Auto VIN √ × DTC lookup √ √ Multi-language English, traditional Chinese, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, Polish, Swedish, Korean, Japanese, Russian, Italian English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, Russian, Italian Compatible devices Android & iOS Adroid   Price: Autel Maxiap AP200: €51.60 free shipping   Vpecker PU-600 OBD2 auto scanner: €53.12 free shipping   Customer reviews: Autel AP200 is more popular than Vpecker PU-600, you can view many customer reviews at amazon, but only a little feedback for PU-600 at aliexpress.   Here just share some AP200 reviews.   Review 1: Good bang for your buck Small compact device packed with lots of features. Easy to carry or just keep in your car if you ever need a code reader. This AP200 is very nice not having to carry a large code reader…

Autel AP200 vs. Bluedriver vs. FIXD OBD2 Code Scanner
OBD2 Code Reader / July 12, 2019

Comparison: Autel MaxiAP AP200 Bluetooth obd2 code scanner vs. similar adapters Bluedriver/FIXD. Item Autel AP200 Bluedriver FIXD Image Customer Rating 4.5 / 5 4.5 / 5 4.3 / 5 Weight 1.12 ounces 8 ounces 2.08 ounces Dimension 2.3 x 1.9 x 1 inches 2.2 x 1.9 x 1 inches 1.8 x 0.8 x 1.6 inches Reset CEL Yes Yes Yes ABS/SRS Yes Yes (in a few brands only) Yes (in a few brands only) Transmission codes Yes Yes (in a few brands only) Yes (in a few brands only) Oil Reset Yes No No SAS Yes No No BMS Yes No No TPMS Yes No Yes (in a few brands only) EPB Yes No No DPF Yes No No IMMO Yes No No   In sum: Autel AP200 Code reader Pros &  Cons: PROS Various advanced service functions. Updates are free for a lifetime. Picks up car information automatically (Auto-VIN). Keeps a record of previously tested vehicles. CONS Costly if you want to use on a second vehicle.   Autel AP200 scanner is better because it offers additional features including SAS, DPF, IMMO and TPMS.  It is suitable for DIYers and car enthusiasts.