Autel MaxiAP AP200 2021 Customer Reviews: Easy to Use and Save Money!

Here are some 2021 newest customer reviews of Autel MaxiAP AP200 Bluetooth OBD2 Scanner. It’s easy to use on many different cars and save money.


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This MaxiAP AP200 wireless is the best!

Saved me A LOT of $$ so far.

I used this product on my 2007 Honda Accord.

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@sunhi jo: Even better than high dollar obd2 code readers…

This diagnostics tool is a must have for anyone who works on their own car that has an OBD2 connection. Very affordable but extremely effective.  You see, you already own the computer (your smart phone) so that is where the big savings comes in.  I saved $400 first time use to clear some airbag codes after I fixed the issue.  Porsche dealership wanted $400 just to clear the codes.  This $60 AP200 did it in 5 minutes!  I highly recommend it.


@itay uri: Best value for money OBD scanner

I needed an OBD scanner that was able of more than just reading basic information and was expecting to pay much more.

I came across this device while looking at other options and decided it was worth a try for the money.

I’m using this autel ap200 with my Citroen C4 and it works perfectly. Unlike the other cheap options it has manufacturer specific functions, including service options (the other cheap options only read fault codes).


@john061: Very extensive software

Works! But sometimes it’s hard to get it to connect to Bluetooth. That may be because my stereo is always trying to connect too. So not the fault of the Autel. Just getting into all he settings, could use a really good manual. Not the most intuitive.

This is on a 2009 Sprinter. Not going to find a reader that does Mercedes for this price though.

One thing is I couldn’t figure out how to save reports. But I’m sure it’s there somewhere.

Haven’t tried the key fob registration option, but if it works it will be worth the cost of the device on its own (registering a key, at least in my country, costs about 3 times what the Autel AP200 costs.


@ Roy: You have to buy different car brand apps

Autel AP200 is compact works well with app. Only issue I have with this is you have to pay for the other brands of cars if you want to troubleshoot different brand vehicles.


@JuDalton: Reads lots of data from multiple control modules for a great price.

The AP200 scanner connects easily and was able to read a lot of modules in my Mazda 3 and can generate a repair ticket on the issues.


@marco silva: It is quite helpful, it solves the problems of adaptation of modules


I had problems calibrating a TBI of a 2011 Chevrolet Malibu and a GMC Sierra 09 is surprising at first I had problems using different emails but it’s worth it from my beginnings and I trusted the brand autel is fabulous.


Thanks to all users’ real feedback!


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