Fixed! Autel IM608Pro “Error Code: 4096” for BMW CAS3+ 0L15Y AKL
Car Key Programmer / June 29, 2021

A customer gave feedback that he got “File version error![Error Code: 4096]” when trying to load the file by Autel MaxiIM IM608Pro for BMW CAS3+ (0L15Y) AKL programming on bench. Besides, he connected JVCI and Gbox2 and did the programming on bench again, but no change. Here, our technical support believes the possible reason is incorrect connections and file and raises the possible solution due to limited information about the model.   Solution: First, make sure the internet is connected. Then read CAS3+ 0L15Y on bench and make a key by dump file.   For BMW CAS3+ AKL programming with Autel MaxiIM IM608Pro, partially via OBD, partially on bench . If the OBD method doesn’t work, then choose the on-bench method.   For this model, please do the job on bench and follow the connections below. So the connections should be: 1)JVCI and Gbox2 are unneeded on bench 2)Use the USB cable to connect Autel MaxiIM IM608 Pro and XP400Pro. 3)Use the APA106 to connect EEPROM 0L15Y chip and Autel XP400Pro. If you puzzle about how to use APA106, check “Schematic diagram” before the operation of EEPROM reading or Autel MaxiIM IM608Pro user manual. Then read and save both original…

Foxwell NT650 Elite Failed to Install French Language Solution
OBD2 Code Scanner / June 29, 2021

Customer Problem: I have a foxwell nt650 elite. The default language is English, and I want to change it to French. But I cannot install and update it successfully. engineer replied: The possible cause is that the software is broken. Please update it again. Use the USB cable to connect NT650 Elite to computer, and press “Enter” button to enter upgrade mode. The format procedure would be a little complex. Please follow the step-by-step guide as below to do. Note: the device used is not NT650 Elite, but the guide is same. 1.Connect the Foxwell scanner with computer, then enter the “Update” interface 2.Format the TF card 3.After that, you need to pull out the USB cable 4.Open your FoxAssist and log in. Then plug the USB cable again, and you will see a blue interface, then press the OK button. The TF card info will be detected by FoxAssist. 5.Choose “HOME” & “Common Text Library”, then press “Update”. 6.Wait for it to download 7.After the download has finished, pull out the USB cable, and plug it again. Then you will see the Foxwell scan tool will be back to normal.   Kindly note: If you have already…

Ford VCMII Firmware Update “Error Starting the VCI Reprogramming Process” Solution
Car Diagnostic Tool / June 28, 2021

One customer tried to update his Ford VCMII (Item No. SP177-2) firmware on his Panasonic CF-53, but he got the error message “Error starting the VCI reprogramming process” as below. He didn’t know how to do and ask for our customer service for help.   Here is the suggestion offered by engineer. It needs to recover firstly, and then start to update. Please refer to the steps as follows to do. 1.Connect VCM2 clone to the computer via USB cable 2.Go to computer-> manage-> Device Manager to check the Network adapters (it’s ETAS VCI USB RNDIS Device) 3.Select All programs-> Bosch-> VCI Software (Ford- VCM-II)-> VCI Manager (Ford-VCM-II) 4.Click “Recover”, and click “Start Update” Note: Do not unplug the VCM II from the PC or remove power from the VCMII during the update process. 5.Wait a moment until the process is done. And the VCMII will automatically restart. Wait until you hear the “beep”, then the VCM II is ready for use. At the same time, you can see the corresponding indicators are on.   For any question, please contact us at: Whatsapp/ Hot line: +8618150117535 Email/ Skype: :

Autel MaxiIM IM608 PRO Read “0000” Pin Code for VW CC 2014 on Bench
Car Key Programmer / June 25, 2021

One customer asked that how to get the pin code for Volkswagen CC 2014 by Autel MaxiIM IM608 PRO. He says he reads the EEPROM chip on the cluster but all it gives is 0000 for pin. Here our technical support raises the solution on it.   Solution: Take out the comfort module behind the glove box and read it by Autel MaxiIM IM608.   Possible reasons: From the beginning, the immo data of the vehicle is in comfort module which is located behind the glove box but not the one in dashboard or on cluster. So the customer reads the wrong chip. There is no key data information on cluster. That’s why all he got is 0 for pin.   How to take out the comfort module? 1)Unscrew the screws to remove the guards on both sides of the glove box. 2)Unplug the plugs in the glove box and remove it. 3)Unscrew the sting nuts, unplug the plugs and take out the comfort module. Then open the module to get the EEPROM.   For connections: 1)Use the USB cable to connect Autel IM608 PRO and Autel XP400 PRO. 2)Use the APA103 (EEPROM clamp) to connect the chip on the…

How to Use Yanhua Mini ACDP to Clone SH725XX Gearbox No Soldering?
Car Key Programmer / June 24, 2021

Yanhua ACDP module 19 is specially designed to work with Mini ACDP for SH725XX gearbox clone no soldering, no risk. Check the related user guide to learn more.   Module 19: SH725XX Gearbox Clone Module functions: 1.Support all ZF 8HP gearbox clone. Supported car brands: BMW, JLR, VW/Audi, Rolls-Royce, Porsche, Bentley, Aston Martin, Lamborghini, Maserati, Dodge, Jeep, Chrysler, etc 2.Support VW/Audi DQ380/DQ381 0DE gearbox clone. 3.Support Mercedes-Benz 9GT (VGS-NAG3) gearbox clone. 4.Support BMW 7 speed dual clutch (GETRAG 7DCT) gearbox clone. 5.Support BMW 7 speed dual clutch (DKG) gearbox clone.   Connection diagram: 1.For ZF 8HP gearbox 2.For VW/Audi DQ380/DQ381 0DE gearbox 3.For Mercedes-Benz 9GT (VGS-NAG3) gearbox 4.For BMW GETRAG 7DCT gearbox 5.For BMW –TEMIC DKG gearbox   Module 19 Gearbox clone operation guide: 1.For all ZF 8HP & BMW 7- GETRAG 7DCT & BMW 7- DKG gearbox Path: BMW -> EGS -> 8HP Clone (Supports all chassis) / 7DCT300 clone (supports F chassis) / DKG clone (supports E /F chassis)-> Identify-> Full backup data-> Full write data   2.For Mercedes-Benz 9GT (VGS-NAG3) gearbox Path: Benz -> Gearbox clone / refresh -> choose a class to click on “NAG3”, there is not only Sprinter Class and V class -> VGS_NAGS…

Jeep Liberty 2007 All Keys Lost Programming with Autel IM608 Pro
Car Key Programmer / June 22, 2021

This is the demo on how we read pin code from BCM module and program a key AKL for Jeep Liberty 2007 by Autel IM608PRO and Autel XP400PRO.   Tools: Autel MaxiIM IM608PRO Autel XP400PRO Siemens module EEPROM ST95080 USB cable APA103(EEPROM Clamp)   Part 1. Get EEPROM in BCM module The Siemens module with our needed key data is located in the steering column. So take out the outer shell held by 1 or 2 T20 screws and we’ll see it. Disconnect the connectors and take it out to the bench. Open the module carefully to get the circuit board. This immo module may be tough to open. Figure out pin 1 on the left of the label. Use the EEPROM clamp to connect pin 1 and Autel XP400PRO. Use the USB cable to connect Autel XP400PRO and Autel MaxiIM IM608PRO.   Part 2. Read Pin Code Then press IMMO>>Jeep>>Manual Selection>>North America>>LIBERTY>>2005-2007 Blade Key Then confirm the information chose. Press Control unit>>Read Immobilizer Password ([VPW]dismantle to read) We’ve done the prompts before, so press “OK” to continue. Select “95080”. Press “Show Picture” to check the diagram and what the chip looks like. After correct connections, press “OK”. It will…

How to Install V1.20 Ktmflash Ktmbench Ktmobd 3-in-1 Software Correctly?
Car ECU Programmer / June 22, 2021

Customer problem: I bought a new Ktmflash Ktmbench Ktmobd 3 in 1 ecu programmer. When I received it, I tried to install the related software. I have installed English version, but it failed to use. The system said there was no activated license. Do I need to install the Chinese version too? How can I deal with it? engineer replied: No need to install KTM 3-in-1 software Chinese version. Please follow the steps as below to reinstall the English version software. Step 1: Install GrdDrivers Path: Select Soft-> ENGLISH-> GrdDrivers-> click “Install” Step 2: Install PCMflash 1.2.0 (in the Chinese folder) Step 3: Install Scanmatik_2.21.2beta31_Setup (in the English folder) After that, you can run PCMflash software. Reference: How to Use V1.20 Ktmflash Ktmbench Ktmobd 3 in 1 ECU Programmer?   Tech support:  

Yanhua Mini ACDP Bluetooth Adapter PL2303 Driver Abnormal Solution
Car Key Programmer / June 20, 2021

One customer bought a Yanhua Mini ACDP programming Bluetooth Adapter to work with his Mini ACDP. But there was something wrong when he ran Mini ACDP on his computer. It showed “Open serial port failed, please check whether serial port is occupied”, and he also found that “PL2303HXA PHASED OUT SINCE 2012” as below. engineer offered the related solution. Please follow the steps to fix PL2303 error. Step 1: Install PL2303 driver PL2303_Prolific_GPS_1013_20090319.exe Step 2: If it shows a yellow exclamation mark in Device Manager, that means the driver is abnormal. Then right-click and select “Update Driver” Step 3: Select the driver file manually Step 4: Select the driver file from the driver list Step 5: Select the older version of the driver file in the list Step 6: If it doesn’t display yellow exclamation mark in Device Manager, that’s fine. Step 7: Driver is normal.   Hope it helps!  

How to Use Lonsdor K518ISE to Program Ford Focus 2015 Key Correctly?
Car Key Programmer / June 17, 2021

One customer said he failed to add an additional keyless smart key for Ford Focus MK3 2015 with Lonsdor K518ISE. He followed the prompt of “Smart Key” mode to put the new key in the slot in the armrest but the procedure ended failed. Besides, he read the original key and wondered if the “Locked” status caused the failure. First, our technical support believes that the “Locked” status would not influence the procedure. But because of the limited info of the new smart key, here we raise several solutions on it. Luckily, one of them works.   Solutions: First, we might as well test the failed-programmed key. Sometimes the Lonsdor K518 key programmer says process failed but actually the key is programmed.   Method 1. Put the original key out of the vehicle when Add Key Then at the option Add Key, the original smart key must be outside the vehicle. If we miss the prompt, the new key cannot be recognized by the tool.   Method 2. Try different angles for recognition The transponder of the new smart key selected is unknown, so we reckon that the reason is the weak signal. Low temperature, a fixed angle, different transponders…all…

OBDSTAR X300 PRO4 Program Chevrolet Onix 2020 4A Chip Smart Key AKL
Car Key Programmer / June 16, 2021

This is a test on how we use OBDSTAR X300 PRO4 to program 4A chip smart keys for Chevrolet Onix 2020 all keys lost with CANFD Adapter.   Tools: OBDSTAR X300 PRO4 or X300 DP PLUS OBDSTAR CANFD Adapter Main Cable OBDII-16 Chevrolet 4A Chip Smart Key*2     Use CANFD Adapter female connector connecting with OBDII-16 and male Connector connecting with DLC Diag Socket. Press IMMO>>GM>>GM V33.26, and wait. Press PROGRAM KEYS>>CHEVROLET>>BRAZIL>>ONIX>>PROXIMITY>>2020->>Without 24 digit authorization     code>>All Keys Lost>>Enter Follow the prompt: ensure the Internet connection is normal. Press “Enter” to continue. Here we can see the connection we have already done: Connect OBDII-16 and CANFD connectors at the same time. Press “Enter” into the next step: Input 4 digit Pincode. You may get it from a locksmith or your dealer. Press “Enter” and follow the next prompt: Press start button. Then current key numbers display. Press “Enter” and follow the prompt: Put the smart key to be programmed into the smart key card slot, and take the other smart keys out of the car. The card slot is generally located at the bottom of the water cup holder or in the armrest box. Press “Enter” to continue the prompt:…

Autel PowerScan PS100 Circuit Tester: How to Use?
Cables And Adapters / June 16, 2021

With the built- in flashlight, AVOmeter, test light, short circuit indicator, relay/component tester, continuity tester, and bad ground indicator, the Autel PowerScan PS100 is truly the ultimate in power and affordability, allowing users to check circuitry in one single step. It offers a fast and accurate solution for every technician to electrical system diagnostics. Read this post to check what it can exactly do and how to use it.   Here is the full package of Autel PS100 Circuit Tester. 1 ×Autel PowerScan PS100 main unit 1 ×Rugged blow molded case 1 ×20ft circuit extension cable 1 ×Probe tip 1 ×Battery hookup clip 1 ×Cigarette lighter adapter 1 ×User manual   What can PowerScan PS100 do and how to use? There are four working modes for Autel PS100 to diagnose the electrical systems, which can be accessed by depressing the Mode Button and cycling through each one. Mode 1: DC Voltage Mode 2: AC Voltage Mode 3: Resistance Mode 4: Tone On/Off Before diagnosis, supply vehicle battery power firstly. -Connect the PS100 battery hookup clips (red clip and black clip) to the vehicle battery as follows. 1.DC Voltage testing: While the tool in this mode, contact the probe tip to a circuit,…

OBDSTAR MS80 Google Multi- language Automatic Translation Guide
Car Diagnostic Tool / June 15, 2021

How to: translate (change) language automatically by google for OBDSTAR MS80 Motorcycle Diagnostic Scan Tool.   Supply power to OBDSTAR MS80 Press the button on the Home page to enter the main menu Go to “Settings”-> “Wi- Fi” Select the available wifi to connect After that, tap “DP” and enter “Diagnosi Moto” function Select one car model like YAMAHA In the vehicle model selection page Tap “Tips” at the bottom left of the screen Then you can see the multi- languages supported by MS80 showing on the top Tap any language you desire, and the system language will change into the corresponding one automatically e.g. click Russian (Pyccknn) Then the language is changed to Russian successfully e.g. click Portuguese Then the language is changed to Portuguese successfully It’s also suitable for “Abbreviation”. Tap “Abbreviation”, the multi- languages also display on the top Try to click Portuguese and Turkish in sequence, and both change perfectly. It’s very easy to operate. Have fun!  

Nissan Micra AKL Failed by OBDSTAR X300 DP Plus Solution
Car Key Programmer / June 13, 2021

One customer gave the feedback that he failed to add a key for Nissan Micra 2003 All Keys Lost by OBDSTAR X300 DP Plus. Our technical support believes the chip may be the cause but do not exclude other reasons. Because of limited information, here we try to provide a probable approach to the problem.   Solution: The main reason is that the new key’s chip could not be recognized, so we may need to work the transponder by other tools first. Here we take a Nissan ID 46 transponder original key by Xhorse Key Tool Max for an example.   Step 1. Read Transponder Insert the original key into the coil of Key Tool Max. Press Transponder Clone>>Read Transponder Wait to see what transponder is in it. Here we can see it’s got a transponder 46 chip. Then back to Homepage. Press Vehicle Remote>>Nissan>>Nissan ID46 13-17 Micro   Step 2. Generate Remote Insert the new key into the coil. Press “Generate remote” and wait…burn success. If All Keys Lost like this customer, go ask the dealer about what transponder is in the key. It seems an ID 4D607 transponder judged by the image. Then skip the Step 1, just…

How to Use V1.20 Ktmflash Ktmbench Ktmobd 3 in 1 ECU Programmer?
Car ECU Programmer / June 12, 2021

Here will share the guide to use V1.20 Ktmflash Ktmbench Ktmobd 3 in 1 ECU Programmer.   Main content: V1.20 Ktmflash Ktmbench Ktmobd 3 in 1 software download and install V1.20 Ktmflash Ktmbench Ktmobd 3 in 1 ECU list   V1.20 Ktmflash Ktmbench Ktmobd 3 in 1 ECU Programmer comes with KTM FLASH, KTM bench, KTMOBD ECU programmer, etc. It’s more convenient to read/write ECU, and correct checksum for more types.   Part 1: V1.20 Ktmflash Ktmbench Ktmobd 3 in 1 software download and install Free download link: Password: udv8ds Size: 3.56 GB No risk! Note: If you don’t have a Chinese weiyun account, please feel free to contact to download ASAP.   Guide to install software: Step 1: Install GrdDrivers Open the software folder Select Soft-> ENGLISH-> GrdDrivers-> click “Install” Then plug in the dongle to install Guardant code USB   Step 2: Install PCMflash Go to Chinese folder (中文) and move pcmflash-1.2.0 to the desktop Then run the software Accept the agreement-> select destination location-> select start menu folder-> select additional tasks (just click “Next…Next… Next…Next…Install”) Start to install PCMflash Completing the PCMflash Setup   Step 3: Install Scanmatik_2.21.2beta31_Setup Back to ENGLISH folder Select “Scanmatik_2.21.2beta31_Setup” to…

Autel AP200 Reset Throttle on 2008 Dodge KA Nitro
OBD2 Code Scanner / June 10, 2021

Used Autel AP200 obd2 scanner to reset throttle position on a 2008 Dodge KA Nitro since the GAS pedal is electronic, it worked pretty fine!   Here is the detailed operation guide. Plug the AP200 obd2 scanner into the car, and connect it to the smartphone via Bluetooth Select Service-> Throttle -> DODGE Connect VCI automatically Tap Manual selection Select 2008-> KA Nitro-> Hot Function-> Learn electronic throttle control (ETC) (PCM)-> OK It’ll start actually moving the gas pedal, just follow the prompts to operate: Press and hold down the accelerator pedal to the floor, the throttle must be held to the floor. Hold down the accelerator strongly to the floor Release the accelerator pedal Do not touch the accelerator pedal Resetting ECU… please wait Learn electronic throttle control (ETC) passed, and the warning light stops flashing. I also do a test here. Tap Electronic throttle control (ETC) throttle follower test (PCM)-> OK Note: the engine must be stopped to carry out this test, to carry out this test, press the throttle pedal & the electronic throttle control (ETC) should follow. It shows the voltage like right now it’s at 1%, press the gas pedal, it goes up to 77%….

Solved! VW Polo Dashboard Dead After Add key by Autel IM608 PRO
Car Key Programmer / June 9, 2021

Recently, a customer had a “Error” problem on the dashboard after adding a spare key for VW Polo 2007 by Autel MaxiIM IM608 PRO and XP400 PRO. Every step by IM608 PRO was normal and the both keys worked well, but the dashboard seemed dead.   Solution: Disconnect the vehicle’s battery for a few mins and restore it again.   Tools: Car with a battery (here VW with a Polo Cross battery) Socket wrench Socket wrench extender   Step 1. Find the positive and negative terminal on the of the battery The negative terminal is usually covered with a black shell. If not, there should be a small minus sign near it. While the positive terminal usually has a red shell and a plus sign near it.   Step 2. Choose the correct socket size Figure out the correct socket size you need to loosen the nut on the negative connector and the positive connector.   Step 3. Assemble the correct-sized socket on the socket wrench Apart from the socket, you may need a socket wrench extender to be able to reach the nut on the connector.   Step 4. Loosen the nut on the negative terminal Place the socket…

How to Solve Yanhua ACDP No Obtain BMW-E-6hp Refresh Authorization?
Car Key Programmer / June 9, 2021

One customer asked for help: When I used mini acdp and 6hp/8hp adapter to clear my bmw egs isn, I got a prompt “The device does not obtain authorization of A50F module. The module name is BMW- E- 6HP refresh.” (See the figure as below). How can I deal with it? engineer replied: The BMW-E-6HP refresh module is Yanhua ACDP module 17. Src: It can not only clear the BMW E series 6HP EGS ISN on Bench (this is the world’s first support) but also read BMW E series 6HP EGS ISN on bench or via OBD. It can be used with BMW E60/E61/E63/E64/E70/E71/E72/E81/E82/E83/E84/E87/E88/E89/E90/E91 /E92 /E93.   Here is the related guide to use Mini ACDP module 17. Connection: Step 1: Prepare ACDP Key programmer, ACDP BMW EGS 6HP Adapter, interface board, and gearbox Step 2: Connect the interface board correctly to the gearbox Step 3: Connect ACDP, EGS adapter, interface board, and gearbox Note: Make sure the ACDP power supply is normal during the working process. Operation: Run Mini ACDP APP Select BMW-> EGS refresh-> 6HP (GS19D) ISN Clear (support E chassis)-> BENCH mode Step 1: Identify EGS info Step 2: Clear EGS ISN Step 3: Identify…

OBDSTAR X300 DP Plus/X300 Pro4 Upgrade Notice in June 2021: SAS Recovery+ IMMO
Car Key Programmer / June 7, 2021

OBDSTAR Tech has upgraded steering angle sensor (SAS) recovery and IMMO function for OBDSTAR X300 DP Plus/X300 Pro4 in June 2021. The related cable and adapter are required. Check the details as blow.   Upgrade 1: Steering Angle Sensor (SAS) Recovery Upgrade [V30.05] 1.Compatible device: X300 DP Plus with OBDSTAR P001 programmer 2.Car models supported: VW, CITROEN/PEUGEOT, LEXUS/TOYOTA, MITSUBISHI and SUBARU Check the specific chip model as below. Brand Chip type Part No. VW 95080 4H0953568A, 4H0953568B 4H0953568E, 4H0953568G 4H0953568H, 7PP953568BK 8K0953568D, 8K0953568F 8K0953568G, 8K0953568H 8K0953568J, 8K0953568L 8K0953568M, 8K0953568Q CITROEN/ PEUGEOT 24C02 8651A006, 8651A084 8651A085 95040 8651A086, 8651A134 LEXUS/ TOYOTA 24C02 89245-02040, 89245-02080 89245-05020, 89245-05030 89245-06040, 89245-06050 89245-30070, 89245-30080 89245-30090, 89245-30120 89245-30130, 89245-30140 89245-33040, 89245-33050 89245-33060, 89245-33070 89245-48050, 89245-74020 93C66 89245-52030, 89245-0T010 MITSUBISHI 24C02 8651A006, 8651A085 93C66 8651A115 95040 8651A086 SUBARU 93C46 27582AE001 93C66 27546AG010,27546FG000 27546XA00A Besides, it also adds the related operation instruction.   Upgrade 2: FORD/LINCOLN/MUSTANG IMMO Upgrade [V34.45] 1.Function: ALK in alarm active (no need to repeatedly disconnect/ connect battery cables) 2.Compatible device: OBDSTAR X300 DP Plus/X300 Pro4 3.Works with P002 adapter and FORD ALK cable 4.Car models supported: ESCAPE 2020 ESCORT 2018- EXPEDITION 2020 EVEREST 2017- EXPLORER 2017- F-150 2017- F-250 2017- FOCUS 2018- MUSTANG 2017-…

OBDSTAR X300 DP Plus Program 2017 Toyota LEVIN 8A H Blade Key AKL
Car Key Programmer / June 6, 2021

OBDSTAR Tech has upgraded TOYOTA IMMO function in June 2021. It applies to OBDSTAR X300 DP Plus and X300 Pro4. Works with P002 adapter, OBDSTAR Key SIM, TOYOTA-1 cable, Toyota-2 cable, and multi- functional cable to do 8A H non– smart transponder no need to disassemble or replace the IMMO box all keys lost programming for RAV4, HILUX, CROWN, KLUGER, COROLLA, CAMRY, LEVIN, PRADO and REIZ. Check the related operation guide as below.   Guide to do 8A H Blade key AKL programming: Car model: e.g. 2017 TOYOTA LEVIN Device: OBDSTAR X300 DP Plus full version key programmer OBDSTAR P002 Adapter OBDSTAR Key SIM OBDSTAR TOYOTA-2 cable Note: No need to replace the IMMO box   Connection: Follow the following wiring connection to connect TOYOTA-2 cable Connect P002 Adapter with TOYOTA-2 cable Then connect to X300 DP Plus with the main cable   Procedure: Tap “DP” to enter the main menu Select IMMO-> Asia-> TOYOTA/LEXUS-> TOYOTA/LEXUS V32.45-> Manual Select System-> BLADE-> TYPE 3 (WITH H 8A/8E)-> EUROPE Step 1: Read IMMO Data Ensure the Internet connection is normal. Confirm whether the P002 adapter, TOYOTA-2 Cable or TOYOTA-1 (BENCH mode) cable connected correctly Note: For the usage method, you also can…

2M2 Magic Tank Cut SX9 Flat Key No Need Extra Clamp
Auto Locksmith Tool / June 3, 2021

Used 2M2 Magic Tank Key Cutting Machine to cut SX9 flat Key (crucifix key), worked fine! No need extra clamp, only standard 2 in 1 fixture. 2M2 Magic Tank automatic key cutting machine overview: 1.Small and portable; 2.Smart phone connect the machine by Bluetooth; 3.No need to change clamp when cutting laser key & flat key 4.Standard clamp include laser key, flat key,, especial key (Toyota smart single side (Hilux), VW 4 sides key (HU162T), HU66, Free for Benz clamp (HU64),on and on; 5.It includes 99% of Vehicle keys in database; 6.It can generate key blank what you need in emergency (patent technology); 7.It can customize key data and key type when you need in your local place; 8.It also can decode and cut motorcycle keys and add new key data continuously; 9.Built-in-lithium battery (optional) 10.Free updating forever, 2 years of hardware warranties   The operation guide to cut SX9 flat keys: Connect 2M2 Magic Tank key cutting machine with Android mobile phone via Bluetooth Run 2M2 APP Select cut by bitting-> Vehicle database Input “SX” in the search box to find the corresponding SX flat key quickly 1.Cut SX9_A flat key Tap “DECODE” and follow the instruction to put the original key…